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The 5 Best AI Video Script Generators to Try in 2024

According to recent studies, 95% of viewers will be attracted if you are communicating with them in the video form. This thing is very important to consider for business owners and entrepreneurs who have to communicate with their target audience on a regular basis. If you want to enhance engagement with clients and customers, make sure you create videos for marketing purposes.

Consuming and understanding videos is easy, but making a good video is not a piece of cake. Video creation totally depends on how well written a script is and how it is presented to the audience. If you are the one who often needs to create videos and are concerned about making them appealing, worry not. This guide presents the 5 top-rated AI script generators to generate amazing videos.

In this article
  1. Top 5 AI Video Script Generators You Cannot Miss
  2. Looking for a Trusted Video Converter? UniConverter Fits You

Part 1: Top 5 AI Video Script Generators

Below is a list of the trusted tools that are known for producing AI generated scripts. If you need a credible script for your video, try using any of them.

1. Jasper AI

It is an incredible video script AI generator designed specifically to meet your video-based needs. Though video-making is a tough nut to crack, Jasper AI makes it super efficient and easy. It does not matter whether you need a video for YouTube, social media, marketing, or any other purpose; this tool will be your go-to partner to do the job.

You can find different video script templates to make the overall process more efficient. The latest AI-assisted approaches help you do more in less time. Apart from generating video scripts, this tool also enables you to create content for a variety of other purposes, like marketing campaigns.

You can integrate Jasper AI with a couple of applications, including Surfer SEO, Zapier, Google Chrome, Google Docs, MS Word, Google Sheets, and more. If you are a beginner, try using the free trial. However, the paid plans of this tool are also cost-effective. Thousands of people use this software to create video scripts daily.

make a video script using jasper ai

Features List

  • This tool features easy navigation.
  • You can add Jasper’s Edge or Chrome extension to use AI inside different applications like LinkedIn, WordPress, Gmail, and more.
  • It allows you to collaborate with your team as and when needed.
  • Other features include auto-save, content library, content management, revision history, text editing, and more.
  • Jasper AI features script templates, multi-language support, plagiarism detection, and support for natural language processing.


  • It enables you to write high-performing video scripts efficiently.
  • Jasper writes factually about your title.
  • It supports content recovery, history backing, and 99% uptime.
  • Your data remains private and secure.


  • You may need a lot of human input.
  • It may not work for certain topics, like deep technology or economy.

Price: $39 per month (creator plan) and $59 per month (pro plan)

2. Writesonic

This platform is purely dedicated to generating AI-powered content for videos and images. It works in a bit different way, compared to other video generators in the market. It is more focused on creating content for any type of video you need, instead of just making presentations. If you are not looking for just presentations and pitches, Writesonic will work best for you.

This AI generated script maker offers various features and tools that assist you in exploring and generating AI-powered visual content. From video script to abstract and story-rich content, you can create anything with this tool. Users can craft scripts and share whenever they want.

It utilizes the Open AI GPT model to create engaging video scripts within seconds. A range of templates is available for different content situations. If we talk about the YouTube intro generator of Writesonic; it supports 25 different languages. Plus, it asks you to choose from 5 different scripts it generates.

create ai video script with writesonic

Features List

  • It allows users to generate artistic video scripts.
  • It offers a huge library of video scripts, web copies, marketing copies, product descriptions, and more.
  • This tool guarantees that the generated script will be free from plagiarism.
  • You can use the Chrome extension to get suggestions for writing scripts from different angles.
  • It supports 24 languages to create content.


  • It offers a free trial for beginners.
  • This tool is time efficient and creates versatile scripts.


  • The industry-specific knowledge of this tool is limited.
  • It may generate a video script that lacks the human touch.

Price: $16.67 per month (individual plan), $25 per month (for teams), and customized pricing for enterprises.

3. Copy AI

As the name depicts, this tool is known for generating AI-powered copies that stand out among others. It is an all-in-one solution for your copywriting needs. Along with copywriting, video script generation is its second best feature which sets it apart from traditional tools available in the market.

This AI script generator uses the natural language processing approach when producing AI-powered video scripts. The incorporation of deep learning into Copy AI assists you in automating your workflow. You can simply give instructions or raw text to craft an appealing video script.

create video scripts with copyai

Features List

  • Along with crafting video scripts, it allows you to generate content for social media, marketing campaigns, digital ads, and more.
  • You can use content templates to speed up the overall process.
  • It is available in 25 languages.
  • This tool features more than 90 writing templates from which to benefit.


