How to Download VLC Media Player for Windows 7 Smoothly

by Christine Smith • Jul 23,2019 • Proven solutions

VLC is a popular media player among its users. It is stable, light and flexible media player compared to many other heavyweights. It is one of the most widely used media players for both Windows and Mac.

Part 1. Why do You Love VLC Player

Most of us would say because VLC supports an array of media formats, which includes MPEG to many major formats. It is easy to use and offers several media playing ESPN, Reuter, Discovery, and National Geographic.

The developers of VLC media player provide constant updates to make sure that it remains the best audio and media player application for all platforms.


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Part 2. Top 5 Ways to Download VLC for Windows 7

VLC media player is available as a free download. There are several reliable sources for downloading VLC.

Way 1.

It is the official website of VLC player from where you can download the software. The website is the best place to know more about the software and related news. You find the download link right from the homepage.

Way 2.

It is another website, which is a reliable source for downloading VLC. It is a popular source for downloading software. You can also see the rating, pros, and cons of the VLC. You can search VLC on Google, and you will find the Softonic link for the software.

Way 3 is a popular website for knowing the reviews and news related to software. You can read the note from the Editor, view reviews, specifications, file size and number of downloads. You can directly download the software from the website with ease

Way 4.

File Hippos is a similar website to Cnet and Softonic. It also gives technical specification, change log and the user comments. Read more about the software in detail. Download link available right from the software profile.

Way 5.

This website also gives you detailed review and rating of the website right from editor and customer. You can also view the old version of the software. Download link is available on the right on the page and takes few minutes for installation.

Part 3. 3 Common Errors of VLC Player

Error 1. VLC media player closing problem

You may have seen the dialogue window “VLC media player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience”. After this dialogue box, VLC closes. Reinstalling the software won’t help, you will have to little extra. This problem arises because of the corrupted configuration file. Hence, you will have to clean configuration and cache file. You can find the files at C: UsersusernameAppDataRoamingvlc. Just delete the vlcrc file, and cache file. This will create new configuration and cache files.

 VLC media player

Error 2. Building font cache problem

Whenever you try to play a media file, you see a Building font cache dialogue box. Most of the time VLC does this to rebuild fonts for subtitles in videos. You can close this dialogue box permanently. Go to the tools menu and under preferences go to Show Settings. Expand Video entry on the left and go to Subtitles/OSD. Change text-rendering module to Dummy font renderer and save it. Now try to open a file and see if the dialogue box appears.

VLC media player

Error 3. Running VLC on compatibility mode

With Windows 7 many had inexperienced compatibility problems. This happens with older version of the software. If you want to run VLC in compatibility mode, go to the VLC icon and right click to select troubleshoot compatibility. Compatibility wizard will automatically check for the issues. You will have to options, either try recommended settings or troubleshoot program. Usually, you go for recommended settings and choose the compatible version of operating system to run the program. It should work.

VLC media player

However, if does not work, try other option which takes your through series of steps and other configuration options.

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