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Best 7 Image Enhancer Apps in 2024

Enhancing and refining images has become an essential skill in today's landscape. Whether posting on social media or preserving memories, pictures have become crucial in our everyday lives. It is thus necessary to learn the proper methods to enhance images and make them stand out.

Below, you can look at our curated list of the top image enhancer apps to bring the best out of your image. Explore these tools in depth and discover a perfect AI desktop solution that can surpass them all when enhancing images.

Comparison Table of Top Image Enhancer Apps

  Pricing Integration with
Social Media
Compatibility Enhanced
Image Quality
Remini Starting From $2.99 Android, iOS Excellent
PhotoTune Starting From $2.99 Android, iOS Excellent
Haze Starting From $3.99 Android, iOS Good
UpFoto Starting From $4.99 Android, iOS Good
YouCam Perfect Starting From $5.99 Android, iOS Excellent
PicWish Starting From $3.99 Android, iOS Excellent
EnhanceFox Starting From $1.99 Android, iOS Good
In this article
  1. Top 7 Apps to Increase Photo Quality
  2. Experience the Stable and Powerful Image Enhancer on Desktop

Part 1. Top 7 Apps to Increase Photo Quality

These days, you can find many photo enhancer apps for free on the internet. However, it isn’t easy to find one that suits your needs. Here, we have handpicked some of the best apps that can enhance image quality with their innovative AI algorithms:

1. Remini (Android/iOS)

Among the forefront of free image enhancer apps stands Remini. It is often regarded as the best photo quality enhancer app, elevating your images in a single click. Furthermore, Remini can turn old, pixelated, blurred, low-quality photos into high-definition pictures with just one tap. It uses powerful AI algorithms to provide crystal-clear images in HD quality.

remini image enhancer app
  • Remini AI app can repair old photos with scratches, blurs, and other damage. Thus, it also works as an AI image restoration tool.
  • The app can reconstruct details with remarkable precision. It can preserve minor details in images without any trouble.
  • Remini also comes with an in-built AI image generator. You can create your images from scratch using simple commands.
  • Remini features an extensively ad-laden interface. You need to watch long, unescapable ads just to save your image.
  • There is no batch processing option on Remini. You must work with one image at a time, which can take long hours, depending on your work.

    2. PhotoTune (Android/iOS)

    PhotoTune is another remarkable AI photo enhancer app that deserves a place at the top. It is a suitable choice for transforming your low-quality images into high-definition masterpieces. In addition, the powerful AI of PhotoTune can remove blur, restore, and enhance pictures with a single tap. It is the perfect all-in-one enhancer you need for any scenario.

    phototune image enhancer app
    • PhotoTune comes with an in-built option to colorize old photos. You can thus brighten up your grayscale images in a single tap.
    • The AI Enhance feature on PhotoTune can also beautify and retouch portraits. It instantly removes any blemishes or other marks.
    • PhotoTune can improve the resolution of images up to 800 times. This provides you with HD-quality results without any trouble.
    • Using this AI photo enhancer app, you cannot remove backgrounds or objects from your pictures.
    • Sometimes, the auto-enhance feature can result in too much saturation. This can result in an animated look to the overall image.

      3. Haze (Android/iOS)

      Haze is a comprehensive AI-powered app that increases photo quality quickly and easily. It can transform your image in remarkable ways, enhancing and perfecting photographs along the way. Moreover, Haze offers various useful features to help users make their images stand out. You can use it to colorize, enhance, and restore photos automatically without any trouble.

      haze image enhancer app
      • Haze offers a unique Object Removal feature to users. This feature allows you to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from your images.
      • If you are unfamiliar with the image enhancement process, Haze offers its "Demo" mode. You can work on more than 50 images and understand all features before using them on your pictures.
      • Haze also provides a Background Removal feature. Using this AU tool, users can easily separate the subject from the background and replace it according to their liking.
      • To access its various premium features, you need to subscribe to a payment plan available in weekly, monthly, or yearly plans or write a review to get the first free try.
      • You cannot save the edited image in other formats. Haze can only save the image in its original format (JPEG or PNG).

        4. UpFoto (Android/iOS)

        If you are looking for a free app to increase picture resolution, the answer lies in UpFoto, but the only requirement is to watch an ad first. This AI image enhancer is a dedicated tool available on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this image enhancer app is capable of turning blurry and pixelated images into HD-quality photos. You can also use it to revitalize old pictures and relive your cherished moments.

        upfoto image enhancer app
        • UpFoto is capable of automatically recognizing faces in selfies, group photos, and portraits. It can thus automatically enhance facial details with precision.
        • You can choose between multiple enhance modes, such as 1x and 3x, on UpFoto. If the normal enhancement doesn't work on your image, you can select the 3x option.
        • UpFoto allows users to refine the image further after it’s enhanced. You can also directly convert the portraits into animated cartoons in the app.
        • The colorizer option on UpFoto often provides a faded look when turning the image from grayscale to colored.
        • You need to watch an ad before every function in the free version of UpFoto. The app asks users to watch an ad before adding the image, saving it, etc.

