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[Learn] Mastering The Art of Video Translation With Sound & Subtitles

Video content is a powerful medium for sharing information and connecting with people. However, we often face the challenge of a language barrier in this multilingual world. That's where the need to translate video comes in. It started with the efforts of actual persons but is now advanced to the next level through proper tools. This guide will discuss some of the top tools for video translation and how they work.

In this article
  1. How Does A Translation Tool Work in the Current Industry?
  2. Top 11 Tools Featuring Video Translation in 2024

Part 1: How Does A Translation Tool Work in the Current Industry?

The use of translation tools has set a new standard in the current digital industry. While covering different regions, you are able to create localized video content. However, different industrial standards have been introduced with the inception of translation tools. Follow the pointers discussed below to understand how video language converters are covering industrial demands:

1. Video Translation

It is recorded through legit reports that over 2 million hours of translated video content is watched daily on YouTube. This has been actively executed by translating video tools throughout the industry. They are offering a significant procedure of translating the entire video, which is referred to as dubbing.

2. Subtitle Translation

Another form of translation tool that has increased its hold in the current industry involves the auto-translate video subtitles tool. Powered by artificial intelligence, these tools translate the text into the required language. While these tools function in an instant, their effective operations have increased their popularity.

3. Voice Translation

When it comes to discussing this version of translation, it effectively utilizes AI functionality within the process. While tracking the language of the audio files in real time, such tools consume automated transcription with high accuracy. These tools have also introduced a unique option of changing the voice accent to cater to cultural requirements.

Part 2: Top 11 Tools Featuring Video Translation in 2024

Translating a video increases the engagement rate and content viewership at a global level. While you must search for the right tool for this purpose, we have enlisted the top 11 video translation tools along with their features. Let's explore them one by one to find the best tool to convert the language of videos:

1. Wondershare UniConverter

Talking about video translation in its entirety, there are different perspectives that you can look into, as discussed above. Wondershare UniConverter provides a dedicated subtitle translating system that is powered by AI. Supported by a variety of languages, this AI-powered tool makes it easy for users to translate their subtitles across UniConverter.

While you figure out how to translate a video across Wondershare UniConverter, it becomes clear that it only helps control the subtitles. However, what sets it apart is the quality it features in translating video subtitles. It is evident that Wondershare UniConverter stands among the top-rated video translation subtitle options.

Key Features

  1. The subtitle translator of Wondershare UniConverter displays a character counter to help users keep themselves aware of their input content.
  2. You can easily generate automated subtitles with the help of the AI-induced feature offered across UniConverter.
  3. To enhance your video translation system, you can change the audio spectrum of your video for better editing.

Step-by-Step Guide To Translate Video Properly Using Wondershare UniConverter

Provided next is a definitive guide explaining the right way to translate video with the help of Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Open Subtitle Editor in UniConverter

Initiate the process by launching Wondershare UniConverter on your desktop device. As you progress into the homepage, continue to select "Subtitle Editor" from the list of "Tools."

access subtitle editor uniconverter
Step 2 Add or Generate Subtitles For Translation

As this opens a new window, you are advised to add in your video content that can be utilized for subtitle translation. Here, the platform allows users to either add manual subtitles or automated subtitles with its "Auto-Subtitle Generator." Regardless of whatever source you follow, continue to select "Subtitle Translator" in the toolbar.

look for subtitle translator
Step 3 Select the Target Language and Execute

On the pop-up window, select the "Target Language" and proceed by tapping on "Translate" to make properly translated content on UniConverter.

select target language and translate

2. Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo has produced wonders for its users with AI integration. This video translator helps you efficiently generate dubbed videos to counter all language barriers. You can translate video content into over 20 readily-spoken languages. It allows you to choose gender, style, tone, and accent to develop creativity in your content. The ability to create lip-sync precision in your live translated videos makes Virbo a great option.

virbo translate video

Key Features

  1. You can interact through Wondershare Virbo across your mobile devices, desktop, or online platforms.
  2. Add in multiple music content to make your video content interactive for viewers.
  3. Avoid writing complex scripts for your videos and utilize the automated features for creating consistent results.

3. Typito

Typito is an efficient online video translator that helps to make your videos accessible to global audiences. It offers an auto-caption system to its users, which helps them avoid the manual insertion of subtitles within their work. Moreover, this online tool is compatible with over 20 video formats, which makes it easy to add and manage your video content.

typito translate video online

Key Features

  1. Typito provides you with the ability to define the brand colors within the video content.
  2. You can find dedicated support in over 100 languages within the platform.
  3. It also offers the option of uploading special language fonts or scripts, which display the utmost personalization.

