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Enhance Video Quality with AI Video Frame Interpolation

Post-production of video is a hectic process that needs to be handled carefully. AI has leveraged the video enhancement technologies to make the post-production easier. If you have captured media in low frame rates, AI can assist in uplifting the frames to improve quality. For this purpose, AI frame interpolation is proving a powerful solution.

This technology reduces the jerkiness and blurriness of videos to provide polished output. It is considered suitable for slow-motion videos for its fluid and cinematic look. For an enjoyable viewing experience, read this guide about AI video frame interpolation.

In this article
  1. Part I. What is AI Keyframe Interpolation?
  2. Part II. How Can AI Improve Frame Interpolation?
  3. Part III. Best 3 AI Video Enhancers for Frame Interpolation

Part I. What is AI Keyframe Interpolation?

Keyframe interpolation refers to generating intermediate frames between the existing ones. Meanwhile, AI frame interpolation involves the integration of AI in the defined process. It is particularly useful where the original video contains lower frame rates. AI-driven frames use machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks for context clarity.

Editors use this post-production technique to refine their frames and improve video quality. In this regard, AI plays a role in creating coherent and realistic frames.

video keyframe interpolation types

Part II. How Can AI Improve Frame Interpolation?

AI has significantly improved the frame interpolation process with quick and accurate results. They allow users to perform frame interpolation with customized parameters. Additionally, AI-based frame interpolators ensure the enhancement of video content. If you want to know more about AI’s improvements, read this part.

1. Automated Keyframe Placement

Using machine learning algorithms, AI analyzes the motion of characters and objects. The AI models also recognize specific poses, positions, and transitions over time. Afterward, it automatically detects where to add keyframes for smooth and realistic motion. It saves animators from spending time and effort placing keyframes.                                       

2. Motion Prediction and Learning

AI models are trained with datasets and long- and short-term memory networks (LSTMs). The training process involves minimizing the differences between actual and predicted frames. It processes a variety of animations, objects, and scenes to get contextual understanding. Thus, AI predicts and produces accurate frames from diverse scenarios.

3. Efficient Handling of Complex Animations

Managing keyframes might be overwhelming and complex. However, AI can assist in reducing the manual workload. AI algorithms, such as neural networks, understand the context and adapt to the complexity. They handle keyframe generation and ensure consistent quality throughout the video.

Part III. Best 3 AI Video Enhancers for Frame Interpolation

If you are seeking high-quality video production results, choosing the right tools is important. Some poorly designed or less-advanced tools can introduce artifacts during the process. For your help, this section will introduce the top-notch video frame interpolation software.

1. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is an all-in-all software that is more than a frame interpolation changer. This AI-powered platform has a media compressor, editor, vocal remover, and many other tools. Regarding frame rates, it is equipped with an AI frame interpolation model.

It allows users to adjust the smoothness settings based on their project requirements. Overall, UniConverter offers an AI video enhancer that will boost the video quality. This feature is easy for novices and experts, but to avoid any inconvenience, follow this guide:

Step 1: Launch UniConverter and Access AI Video Enhancer

Go to the official site of Wondershare UniConverter and click the “Download” button. Launch it on your device and begin by choosing the “AI Video Enhancer” option.

access ai video enhancer tool

Step 2: Bring Your Media to Initiate the Frame Interpolation

After tapping “AI Video Enhancer,” you will access another screen. There, hit the “+” (Add)” icon and direct to select the video you wish to process. Press the “Open” button, and the video will appear on the screen.

add video and open for processing

Step 3: Adjust Smother Settings and Preview the Process

Tap the "Frame Interpolation Model" to get some extended options. Upon choosing, go to the "Smoother Settings" section and pick a smoothness parameter. Next, press the "Preview" button, and the AI will start analyzing. Click the "Stop Preview" button and return to the frame interpolation screen. If satisfied with the results, choose the “Export” button and download the file.

 perform frame interpolation model and export

2. VideoProc Converter AI

If you want to explore more frame interpolation software, you can use this desktop option. It’s a branch of Digiarty software designed to convert frame rates without changing video speed. With deep CNNs, it removes artifacts caused by cut scenes or fast motions. Besides, it allows you to choose the FPS via 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x options.

videoproc converter ai tool


It is time to uncover an online solution for AI video interpolation. For this, you can consider, which can optimize video playback by adjusting the frame rates. Based on your video file, it can change the frame rates with 10, 24, 30, or 60fps options. This platform supports almost all file formats and makes tailored videos for social media.

veed io frame interpolation tool


Ensuring higher video quality is important if you want to display them on big screens. AI facilitates editors with its integration in frame interpolation tools. This article has also put the spotlight on AI video frame interpolation for getting smooth videos. Ultimately, Wondershare UniConverter proves to be an exceptional software with advanced options.

Takashi Feb 23, 24
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