          5. YouCam Perfect (Android/iOS)

          YouCam Perfect is a remarkable photo editing app with an in-built AI image enhancer. It is an all-in-one image editor with various tools to help refine your photos. From face retouching to camera effects and collages, YouCam can do it all for you. Moreover, you can use it to turn your pictures into visual masterpieces with a few taps.

          youcam perfect image enhancer app
          • The beautifying tools of YouCam work in depth on faces to bring out your best features. This app offers teeth whitening, face reshaping, skin smoothening, and more tools.
          • You can add various elements to your photos to make them shine, such as animated effects, overlays, stickers, and much more.
          • YouCam Perfect offers an AI avatar-maker to create funny and unique AI avatars for your social media profiles.
          • The edited photos on YouCam retain a watermark, which can decrease the overall appeal of the image. The watermark can only be removed in the premium version.
          • Some users have complained that you have to save your edited image at all stages separately. You can lose your edited content if you receive a call or access Chrome for some details.

            6. PicWish: AI Photo Editor (Android/iOS)

            PicWish is a much-loved AI photo editor that is one of the best apps to increase photo quality. It contains many useful features that can help polish your photos. The simple interface of PicWish with enhanced AI functionalities is available on Android and iOS devices and is designed to ensure that even novice users can operate it. Moreover, it is one of the best options available for AI image enhancement.

            picwish image enhancer app
            • PicWish offers a built-in background remover tool. It can automatically remove backgrounds from images and also allows manual removal.
            • A photo eraser and retouch tool is also available on PicWish. Using this tool, users can remove unwanted objects from photos, including smudges and folds.
            • PicWish has a batch processing option, allowing up to 30 images simultaneously. This can help save time if you are working with a large number of images.
            • There is no colorizer option for old photos on the PicWish mobile app. It cannot add colors to grayscale pictures from the past.
            • If you want to try the premium features of PicWish, you are provided with a free trial of 3 days only.

              7. EnhanceFox (Android/iOS)

              EnhanceFox is another dedicated tool that deserves a rank in this list of best photo quality enhancer apps. It has a simple, intuitive interface that works well on Android and iOS devices. You can enhance the quality of photos and videos by just importing your photograph. Furthermore, EnhanceFox offers users a range of customization options for unique results.

              enhancefox image enhancer app
              • EnhanceFox can also work with videos besides images. It can significantly enhance the quality of video files.
              • This tool supports media files in various formats, so you can add images in all popular file types and enhance their quality.
              • EnhanceFox provides an all-around approach when enhancing images. It can reduce blur, sharpen the image, improve the quality, and remove noise, all in one click.
              • EnhanceFox iOS version is not updated like the Android version because the last update for the iOS version was released in May 2023.
              • The processing time for image enhancement on EnhanceFox can sometimes stretch very long. This can cause a nuisance if you are in a hurry.

              Part 2. Experience the Stable and Powerful Image Enhancer on Desktop

              While there are many picture-enhancing apps available in the market, each has its pros and cons. Most apps these days come with ad-laden interfaces that make it hard to operate their functions. Others come at surprisingly high costs. However, Wondershare UniConverter is a desktop tool that can help you eliminate all these issues once and for all.

              UniConverter is the complete answer to all kinds of media files because it contains everything you might require to refine your content. When it comes to AI image enhancement, UniConverter offers an easy solution. Its AI Image Enhancer provides one of the best quality enhancements in the market. Furthermore, this app can boost the quality of images from blurred to HD and beyond with its blazing-fast algorithms.

              Key Features Marking Wondershare UniConverter’s Greatness

              1. Audio/Video Converter: UniConverter acts as a powerful video and audio converter. It ensures conversions of 4K, 8K, and HDR videos without losing quality. You can convert it to any popular file format and convert it for different devices.
              2. Voice Changer: If you are looking for a powerful voice changer for your audio or video files, UniConverter is the solution. It lets users change their voice with diverse sound effects. You can hide your gender and identity and have fun in the process.
              3. Auto Crop: This AI app makes resizing and cropping videos for various platforms easy. It uses AI to automatically crop videos in any aspect ratio for efficient cross-platform sharing. It can intelligently keep the subjects in the frame while cropping the rest.
              4. Other AI Features: You are not limited to some AI tools like other tools because this AI toolkit provides multiple tools like AI Video Enhancer, Auto Highlight, Noise Remover, Vocal Remover, AI Portrait, and Subtitle Editor.

              Simplified Steps Explaining How to Enhance Images Using UniConverter

              UniConverter makes it remarkably easy for users to enhance images on their Windows or macOS devices. Its beginner-friendly interface ensures that everyone can quickly get around the tool and use it to enhance media files. Here are the steps to help you improve images with the innovative AI algorithms of this tool:

              step1Launch AI Image Enhancer on UniConverter

              Start by installing and launching Wondershare UniConverter 15 on your Windows or Mac computer. Once you are on the program's homepage, go to the "AI Lab" section from "Tools" and choose "AI Image Enhancer."

              proceed to ai image enhancer tool

              step2Add the Image To Enhance

              You can now use the "Add" button to insert the old, blurred, or pixelated photo you wish to enhance using UniConverter. You can add up to 25MBs of file size in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

              add image file for enhancement
              step3Save Enhanced Photo to Computer

              As soon as you insert the image, UniConverter will begin looking for any signs of blur or damage and remove them. Almost instantly, you will see the results on the screen. You can compare them with the original photo to see the difference. Click the "Export" button and save the enhanced image to the chosen pathway on your device.

              enhance and export final image


              With these top-tier image enhancer apps available today, you no longer need to worry about low-resolution photos. Access these tools from your Android or iOS device and bring the best out of your image. For a more robust experience, you can try Wondershare UniConverter on your desktop. This remarkable AI-powered tool contains everything you need to effortlessly improve your visuals.

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