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[Top 10] Best AI Script-to-Video Generators To Use in 2024

In the past, we used to make videos with a complete setup that needed cameras, actors to play any character, scripts, and proper location. With the help of AI, you can generate any video by providing a story in the form of a script. AI script to video creates attractive videos with scripts of better quality.

Script-to-video AI generators have made the process of videography easier than ever while saving production costs and time. It would be confusing to choose a better AI script for video generator tools. In this article, we have outlined some top script-to-video generation tools.

In this article
  1. Can AI Make a Video From a Script?
  2. 10 Must-Try Script-to-Video AI Generators for Professional Videos
  3. Comparison of The Top AI Script-to-Video Generators For Easy Selection
  4. Beginner's Guide to Crafting Engaging Scripts with UniConverter AI
  5. Boost Your AI Video Quality with UniConverter AI Video Enhancer

Part 1: Can AI Make a Video From a Script?

Video making has been a challenging process to execute, but it has entirely changed with the evolution of AI. Using these available services, you can create any kind of video belonging to any genre. All you have to do is provide a proper video or story script, which returns with comprehensive video clips.

The AI script-to-video tools offer high-quality results, along with the integration of different elements. From the use of realistic sounds to interactive backgrounds, the videos generated from scripts come with these options. Their extensivity helps in composing animations within the videos,  which was considered a challenging process in manual operations.

Part 2: 10 Must-Try Script-to-Video AI Generators for Professional Videos

Video making has become easier since the revolution of artificial intelligence, and people are constantly using AI tools to boost social media engagement. However, if you are still struggling to create videos using AI, try using these 10 best script-to-video AI generators for a smoother video creation process:

1. invideo AI

invideo AI allows you to create a video on any topic by providing a script of the story and a few special instructions. This script-to-video AI tool also allows you to edit videos using a prompt box where you can manipulate the media or script frame by frame. From easy media replacement to text-based editing, you can make simple adjustments instantly.

invideo ai script to video generator

Key Features

  1. To make directed changes within the generated video, you can provide text prompts within the platform.
  2. invideo AI allows the removal of watermarks when exporting content. It also provides the option of exporting video in 1080p, offering high-definition results.
  3. It allows users to generate a maximum length of 200 minutes of AI videos per month.


You can generate quality movies and videos easily with compelling scripts using After writing down a prompt, the script-to-video generator returns with a video that can be enhanced with multiple stock media. After generating your video, you can edit it with the help of this tool’s comprehensive video editing platform.

veed io script to video generator

Key Features

  1. This AI tool provides a “Clean Audio” feature, which helps reduce extra voice noises in the video.
  2. With this tool, AI Avatars are accessible to present your brand as a person to your viewer.
  3. It allows users to get 4K quality videos, which display the smallest details clearly.

3. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI script to video generator offers high-quality, customizable, and realistic avatar generation. It helps you to create videos with high-quality voiceovers in more than 80 languages and different accents. This tool allows you to add up to 50 scenes in each video, which will make your video more interactive and compelling.

deepbrain ai script to video generator

Key Features

  1. DeepBrain offers their users access to the pertinent data from the given API, which allows them to automate video creation workflow.
  2. It allows you to convert PDFs, blogs, articles, and even PowerPoint presentations into engaging videos.
  3. This tool is ChatGPT integrated, which will help you draft, translate, or brainstorm video ideas within the same tab.

4. Pictory

Pictory’s script-to-video AI tool is widely used to animate the words in your story into visuals. You can use more than 3 million royalty-free and licensed visuals in your video, which will help you upload your video to any social media platform without any hesitation. It allows you to use musical tracks from its library, or you can upload your own to play it on the video.

pictory script to video generator

Key Features

  1. Pictory is helpful for customization, which allows you to change the video for your own brand by setting the theme, fonts, and color scheme.
  2. It offers you an AI-enabled voiceover with the availability of natural-sounding voices. These voices can be replaced with your personal voiceover or professional audio.
  3. This tool automatically adds subtitles and captions to your video to increase its overall engagement.

5. Canva

If your mind is creating different ideas and you are unable to practically visualize them, Canva’s free script-to-video AI model is the solution that will help you bring your idea to life. With the help of this tool, you can add different fonts and color schemes to match the theme of your video. It also offers you pre-made templates and stickers that will help you understand the theme.

canva script to video generator

Key Features

  1. It allows you to share videos on any social media platform, or you can present them directly from the editor.
  2. This tool offers delivering scripts in 40 different languages, with the option of uploading voice or audio for talking head videos.
  3. Canva offers multiple one-click operations, such as applying filters and removing backgrounds.

6. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI script-to-video generator that automatically makes high-quality and realistic videos with the help of a script. This tool is integrated with ChatGPT, which allows you to create scripts for any story. With the support of 120+ languages and 160+ AI presenters, Synthesia provides comprehensive diversity in creating engaging videos.

synthesia script to video generator

Key Features

  1. The custom avatar feature allows you to make a digital version of yourself that will resemble you.
  2. It allows you to design characters, themes, fonts, and colors for your video, which helps to create more attractive visuals.
  3. Synthesia provides the option to embed video in your preferred locations, such as websites, LMS, LXP, and more, which will streamline the process of video creation.

7. Kapwing AI

You can use the Kapwing AI tool to turn your written content into an engaging storytelling video. This AI video script generator allows you to add images, background music, and subtitles to make your visuals more appealing. By providing a script within 500 characters and selecting the appropriate language and narration voice, you can easily create compelling videos through Kapwing.

kapwing ai script to video generator

Key Features

  1. With its user-friendly interface, it smoothens your video creation process by equipping 100+ video editing tools to make the video catchy in less time.
  2. You can also define the size and style of the AI videos to create personalized content.
  3. Kapwing AI has the ability to automatically add subtitles to your video with a diverse range of styles and effects.

