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Text-to-Image AI Explained: The Best AI Models and Tools Available

If you have ever wished to turn your wildest dreams into captivating images, you wouldn’t be the only one. Luckily, text-to-image AI is here to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. This revolutionary technology utilizes AI to generate high-quality visuals based on your descriptions.

If you want to know more about text-to-image conversion, this guide is for you. Delve into this fascinating world and discover the top tools to help you transform words into images. As a bonus tip, learn how to craft alluring covers for your videos using Wondershare UniConverter.

In this article
  1. How to Write the Perfect Prompt for Generating Images
  2. Some Top-Rated AI Models Generated for Text-to-Image AI
  3. 5 Top-Notch Text-to-Image AI Tools for Proper Image Generation
  4. Generating Covers for Videos with Wondershare UniConverter

Part 1: How to Write the Perfect Prompt for Generating Images

If you want to use a text-to-image generator effectively, the key lies in using suitable prompts. The description you give determines the accuracy of your generated image. Crafting the perfect prompt for AI image generation is like providing clear instructions to an artist. Here are some key strategies to get the AI on the same page as your vision:

1. Define Subject Clearly

You can start the prompt by outlining the focus of your image. Clearly define what you want from your pictures and how you want them to be reformed.

2. Describe Details

Use descriptive language for your image, fleshing out your vision with your desired details. Instead of "a dog," try "a fluffy poodle dog napping in a sunbeam in the kitchen." This would give you directed results, with the details highlighted properly in the image.

3. Reference Existing Images

If you have a clear visual reference for your image, be sure to include it. Depending on the tool, you can mention famous paintings, specific artists and their styles, or a link to the reference image.

4. Keep It Simple and Concise

While details are necessary, avoid overly complex prompts for your text-to-image creator. The AI might struggle to interpret a long list of instructions, so avoid overly technical terms or jargon. Though you have to mention all the necessary details, they can be concise and directed.

5. Experiment To Perfection

When trying to generate images, don’t lose hope if you don’t get the desired results. Refine your prompts based on the initial output, as small changes in wording can yield drastically different results. Experimenting more with new prompts will help you understand the mechanism of the AI generative tools.

Part 2: Some Top-Rated AI Models Generated for Text-to-Image AI

AI image generation was around long before the rise of ChatGPT. These text-to-image AI models played a significant role in bridging the gap between imagination and reality. Following are some of the top models for AI image generation:

1. DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 is a state-of-the-art AI model which is currently under development by OpenAI. It is known for its exceptional ability to generate high-quality, realistic images based on complex text descriptions from its predecessors. The model excels at incorporating text seamlessly into the generated visuals. DALL-E 3 is the latest version of the DALL-E model, first introduced by OpenAI in 2021.

dall e 3 ai image model

Unique Features

  1. DALL-E 3 excels at creating images that appear indistinguishable from real photographs. This makes it ideal for tasks where precise detail and realism are crucial.
  2. The model is designed to incorporate your text from prompts into the image. You can create images such as slogans on a specific billboard or having a character hold a particular item.
  3. This AI generative model comes with improved security performance to prevent harmful generations. It can decline requests that ask for a public figure by name.

2. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is another powerful AI model for generating images based on text descriptions. Imagine a blurry picture slowly coming into focus based on your instructions. That's essentially how Stable Diffusion works. It starts with a random image full of noise and gradually refines it based on the text prompt you provide.

stable diffusion ai image model

Unique Features

  1. Unlike DALL-E 3, Stable Diffusion is open-source, meaning its code is publicly available for anyone to use and modify. This makes it an excellent option for anyone experimenting with text-to-image generation.
  2. Stable Diffusion allows for a high degree of customization. You can tweak various settings to influence the generated image's style, detail level, and overall look.
  3. Since it is an open-source model, images created using Stable Diffusion are free of copyright laws. You can use the photos for commercial purposes in any way you want.

3. Imagen2

Imagen2 is Google’s most advanced text-to-image AI model that can generate realistic images quickly. It can deliver high-quality results that are consistent with the user’s description. Imagen2 is trained on human preferences of what a “good image” should look like. This has allowed the model to create lifelike images of impeccable quality.

imagen2 ai image model

Unique Features

  1. Imagen2 is designed with safety and responsible AI practices in mind. It incorporates features like digital watermarks and safety filters to prevent the generation of harmful content.
  2. This AI model isn't limited to English only. It can understand and generate images based on text prompts in multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for a global audience.
  3. Imagen2 can create more than just landscapes or objects. It excels at generating creative and professional-looking logos based on your text descriptions.

4. StyleGAN3

StyleGAN3 is the successor to the groundbreaking StyleGAN, pushing the boundaries of image generation even further. Its first version was launched by NVIDIA in 2019. The focus of StyleGAN3 lies in replicating specific styles rather than directly interpreting text descriptions. This makes it a valuable addition to the AI art creation landscape.

stylegan3 ai image model

Unique Features

  1. StyleGAN 3 makes it easy to train and run its models without making it computationally expensive. It allows for faster generation and broader accessibility of AI-generated images.
  2. The model employs new techniques to generate smoother images with finer details. This addresses a previous issue where the details appeared to be “glued on” rather than naturally integrated.
  3. StyleGAN3 is known for its enhanced control over style. Moreover, the model ensures that its images remain consistent and realistic even when translated or rotated.

Part 3: 5 Top-Notch Text-to-Image AI Tools for Proper Image Generation

Now that you are aware of the major text-to-image AI models, you can explore their practical applications. Below are the five best text-to-image generators you can try to create captivating visuals from words.

