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Stable Diffusion AI: What Is It and How To Use It With Top 5 Tools?

AI image generation continuously evolves with the release of advanced models now and then. However, the Stable Diffusion model stands out from the rest with its high-quality output. This diffusion model allows faster image generation with less computational power than other techniques. Therefore, let’s get into the details of the Stable Diffusion AI model to understand its use cases.

In this article
  1. What is Stable Diffusion, and Why Is It Preferred?
  2. Top 5 Stable Diffusion Tools Providing Unique AI Images
  3. Overview of the Latest Innovations in Stable Diffusion 3
  4. Make Unique AI Thumbnails with UniConverter for Posting Videos

Part 1: What is Stable Diffusion, and Why Is It Preferred?

Stable Diffusion is one of the most advanced AI models created by Stability AI. After collaborating with Runway and other such AI giants, the researchers launched this model for public use. Moreover, this AI technology is capable of generating images from simple text descriptions.

Upon analyzing your prompt, it can produce photorealistic images within seconds. As mentioned, Stable Diffusion models can run on regular computers with decent graphics cards. Other than simple image generation, these models can help you in the following content creation procedures.

  1. The main purpose of Stable Diffusion AI is to create artwork using text-to-image generation.
  2. You can also utilize image-to-image generation to create sketches from real photos.
  3. With simple prompts, creators get to generate logos and other graphical elements.
  4. Using the Stable Diffusion model, you can even edit and retouch old photos.
  5. Professional content creators can also use this AI model to generate high-quality videos.

Benefits Offered by Stable Diffusion AI

After analyzing the use cases, let’s discuss other innovations put forward by this model. All these innovations have further improved the way you create AI images online.

1. Detailed and Realistic Outputs

Stable Diffusion AI generator excels at creating realistic images from simple prompts. Moreover, it becomes ideal for use cases where realism is crucial. Marketers can use the photos from this model for product mockups and other concept art.

2. Efficiency and Speed

This AI utilizes latent diffusion models (LDMs) to achieve faster image generation. By doing so, Stable Diffusion helps artists achieve faster results and smoother workflow.

3. Stability and Consistency

The denoising process within Stable Diffusion AI helps in getting stable results. Due to this ability, this AI model produces more consistent results for more reliable image generation.

4. Text-Guided Image Refinement

You can even utilize this model to refine existing images based on text descriptions. With this Stable Diffusion image-to-image model, you can edit visuals based on specific needs.

Part 2: Top 5 Stable Diffusion Tools Providing Unique AI Images

After recognizing the importance of Stable Diffusion AI, let’s talk about the best image generators using this model. All these tools run on this specific AI model to provide innovative visual output to your text prompts.

1. DreamStudio

DreamStudio is an AI image generator introduced by the creators of Stable Diffusion, Stability AI. Using this AI tool, you can write simple text prompts or upload images to generate creative art. You also get to set the number of output images and aspect ratio for a controlled process. If you do not like the output, you can command AI to produce more variations.

dreamstudio with stable diffusion model

Key Features

  1. With this Stable Diffusion AI generator, you can add negative prompts to tell AI what not to add to the artwork.
  2. You can also edit the AI-generated image using the text prompts within this tool.
  3. Creators also get to adjust the prompt strength to determine how much the final output matches the text description.


With its ability to create images from natural text, DALL.E is one of the best tools for working on a Stable Diffusion model. You will be able to make realistic edits to your AI-generated images using text prompts. Its Surprise Me feature lets the creator generate automatic prompts for innovative artwork. Furthermore, you can share AI-created masterpieces with the community to inspire others.

dalle with stable diffusion model

Key Features

  1. You can upload any image to this tool and ask AI to make creative variations of that image.
  2. Other than generating AI images, it can even expand the existing image to blend realities.
  3. Using this AI image creator, you can merge two images while editing for a personalized output.

3. Stablecog

Creators can get hyper-realistic outputs with this tool working on Stable Diffusion AI. You can also choose from various sub-models, including Luna Diffusion and Waifu Diffusion, to get the desired results. Within this tool, artists also get to add negative prompts to personalize the output image. Additionally, they can adjust the aspect ratio of the image to make the output perfect for different social platforms.

stablecog with stable diffusion model

Key Features

  1. Using this AI tool, you can also add image prompts to help AI visualize your idea.
  2. Its guidance scale feature lets you decide the similarity of the output to your written prompt.
  3. You also get to adjust the seed value to get repeatable results with the same prompt.

