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Exploring The World of AI Voice Generators with Recommended Tool [2024]

AI is continuously evolving the way creators generate content in different industries. All these content creation fields, including audio content, take full benefit from generative AI. The introduction of advanced AI voice generators has made audio content creation pretty easy. Now, you can just input text to create AI narrations within just a few seconds. Let’s explore the world of these AI vocal generators to get insights into their workings.

In this article
  1. Wondershare UniConverter: Bringing Text-to-Speech To User's Ease
  2. What Are the Potential Benefits of Using AI Voice Generators?
  3. [Best Options] Top 9 AI Voice Generators Worth Trying

Part 1: Wondershare UniConverter: Bringing Text-to-Speech To User's Ease

With the advancement in technology, many online AI audio generators have been introduced in the market. However, these online tools come with some limitations to restrict your productivity. If you want to avoid file size and security issues present in these online AI tools, we recommend you use Wondershare UniConverter. It is an offline AI voice generator with advanced text-to-speech functionality.

Using this AI-powered toolbox, you can play around with the tone of the AI-generated voice for personalized narrations. Furthermore, you get to choose an audio type for different use case scenarios. This AI vocal generator lets you purchase up to 200,000 monthly characters for text-to-voice conversion. However, if you want to use this AI voice generator free of cost, you can only use 500 characters.

Top-Rated Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  1. After utilizing the AI text-to-speech feature, you can use its voice-changing functionality.
  2. Users will also be able to remove background noise from their audio or video using this effective AI tool.
  3. With the help of Wondershare UniConverter, you also get the chance to translate the subtitles of your content.

Straightforward Step-by-Step Guide to Generate AI Voices Using UniConverter

After understanding the functionality of this AI speaker generator, it is time to learn about its workings. For this, go through the simple step-by-step instructions given below:

Step 1 Access Text-to-Speech Feature to Generate AI Voices

To start the process, download Wondershare UniConverter from its official website and launch it on your device. Now, from the “Home” tab on the left of your screen, you have to select the “Text to Speech” feature under the “AI Lab” section.

access text-to-speech feature

Step 2 Choose Audio Style and Tone for AI Narrations

Upon entering this AI-powered feature, hit any of the styles given under the “Audio Type” section. By doing so, you can choose the desired tone from the “Tone of Voice” section.

adjust style and tone of voice

Step 3 Write Your Script and Generate Voice

Once you select the parameters for conversion, enter the script for which you want to generate AI narration. Now, press the “Generate” button to finally get AI speech using this AI audio generator.

type text and generate ai narration

Step 4 Preview and Export AI-generated Narration

Finally, click on the "Play" button to hear if the output voice matches your expectations. Then, hit the "Export" button to save this AI-created audio on your device successfully.

preview and export ai voiceover

Part 2: What Are the Potential Benefits of Using AI Voice Generators?

As we have discussed, AI tools have the ability to automate several tasks within every industry. The audio content creation industry is no exception in this regard. AI voice generators can provide the following benefits to their users for productivity boost:

1. Increased Efficiency for Content Creators

AI tools can do their best to create narrations for social media influencers. It can also save the time needed to record narrations using professional voice actors. For example, TikTokers can create voiceovers for several videos simultaneously with the help of the TikTok AI voice generator.

2. Enhanced Flexibility for eLearning Platforms

Users get the option to choose specific voices and accents using these AI tools. This will prove beneficial for eLearning platforms to personalize courses for different demographics.

3. Greater Creativity & Personalization

These AI vocal generators allow creators to experiment and personalize content in new ways. For this, they can use different voices for distinct characters. It is useful for the animation industry, where these tools can save on the cost of hiring voice actors.

4. Accessibility for Disabled Personals

Individuals with disabilities can easily consume information using these AI tools. For instance, visually impaired persons can use AI speaker generators to read textbooks.

Part 3: [Best Options] Top 9 AI Voice Generators Worth Trying

We have already discussed the best AI voice generator that has an exceptional text-to-speech feature. However, if you want to try out some of its alternatives, here are some other top AI audio generators.

1. PlayHT

PlayHT stands out as one of the best AI voice generators with its multi-dimensional voice production system. You can choose from over 800 voices to create natural-sounding AI narrations. Also, this tool lets you change the speed of your AI voice to match the video for a perfect voiceover.

playht ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. You can control the stability of the voice to vary expressiveness using this AI tool.
  2. With this AI speaker generator, creators can change the intensity of their voice for a more emotional voice.
  3. Content creators can export the output in the form of separate paragraphs or full audio.


  • It allows you to use the Studio app to unlock voice in 142 languages and accents.
  • This tool even has a voice cloning feature to let you narrate text in your voice.


  • Users are not allowed to commercially use AI voices using the free version.

Compatibility: Online


If you want to generate hyper-realistic voices, LOVO AI is a good option. You can add multiple speakers in a timeline to create narrations with several speakers using this tool. Plus, users get the option to add the pronunciation of several words to avoid mistakes during voice generation.

lovo ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. There are over 100 languages available in 500+ in this AI speaker generator.
  2. This tool has a built-in AI writer feature to let you create scripts for AI narrations.
  3. The voices in this AI tool are arranged according to use cases for your ease.


  • You only need to input 10 seconds of voice for accurate cloning of your voice.
  • Creators can export the output in multiple formats, including MP3 and WAV.


