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12 Best AI Image Generators for Enhanced Content Creation

It is time to say goodbye to stock photos and discover the power of AI-generated content. An AI image generator can be your friend in helping you create unique images from your imagination. In this article, you can explore the 12 best AI image generators to satisfy your varying needs. Discover the potential of AI to transform your content creation process using the best available tools.

In this article
  1. How to Select a Good AI Image Generator
  2. What Does a Good AI-Generated Image Represent
  3. Finding the Best AI Image Generator Among the Top 12 AI Image Generators
  4. Create Video Covers with AI Thumbnail Maker - UniConverter

Part 1: How to Select a Good AI Image Generator

Advancements in AI have allowed users to solidify their dreams. Many such tools are accessible today to allow users to generate images online. Choosing the right AI image generator depends on what you want to achieve. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an excellent artificial intelligence image generator:

1. Functionality and Customization

Consider the image quality that the tool can generate based on your prompts. You should also look into the customization and control options the AI image generators can provide over the result.

2. Scalability and Speed

Depending on your requirements, you may need a tool that can efficiently generate images in large quantities or within a short time frame. Test the performance of each option in terms of scalability and speed.

3. Compatibility and Integration

Check the compatibility of the AI image generator with your existing tools. Look for options that offer integrations with popular platforms or provide APIs for better results.

4. Cost and Usage

AI generators can be free, subscription-based, or pay-per-image, so look for free trials to test before you commit. Also, check if you can use the generated images commercially or on a large scale.

5. Ease of Use

A good image generator AI tool offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate even by novice users. A smooth user experience can enhance your productivity and satisfaction with the tool.

Part 2: What Does a Good AI-Generated Image Represent

While many free AI image generator tools are available, only a few can generate good images. If you are confused about what constitutes an excellent AI-generated image, here are some qualities you can consider:

1. High Quality

The image should be crisp and clear, suitable for your intended use. Essential features and details should be visible without excessive noise or distortion.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

AI-generated images should be visually pleasing and well-composed. Attention should be given to design principles such as balance, harmony, contrast, and focal points.

3. Consistency

Consistency in style, color palette, and overall visuals is essential to good AI-generated images. Consistent images are easy to use when maintaining a cohesive visual identity is necessary.

4. Versatility

A good AI-generated image should be versatile and adaptable to different contexts and purposes. It should be usable in various sizes, resolutions, and formats without losing quality.

5. Originality and Creativity

While sticking to the prompt, the image should showcase an exciting and unique composition. The AI tool should not render the same image over and over again.

Part 3: Finding the Best AI Image Generator Among the Top 12 AI Image Generators

Now that you know what to look for in a good AI image generator, you can try the following tools to create captivating images for any purpose:

1. OpenArt

OpenArt AI is one of the best tools to unleash creativity with text, images, and sketches. It is a reliable and free online AI image generator that can be your new creative friend. With a diversified interface for generating images, provide the right set of details to get specific results. You can also interact with the AI in other ways besides text prompts, which includes editing images in multiple ways.

openart ai image generator


  • OpenArt allows a finer level of control for the generated images. You can pick the colors that OpenArt includes in the image and the degree of variation you want.
  • OpenArt has a “Real-Time Draw” feature, allowing users to sketch their thoughts. Once you send your drawing to the canvas, OpenArt will generate a high-quality image based on your drawing.


  • OpenArt only offers 50 credits in the free version for image generation and does not provide images above 512x512 in its free plan.

2. Monica

Monica is an all-in-one AI tool that can be your artistic companion in the image generation journey. One of its various AI-powered features is the AI Image Generator, which utilizes the services of GPT-4 to provide top-notch results. Monica uses the DALL-E model to create images that allow faster processing speed and customization options.

monica ai image generator


  • Monica offers users a useful AI content detector tool. It can analyze multiple text sources and determine whether the content is AI-generated.
  • This AI utility offers a safe answer if you are looking for an online image animator. It can turn photos into dynamic videos and add movements in one click.


  • Monica only supports text-to-image conversion. It cannot work with other input forms like images or voice.