4. is one of the most advanced Stable Diffusion AI generators, providing features like negative prompt. Users will be able to decide the number of steps to create an AI portrait to optimize its quality. With its ControlNet settings, you can adjust the image traits like edges and pose for a perfect output. Using its resolution settings, users can also customize the way their artwork looks.

getimg with stable diffusion model

Key Features

  1. This Stable Diffusion model tool allows you to choose from different samplers to get a more detailed output.
  2. ai also has an advanced image editor that lets you optimize images with text or photo prompts.
  3. It has a vast library of AI models, such as ThinkDiffusionXL and DreamShaper, to give you creative freedom.

5. Adobe Firefly

Using this AI tool working on Stable Diffusion AI, you can use text prompts to create artwork. It provides you with two different models for image creation, including Firefly Image 2 and Firefly Image 1. Other than that, you can select the content type and visual intensity of the image for optimal output. With its advanced settings, creators even get to adjust the lighting and composition of the AI-generated image.

adobe firefly with stable diffusion model

Key Features

  1. Creators will be able to apply various effects to the image, such as Bokeh and Painting.
  2. Adobe Firefly lets you upload reference images to prompt AI to match the style of the input photo.
  3. You also get to write up to 10 phrases to tell Firefly what to avoid when processing the prompt.

Part 3: Overview of the Latest Innovations in Stable Diffusion 3

Stability AI has recently announced the release of its latest Stable Diffusion 3 model. You can expect multi-subject prompts in the latest model to create images with detailed backgrounds. The latest Stable Diffusion AI model is also said to boost the image quality compared to previous versions. Also, this model is announced to have special spelling abilities for better prompt understanding.

In addition, the Stable Diffusion 3 models have parameters ranging from 800M to 8B for now. However, the amount is expected to increase with the addition of more training data. Like all the previous versions, it also aims to democratize public access to AI image generation. Doing so will help Stable Diffusion AI models to scale up and provide quality output.

stable diffusion 3 model

Other than that, this latest model works by combining a transformer architecture and flow matching. Stability AI will further reveal more information about its workings pretty soon. Also, they have claimed to add privacy measures to prevent the use of Stable Diffusion 3 for malicious purposes. All in all, this model is striving to deliver innovative solutions to content creators and developers.

Bonus Part. Make Unique AI Thumbnails with UniConverter for Posting Videos

As a creator, you may want to generate thumbnails for your content after making videos with Stable Diffusion models. For this purpose, you can utilize AI Thumbnail Maker, which is offered by Wondershare UniConverter. Using this feature, creators will be able to select the style for their thumbnail from options such as 3D and Sketch.

While generating the AI art, you can choose from different aspect ratios within this tool. By doing so, this AI tool will create thumbnails for multiple social platforms. Moreover, creators will get to choose from up to 4 variations generated by this tool. The following steps will help you to generate thumbnails using Wondershare UniConverter.

Step 1. Access AI Thumbnail Maker from the Home Screen

After downloading Wondershare UniConverter, launch this thumbnail maker on your system. Now, hit the “Home” tab and choose the “AI Thumbnail Maker” from the “AI Lab” section.

access ai thumbnail maker

Step 2. Add Prompt and Set Aspect Ratio for Thumbnail Generation

Once you click on this feature, you will access the “AI Thumbnail Maker” screen. In the “Prompt setting” text box, write the description of the thumbnail you want to create. Afterward, choose the desired size from the “Aspect Ratio” section.

write prompt and select aspect ratio

Step 3. Choose Style for Your Thumbnail and Hit the Generate Button

Moving forward, press the "Comics" option from the "Style" section to customize the output. Alternatively, you can choose any style that suits your needs. Upon completing the settings, hit the "Generate" button to create your desired thumbnail.

choose style and generate thumbnail


All in all, we can say that Stable Diffusion is the best model for image generation. With the release of the latest Stable Diffusion 3 model, the technology will improve further. After creating visual content with these models, you can utilize Wondershare UniConverter to make thumbnails. Besides, you will get access to various styles and prompt options to personalize the content.

Takashi Apr 07, 24
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