  • This video script AI generator is super easy to use.
  • You can benefit from the free trial in the beginning.
  • It comes with a decent range of writing tools.


  • The content it generates may not be SEO-friendly.
  • A few human touches can improve the writing quality.

Price: $36 per month (pro plan) and $180 per month (for teams)

4. Smodin

With this tool, you can create AI generated scripts for free. The reason why thousands of people use it frequently is its ability to help you generate unique and captivating AI video scripts. It also uses the natural language processing approach to generate high-quality pieces of content.

use smodin to craft ai video script

Features List

  • It supports punctuation and grammar checking.
  • You get different style suggestions when generating scripts with Smodin.
  • It features content rewriting.
  • This tool can check for plagiarism in the generated script content.


  • When creating scripts, you get precise suggestions for style, punctuation, and grammar.
  • You can integrate this software with other tools like citation generator, paraphrase, and plagiarism checker.
  • It comes with a multi-language support.


  • The free version has very limited features.

Price: $15 per month (essentials), $29 per month (productive), and $79 per month (ultimate plan)

5. Synthesia

This software is designed to generate AI scripts for videos, marketing campaigns, presentations, and other similar purposes. Within just a few steps, you can generate attention-grabbing videos with Synthesia. First of all, you need to define the video title. Then, explain the objective of your video, choose the right tone, and craft the video.

craft a video script with synthesia

Features List

  • The navigation on the main screen is very easy.
  • It allows you to generate scripts and videos in a single tool.
  • It comes with the ability to convert your prompts and basic descriptions into narrated videos.
  • This software supports 12 languages.
  • Some other features include voice cloning, AI script assistant, and multimedia libraries.


  • It helps you create scripts even if your writer is on leave, as it works 24/7.
  • Cost-effective pricing plans make this tool a top choice for many users worldwide.
  • You don’t need video editing skills to generate videos from scripts created with Synthesia.


  • Customization options are limited.
  • Limited scalability.

Price: $22 per month (starter plan), $67 per month (creator plan), and customized pricing for enterprises.

Part 2: Looking for a Trusted Video Converter? Try Wondershare UniConverter!

Do you want to maintain the original quality of your video? Searching for a dependable video converter you can trust? Try none other than Wondershare UniConverter.

It is a wonderful ultra high-speed video compressor and converter. Whether you need video conversion, transfer, burning, or editing, UniConverter will be your trusted partner. It is purely designed to make your video production smooth and quick.

With profound support for more than 1000 video formats, you can convert videos without losing their quality. In parallel to video conversion, this software comes with a suite of editing tools. They support watermarks addition, crop, trim, and apply effects. It ensures that the final output video always meets professional standards.

uniconverter ai script generator

What Makes this Tool Stand Out?

More than 20 lightweight features assist UniConverter in processing 4K, 8K, and Ultra HD videos. With its batch conversion feature, you can convert up to 20 media files at one time. The multi-format support allows you to convert all major video formats.

In addition, it adjusts the parameters of media files on its own to match your video compression requirements. The top tools it comes with include a video converter, video compressor, video recorder, video editor, speech-to-text, video player, and more.

what makes uniconverter popular

Potential Features

  • It offers lossless HD video processing.
  • The conversion speed of 130x makes this tool the faster video converter.
  • It features seamless handling from 1080P to 8K.
  • Other features include social sharing, screen recorder, media library, video split, and video merge.
  • Mobile screen support, real-time analytics, and labeling are a few more features of UniConverter.

uniconverter features

How Do Users Respond to this Tool?

When assessing any tool, you must review the customers’ feedback to understand its real credibility. Do the same for Wondershare UniConverter.

If you visit the home page of the official website, you will see that more than 540 user reviews are listed over there, as of writing this article. The best part is that all reviews are super satisfactory and positive.

Some users have said that this tool has helped them a lot in creating their video intros and outros. Others have said that it has become their number-one choice for creating all kinds of scripts due to the accuracy it supports.

uniconverter user reviews

Ending Note

A good video can attract viewers 95% of the time. However, generating an eye-catching video isn’t a piece of cake, but it becomes convenient and fast with an AI script generator. The above read has presented the 5 best tools to make AI generated scripts.

If you need a tool to compress or convert videos without compromising their original quality, try UniConverter. This amazing utility is available in both online and desktop versions. For more details, read through the above discussion.

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Lukas Schneider Mar 26, 24
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