  • You cannot download narrations free of cost with this voice generator AI.

Compatibility: Online

3. FineVoice

FineVoice is a free AI voice generator that can help you create quick narrations. With this AI tool, you can select a particular word to apply a strong emphasis on it. Users can even vary the pitch of the voice to suit the tone of their character.

finevoice ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. This AI tool also supports speech-to-speech functionality for voice generation.
  2. You can choose from various tones, like telephonic, to personalize your delivery style.
  3. While creating AI narrations, users can adjust the volume of AI voices to bring variations.


  • Within its community voices section, you can find the voices of celebrities for AI voiceovers.
  • You get up to 2000 free TTS characters while using this AI vocal generator.


  • Professional creators will find this tool basic for audio content generation.

Compatibility: Windows, Online

4. NaturalReader

You can make use of NaturalReader as an effective text-to-speech solution for the audio content industry. You can utilize this multilingual AI audio generator to globalize your content. Moreover, it allows you to adjust the breaks and emphasis on the words to create desired narrations.

natural readers ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. This AI tool lets you change the pitch of the voice to generate a voiceover that suits your avatar.
  2. You also get to change words per minute for perfect lip-sync.
  3. Creators can provide a substitute pronunciation for particular words in the voiceover.


  • NaturalReader has over 250 AI voices for perfect narration.
  • This AI talk generator also has a voice cloning feature to narrate the text in custom voices.


  • You have to buy a commercial plan to use the voiceovers in professional settings.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Online, Windows

5. Murf AI

Murf AI is an advanced AI voice generator online, helping creators with its text-to-speech feature. It allows you to select from various tones, including angry and sad, to apply a personal touch. Also, you will be able to import scripts from your device for a quick narration with this tool.

murf ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. This AI tool allows you to add music to your AI-generated narrations.
  2. You can also benefit from its pronunciation feature to avoid errors in voiceovers.
  3. It even helps you add pauses during the narration for a dramatic effect.


  • Professionals can use this tool to generate AI narration dialogue by dialogue.
  • It has multiple audio export options, including WAV, FLAC, and MP3.


  • There is no download option for the free users of this AI audio generator.

Compatibility: Online, Windows

6. ElevenLabs

When talking about an innovative AI vocal generator, ElevenLabs stands out as a top option. Along with the text-to-speech feature, it allows users to generate voiceovers with audio input. With this AI tool, you can use cloned voices to generate AI narrations in your desired voice.

elevenlabs ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. This tool has different AI models for optimizing voice generation, including Eleven Multilingual v2 and Eleven Turbo v2.
  2. You also get the option to vary the stability of the voice to avoid monotonous narrations.
  3. Users can even adjust the style exaggeration values to add energy to their voiceovers.


  • You can create up to 3 custom voices using the tool free of cost.
  • This voice generator AI allows you to generate voiceovers in over 29 languages.


  • Professionals do not get to edit voiceover dialogue by dialogue using this tool.

Compatibility: Online

7. Narakeet

Narakeet offers a simpler option to convert your text documents to speech. With this AI tool, you can select from over 90 languages to reach a global audience using multilingual voiceovers. After generating the AI narration, you can export it in MP3, WAV, or M4A format.

narakeet ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. Users will be able to export one audio file per scene in a zipped file using this AI voice generator.
  2. You also get the chance to vary the speed of the AI voice to match the scene in the video.
  3. Using this tool, you can upload your scripts in Word, Excel, or PDF formats.


  • This AI vocal generator allows you to export subtitle files along with audio.
  • Its pay-as-you-go pricing model makes it effective for smaller projects.


  • You can only upload up to 10MB of script files for free voiceover generation.

Compatibility: Online 

8. TTSMaker

Beginners now have the chance to master text-to-speech conversion with TTSMaker. With the built-in AI voices for particular use case scenarios, this AI tool makes audio content creation easier. You also get to choose from standard and high audio quality according to your needs.

ttsmaker ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. This AI audio generator lets you adjust the pause time in between every paragraph.
  2. You can also play around with the voice volume to bring variation in the speech.
  3. There are multiple export options available, such as MP3, OGG, and Opus.


  • The tool provides its users with over 300 AI voices, including 20 for free voice.
  • It is planning to provide APIs to developers to integrate TTS functionality into their apps.


  • You will have to deal with annoying ads while using the free version.

Compatibility: Online

9. Dubverse

Dubverse assists users in generating quality AI narrations with its advanced TTS feature. It has over 200 speakers in 30 languages to personalize your audio content creation. You also get the chance to pick the tone to adjust the voiceover to match the video intensity.

dubverse ai voice generator

Key Features

  1. This AI speaker generator allows you to add multiple speakers to one project for conversational narrations.
  2. Users can also add custom pronunciation to get the voiceover in the required dialect.
  3. With its AI editor, you can make changes to your transcription before generating audio.


  • Users get to download the SRT file along with audio using this voice generator AI.
  • You can also adjust CPS to vary the speed of any audio segment.


  • The exported project will contain watermarks when downloaded with the free version.

Compatibility: Online


Throughout this article, we have discussed different tools that can help you generate AI audio. All these AI voice generators are good enough to fulfill your audio content generation needs. However, Wondershare UniConverter stands at the top of the list for a fully optimized voiceover. With its audio style and tonal adjustments, professionals can create AI voices for any specific use case.

James Davis
James Davis Jul 03, 24
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