4. Flixier

Having access to a free online video translator can help translate tons of videos. Flixier does this magic with 30+ languages support to reach global audiences. The collaborative features of this tool allow you to use it on different computers. Also, it can auto-generate synchronized subtitles for your videos.

flixier translate video online

Key Features

  1. Flixier offers a progressive platform that allows you to manage large video subtitle translations.
  2. It has a dedicated library with tons of music, photos, and videos for content creators.
  3. When using the auto-subtitling options, you can also include manual subtitles in your content to influence personalization.


Many online tools provide diverse functionality when it comes to catering to features such as video translation. is designed to support 125+ languages in subtitle and video translation, respectively. The accuracy of makes it a commendable option to consider for translating video content. Bring a purpose to your video content with the help of this intuitive video translation toolkit.

veed io translate video online

Key Features

  1. You can upload audio and video content into for effective translation.
  2. The subtitles created by this online video management software can be downloaded for different purposes.
  3. io promises a support accuracy of 98.5% for translating content.

6. Rev

When searching for a fine tool to translate video content, Rev comes up as a good option with its support for 15+ languages. You can localize your English content into other languages to scale your worldwide viewership. It features the ability to translate subtitles into different file formats, including SRT, SCC, and more. Furthermore, this tool provides translated subtitles for all videos at economical rates.

rev translate video online

Key Features

  1. Make video subtitle translation easy with cost-precision offered against every language in a settled unit metric.
  2. Rev allows you to make your video subtitles look better with customizable size, font, and color.
  3. Users can directly upload a video or drop a link from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

7. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs has made the provision of video translation and AI dubbing much easier. Using this tool, you can translate your content into 29 languages in seconds. It also ensures you can auto-translate video while maintaining the original voice style. Another great aspect of this AI tool is its multi-support across social media platforms.

elevenlabs translate video online

Key Features

  1. This tool lets you dub your MP3, MP4, and other file formats online into any provided language.
  2. ElevenLabs has a feature that auto-detects the language of the video provided.
  3. Multiple speakers are supported by this tool to ensure recognizable voices in the translated version.


While you seek to simplify translating video content, stands among the options that influence such results. It helps you translate your video content without putting yourself in any difficulty. operates from a different perspective than other video translating options, where it directly takes in the input of the subtitle file.

editingtools io translate video online

Key Features

  1. Multiple quick options exist for removing empty and merging identical subtitles to save space and quality issues in your videos.
  2. You can define the frame rate of the SRT file uploaded for translation.
  3. This unique subtitle translator supports countering multiple file issues and errors.

9. Kapwing

This AI video language converter helps translate videos without hassle. It can translate videos into over 70 languages, increasing your reach worldwide. You don't need to double-check the accuracy as it provides precise results. While using the tool, users can customize its transcript and subtitles. Many renowned platforms like Google, Dyson, and Facebook recommend this AI tool.

kapwing translate video online

Key Features

  1. It provides collaborative editing skills like enhancing your audio quality and magic subtitles.
  2. The automated generation of subtitles in Kapwing helps users influence a seamless process throughout.
  3. Kapwing supports users with several video editing tools to guide them in managing professional content.

10. Smartcat

Smartcat is an AI voiceover translation software for high-quality localized videos. It has a range of over 280 languages to offer culturally relevant results. You can upload any type of file, i.e., MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, and many more. This AI video translation platform is easy and intuitive and is accompanied by 90% accurate results with enhanced efficiency.

smartcat translate video online

Key Features

  1. There are specialized linguists available to manage users' video translations within Smartcat.
  2. The AI-adaptive system offered at Smartcat learns from the existing content to improve future results.
  3. Smartcat includes a quality assurance feature to ensure accurate and high-quality voiceover translations.

11. Subtitles Translator

Although it is a simple tool to work on, this AI tool provides the ability to execute subtitle translation in several languages. While you upload your subtitle file of variating formats into the tool, this online does not put in much time to translate a video. You can generate high-quality results within an instant through this effective subtitle translator.

subtitles translator translate video online

Key Features

  1. This tool supports 28 languages and 6 formats, i.e., SubRip, WebVTT, YouTube subtitles, etc.
  2. It also provides a subtitle converter that can convert subtitles into different formats.
  3. You can also translate subtitles into multiple languages simultaneously with a few clicks.


Translator tools can be utilized to convert language of a video into understandable content. Finding the right tool overcomplicates the process; however, users need to generate prime results. In the discussion, it is evident that users should consider accuracy instead of technical variability. Wondershare UniConverter stands tall in this case and provides quality translation in different languages.

Kendra D. Mitchell
Kendra D. Mitchell Jul 03, 24
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