3. Recraft

Reraft positions itself as a powerful AI tool designed to generate high-quality vector art, icons, and even 3D images. It is a strong option for designers who prefer vector images over pixelated photos. Recraft offers a wide range of artistic styles, from clean and minimalist to detailed and textured. It is ideal for logos, icons, illustrations, and other graphics that need to be resized without losing quality.

recraft ai image generator


  • Recraft lets you generate multiple variations of your image based on the same prompt. You can thus explore different directions and find the perfect visual for your needs.
  • If you want to transfer the style of an existing image to a new vector, Recraft can help. The tool allows users to upload a photo and use its style as a basis for their AI-generated art.


  • While Recraft offers various artistic styles, its primary focus lies on animations. It might not be the best choice for generating photorealistic images.

4. BlueWillow by LimeWire

BlueWillow is a user-friendly and free AI image generator tool designed for a broad audience. It caters to anyone who wants to create stunning visuals with a variety of diverse AI image generation models. Apart from generating images from scratch, this AI tool also offers options to edit, outpaint, or upscale images on its platform.

bluewillow ai image generator


  • The Outpaint feature can be used to expand a generated image's size or include further innovations to it.
  • The “Column” option provided in BlueWillow helps you define the number of generations expected from a single prompt.


  • Compared to other AI tools, BlueWillow may offer limited features and less control over fine-tuning your generated image.

5. CF Spark

Spark by Creative Fabrica isn't just a single AI image generator but a suite of creative tools powered by AI. CF Spark can help users bring their innovative ideas to life and ignite the spark in just a few clicks. With a simple interface and a variety of styling options, you can create a proper image. To assist user’s creativity, the platform also offers diverse innovations within a community section.

cf spark ai image generator


  • CF Spark offers a quick and easy-to-use image background remover tool that can change any photo’s background online for free.
  • Its smart prompt builder helps you create a proper prompt for your image.


  • CF Spark offers little control over the generated image. You can only set the aspect ratio and style of the photo before its creation.

6. Simplified

Simplified is another versatile web-based tool that offers a reliable and free AI image generator. The tool is like a magic sketchpad that brings your ideas to life with a few words. The tool uses multiple models, such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, to provide high-quality results. After setting the aspect ratio and number of images that are to be created against a prompt, Simplified does the rest for its users.

simplified ai image generator


  • Simplified offers a powerful AI Video Generator that can be used to convert text prompts into dynamic videos in a few minutes.
  • Besides using text prompts, you can also turn your sketches into AI artwork using Simplified. It offers a quick way to refine your artwork without trouble.


  • The rendering speed on Simplified is relatively slow. You have to go through long waiting times to generate an AI image.

7. Imagine

Imagine is one of the best AI image generators that can create various artistic styles based on your text prompts. The AI-powered tools of Imagine allow users to explore a world of infinite inspiration with dedicated results. From remixing images to inpainting and replacing backgrounds, Imagine provides a variety of options.

imagine ai image generator


  • Imagine also acts as an AI image generator from photos as a desktop application, thus extending its audience.
  • This tool offers a wide range of customization options to users. You can select the AI model control modes, styles, resolution, and number of images generated.


  • Most image-generation functions on Imagine require heavy credits, which you need to buy by subscribing to a paid plan.

8. Visme

If you want a bold and powerful image generator AI tool that can go beyond simple photos, you can try Visme. Visme’s AI Image Generator can create everything from graphics to 3-dimensional images and pencil drawings. Apart from generating dedicated images with defined settings, you can manually enhance them with different graphics.

visme ai image generator


  • You can add transitions and other elements to keep your audience engaged using Visme.
  • Visme offers a free online Mockup Generator to help you create high-quality content without needing Photoshop.


  • Visme is primarily a presentation-making tool that restricts the quality of images generated with AI.

9. is an all-in-one creative AI toolkit that enables users to create and enhance their images online. Its free AI image generator can help create, edit, and expand pictures, all with the power of words. You can also discover advanced functionalities within this AI utility in the form of different generation parameters. It even comes with a sampler that helps specify the quality of generation by offering you better control.

getimg ai image generator


  • You can turn any image into dynamic videos using The site can transform your photos into 4-second-long video clips in one click.
  • It offers an infinite AI Canvas that can outpatient and edit images. You can expand your photo to any extent you want using the tool.


  • This AI utility only offers a limited range of art styles when generating images.