8. Steve AI

With 1000+ diverse video templates, you can create captivating videos using this script-to-video AI tool. It also allows you to collaborate with your colleague on a single script-to-video project. Moreover, you can customize your AI-generated video with this tool, which is impossible with most script-to-video AI tools. This platform also lets its users upload their AI videos directly to any social media platform.

steve ai script to video generator

Key Features

  1. It offers high-quality graphics, videos, and music assets to make your video look more engaging.
  2. You do not need high skills to create professional videos because Steve AI provides you with a drag-and-drop feature to create AI scripts to video more efficiently.
  3. This AI tool also allows you to add AI voices with multiple accents and languages to narrate the video.

9. Fliki

Fliki provides a creative platform for its users to generate videos using simple scripts. With a user-friendly interface, you can manipulate the video generation with frame-by-frame script management. Regardless of the platform support offered across Fliki, you can create a personalized video with a dedicated AI voice selected from the 75 available languages.

fliki script to video generator

Key Features

  1. There are more than 2000+ human-sounding voices in Fliki, which helps you in creating realistic video content.
  2. It allows the creation of videos from simple prompts, complete scripts, blogs, PPTs, tweets, and product details.
  3. This AI video script generator provides the option of auto-pick background audio for the generated video.

10. FlexClip

To generate exceptional explainer videos, social media videos, and promotion videos, try the AI script-to-video generator of FlexClip. This AI video tool can even generate engaging AI videos by providing the page URL as input. Furthermore, this script-to-video AI-free allows you to add different effects, transitions, and elements to your AI-generated videos.

flexclip script to video generator

Key Features

  1. After generating the video using the script, you can use this AI tool to customize the video using its timeline.
  2. It offers 5 different aspect ratio options so you can generate AI videos for every social media platform.
  3. This script-to-video AI tool allows you to export the video up to 4K resolution and 60fps.

Part 3: Comparison of The Top 10 AI Script-to-Video Generators For Easy Selection

After reviewing the details associated with the best script-to-video AI generators, we've listed the important metrics in the table shown below. This will essentially help you in finding the best script-to-video generator that uses AI to perfection:


Other Video Creation Options




invideo AI

Prompt, Script



Plus: $25/month

Max: $60/month




Basic: $18/month

Pro: $30/month

Business: $70/month

DeepBrain AI

Prompt, Article, Document, URL, PPT



Starter: $30/month

Pro: $225/month


Prompt, Script, Image, Blog



Starter: $29/month

Professional: $59/month

Teams: $149/month





Canva Pro: $6.49/month

Canva for Teams: $12.99/month





Starter: $22/month

Creator: $67/month

Kapwing AI

Script, Document, Article



Pro: $16/month

Business: $50/month

Steve AI

Blog, Voice, URL



Basic: $20/month

Starter: $60/month

Pro: $80/month


Prompt, Blog, Tweet, Idea, Photo, PPT, Product



Standard: $28/month

Premium: $88/month


Prompt, Blog



Plus: $15.99/month

Business: $23.99/month

Part 4: Beginner's Guide to Crafting Engaging Scripts with UniConverter AI

Most content creators get annoyed when they are struggling to create video scripts. For this reason, Wondershare UniConverter offers you an AI Script Generator that can help you generate unique and engaging video scripts that you can use in AI script to video generators. This AI tool is powered with GPT 4.0, which will allow you to get complete access to information on the internet.

Moreover, this AI script generator allows you to select your preferred video type and specific platform to target the right audience on your social media. You can start to generate AI scripts by following this comprehensive step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Accessing the AI Script Generator of Wondershare UniConverter

You can start the process by installing and opening the latest version of Wondershare UniConverter on your system. Then, from the "AI Lab" section, tap the "AI Script Generator" feature.

ai script generator uniconverter

Step 2. Customizing the Settings for Personalized Script

After accessing the AI Script Generator, describe the content idea in the "Video Topic" text box. Then, select the video type and desired platform. Afterward, choose the "Tone of Script" to target the audience. Lastly, hit the "Generate" button to generate an engaging video script.

add script and define settings

Part 5: Boost Your AI Video Quality with UniConverter AI Video Enhancer

People are looking for various ways to improve their video quality. To increase the quality of your video, let us introduce you to Wondershare UniConverter - AI Video Enhancer feature. Using this AI feature will not only improve the quality of your content, but it can also add frames that can enhance the visual flow of content for a polished look.

Furthermore, this AI video enhancer provides you with a smooth video by adjusting its smoothness. You can also increase the FPS of your videos to ensure clarity if they are dropping continuously. So, if you want to enhance the AI video, let's jump into the step-by-step guide to use this AI Video Enhancer effectively.

Step 1. Choose the AI Video Enhancer

To initiate the video enhancement, click “AI Video Enhancer” from the “AI Lab” section. Once the feature opens, tap the "Plus" button to import the video file from your device. You can also simply drag or drop the video file onto the screen.

access ai video enhancer uniconverter

Step 2. Choose AI Model For Specific Enhancement

Afterward, select the AI model according to your video problems to apply the proper fix. For instance, we select the "Frame Interpolation" feature to create visual flows while adjusting the frames. Then, select the smoothness settings and hit the "Export" button.

select ai model for enhancement

Final Words

In the above article, we have discussed the top 10 trending script-to-video AI generators of 2024. We have explored all the required information about these tools, along with their key features, to convert the script into an interactive and compelling video.

Moreover, we have explored Wondershare UniConverter, a powerful AI-powered tool that can help you generate unique video scripts. You can also use this tool to enhance the video quality of the videos generated with the help of AI script-to-video generators.

Takashi Apr 10, 24
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