1. Akool

Akool is a premium AI tool suite that helps you create the content of your dreams. Its AI text-to-image feature allows users to convert text descriptions into beautiful visuals. You can make any image from scratch using Akool without worrying about the text quality. This unique AI generative tool can create personalized content with swift processing and watermark-free results, according to the subscription plan.

akool text to image ai

Why Should You Use Akool?

  1. Besides generating images from text, Akool can also take other images as inspiration. Its image-to-image conversion is a great way to bring your specific visions to life.
  2. Akool can swap the faces of characters in videos. It can bring a hilarious touch to your content or help you hide identities in videos.
  3. It can make any image come to life with its “Talking Photo” feature. You can make characters say anything you want in authentic human voices.

2. Craiyon

Whether you need a creative spark for your next project or want to turn a wild idea into a digital masterpiece, Craiyon is your magic brush. You can describe the image of your dreams, add a photo, or even draw your imagination to generate a perfect image. With its expert mode, you can manipulate your entire creation into a subjective result.

craiyon text to image ai

Why Should You Use Craiyon?

  1. Craiyon allows users to choose from various art style options. You can generate art and photos or draw your required image within the tool.
  2. This text-to-image AI utility offers users the option to insert negative prompts before generation. This can result in more refined output images better tailored to your preferences.
  3. A free background remover is also available on Craiyon. You can use it to turn your images transparent and remove any photo background in one click.

3. Dezgo

Dezgo is a powerful text-to-image generator that can breathe life into your wildest ideas. It can paint your vision into reality without requiring any pro-level knowledge from your side. It is powered by Stable Diffusion to bring you realistic and natural-looking images without much trouble. Furthermore, there are several other AI models available to help users innovate their creations under defined characteristics.

dezgo text to image ai

Why Should You Use Dezgo?

  1. Dezgo allows a wide range of customization options for your images. You can select an AI model and even upload a photo to guide the generation. Users can also create multiple images at once.
  2. You can alter existing images by uploading them on Dezgo. It also allows you to choose the extent to which the original image should be changed, ranging from subtle to drastic.
  3. The platform can upscale your images up to 100% in one click. You can insert your image on the site, and Dezgo will enhance its resolution.


Another popular picture generator from text you can use to try to bring your creative ideas to life is This easy-to-use tool has a range of features to enhance your digital content. works remotely from your browser, so you do not need to install heavy equipment. Its basic image settings allow you to maintain the quality and uniqueness of the generated image.

veed io text to image ai

Why Should You Use

  1. io allows users enhanced control over the AI-generated image’s settings. You can set the resolution up to 1024px to generate HD-quality images.
  2. Once you generate an image on, you can take it a step further. The tool allows users to create videos using images while adding other media elements, such as music.
  3. io offers an AI Voice Generator tool to generate natural-sounding voices to read aloud any text in one click.

5. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a trusted and versatile text-to-image creator that can translate your vision into digital assets. You can generate copyright-free images by typing what you have in mind. The tool can create high-resolution photos that are perfect for every use. With the specified format of prompts, this tool helps generate proper AI images with defined styles.

hypotenuse ai text to image ai

Why Should You Use Hypotenuse AI?

  1. You can create different art styles and photos using Hypotenuse. It can quickly generate photorealistic, animation, cyberpunk, 3-D, and other styles.
  2. Hypotenuse AI can bulk-create content while maintaining individuality. You can generate keyword-optimized content for blog posts, product descriptions, and more.
  3. The Paraphrasing Tool of Hypotenuse can write original content from scratch. It can help repurpose content and rewrite paragraphs using reliable AI.

Use-Case Recommendation: Generating Covers for Videos with Wondershare UniConverter

Now that you know about the top AI image generators from text, you can use them to create captivating images. However, these tools may fall short for specific purposes, such as making thumbnails for videos. If you want a solution to this dilemma, you can try Wondershare UniConverter.

UniConverter by Wondershare is a versatile tool with diverse features that meet all your media needs. It can handle images, videos, and audio files without trouble, offering an all-around approach to digital content. Its powerful AI features are designed to keep all your worries away, leaving you with high-quality media files suitable for any purpose.

The AI Thumbnail Maker by UniConverter offers a quick and easy way to generate irresistible thumbnails. It can create captivating visuals from your prompts that can engage your audience. UniConverter also provides enhanced control over the generated pictures from text. You can customize the art style, aspect ratio, and other thumbnail aspects in a few clicks.

How to Create Video Thumbnail Using Wondershare UniConverter

After going through some basic details about this unique AI generative tool, the following steps indicate how to use UniConverter to generate charming video covers:

Step 1. Access the AI Thumbnail Maker of Wondershare UniConverter

You will first need to install and launch UniConverter on your Windows or Mac computer. Go to the “Tools" section from its homepage and select “AI Thumbnail Maker" from the list under “AI Lab.”

access ai thumbnail maker in uniconverter

Step 2. Choose Settings for Thumbnail

Once the feature's interface launches, you can select an art style from the left panel for your thumbnail. UniConverter offers various options such as “Nature" and “Sketch" as the art style. You can also choose the aspect ratio based on your requirements.

set style and aspect ratio

Step 3. Enter Prompt and Generate Thumbnail

Next, go to the “Prompt Setting" text box and enter the description that best matches your thumbnail. Once you hit the “Generate" button, UniConverter will provide four options. You can select the one you find most suitable for your video and save it to your device using the “Download" icon.

add text prompt and generate


This article has provided a comprehensive overview of some of the best text-to-image AI models and tools. With these tools, it would be easy to help you generate the best media content that can be used for various purposes. If you want to bring the best out of your videos, you can try Wondershare UniConverter. This helpful tool allows users to generate captivating covers for videos to leave viewers in awe.

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