10. DaVinci

DaVinci is a popular high-tech tool offering a robust AI Art Generator from text. You can create mesmerizing visuals to leave your audience in awe using DaVinci after defining its style, model, and ratio. DaVinci can render high-quality images that go beyond the limits of contemporary imagination. The overall operations in DaVinci are restricted and recommended for people who are new to this format.

davinci ai image generator


  • DaVinci allows access to various AI models, such as SDXL and Midjourney. This allows for a versatile and enhanced image-generation process.
  • DaVinci can be used to generate lifelike and natural-looking images that cannot be distinguished from actual photos.


  • DaVinci primarily works with text prompts and does not support other data types, such as audio or other images.

11. Hotpot is another web-based free AI image generator that can help bring your creative visions to life. Its AI tool can go beyond mere image creation, reaching powerful AI editing and others. Hotpot is a great way to visualize your ideas with simplified options of stating negative prompts and adding details of seeding images.

hotpot ai image generator


  • With Hotpot, you can reimagine yourself with AI headshots. A diverse range of options with customizable templates is available to choose from.
  • If you want to remove unwanted objects from a photo, you can go to Hotpot’s Object Remover feature.


  • Images generated by the free version of Hotpot cannot be used for commercial purposes.

12. Shutterstock

One of the most effective AI image generators for free that can cater to your every image-related need is Shutterstock. Although it is known for holding stock media, it contains a wide variety of features to create, edit, and organize your digital assets. The AI Image Generator of Shutterstock can help unleash your creativity and bring out your inner artist with the inclusion of different stock-based content.

shutterstock ai image generator


  • Shutterstock can design almost all styles of images for you. You can generate realistic photos, various art styles, and even 3-D images.
  • The tool has everything from vector images to animations and royalty-free assets.


  • Most images on Shutterstock feature a watermark that can only be removed if you subscribe to the paid version of the tool.

High-Profile Recommendation: Create Video Covers with AI Thumbnail Maker - UniConverter

While the abovementioned tools are adept at crafting AI images, we have a better option for offline solutions to create video covers. If you want an easy way to generate video thumbnails using AI, look no further than Wondershare UniConverter.

It is a versatile tool offering a broad feature set for images, videos, and audio files. Available for download on Windows and Mac, UniConverter can instantly resolve any media file issue for users, leaving high-quality files for every purpose.

Wondershare UniConverter offers an AI-powered Thumbnail Maker that can simplify the image generation process. Instead of spending long hours editing and crafting thumbnails, you can use UniConverter to create alluring video covers quickly with one click. It can create thumbnails in any art style and aspect ratio based on your preferences.

Main Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  1. Photo Enhancer: UniConverter can upscale any image using its powerful AI. You can enhance clarity, boost resolution, or add vibrancy to images in one click.
  2. Text-to-Speech: If you want to bring your speech to life, UniConverter is the best option. Its robust AI text-to-speech converter can transform written words into dynamic voices.
  3. Noise Remover: With this intuitive solution, you can forget about noisy audio and video files. It can bulk-remove noise such as static, humming, and echo from any file type.

Quick Guide for AI Thumbnail Creation Using Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter’s advanced AI can create attractive video covers quickly and easily. You can use the following steps to learn how to use UniConverter to make video thumbnails:

Step 1. Open UniConverter’s AI Thumbnail Maker

Once you install and launch UniConverter on your Windows or Mac device, navigate to the “Tools” tab and scroll down to find the “AI Thumbnail Maker” under its “AI Lab” section.

launch uniconverter ai thumbnail maker

Step 2. Choose Specifics for Video Cover

The tool will redirect you to the AI Thumbnail Maker interface. Here, you can specify what style and aspect ratio you want for your video cover. Next, describe your desired cover image under the “Prompt Setting” textbox.

set style and aspect ratio

Step 3. Create and Save Video Cover

After typing in your prompt, use the “Generate” button so UniConverter can begin crafting your perfect image. The tool will generate four options for your video cover. You can choose one according to your preferences and tap the “Download” icon to save it to your device.

provide prompt and generate


You can now turn your wildest imaginations into digital assets using the reliable AI image generators mentioned above. If you wish to create images for your video covers, the best option is Wondershare UniConverter. Download it today to generate irresistible thumbnails for your videos in one click using AI.

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