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Top 8 Text-to-Speech Apps for Exclusive Voice Generation

Text-to-speech functionality is not a new concept, but its growing integration in apps is new. Currently, countless dedicated text-to-speech applications are launching to narrate everything on screen. They facilitate users with quick accessibility as they don’t have to sit in front of computers. If you want to ease your routine with basic text-to-speech apps, explore the best choice in this article.

In this article
  1. Best 8 Text-to-Speech Apps for Exclusive Content Generation
  2. Basic Characteristics That Should Help You in Selecting the Right Text-to-Speech App
  3. Shifting to Desktop? Learn A Good Text-to-Speech Option!

Part 1: Best 8 Text-to-Speech Apps for Exclusive Content Generation

People prefer handy text-to-speech apps for multitasking or reducing eye strain from reading. To get one, review the comprehensive list of the best text-to-speech apps alongside users’ reviews.

1. Text to Speech! (iOS)

If you want to learn various languages, choosing this text-to-speech iOS app would be worth it. It supports over 63 languages and accents that can speak your provided text. Besides, it has 178 different voices that you can pick based on your unique use cases. What’s more, you can pin your favorite phrases, adjust pitch, and mix speech into phone calls. 

text to speech ios app

Good Reviews

The best feature was the ability to pause, scroll, and start anywhere in the text. Many texts don't have this feature, and it is very important if you ever need to take a break from your book or where distracted, but you don't want to have to search for where you ended in the text and delete your finished reading and restart the text. The save function could be improved by creating small excerpts of the saved work as a title (like Speak4Me). As of now, it is saved as the whole text, which makes it hard to find previously saved text. I would also suggest increasing the maximum play speed.”

Bad Reviews

“This app is awesome, but it constantly runs commercials after the first day. It was not offered as a buy app, and I can't find a way to pay for it so I can have it without commercials. And I mean like a full-screen takeover of Reese's ad with music and video. The x comes pretty soon to close it, but if you are having an important conversation with your family about your treatments and this ad pops up while they are asking you important questions and stops you from typing, and you forget what you wanted to say. It's not a great help. Also, handwriting stuff when you have certain problems is not the best option, so don't come at me and be like, just write it on a piece of paper. I need the predictive text to help me.”

2. T2S – AI Voice Generator (iOS)

Bring life to your written words through leading technology in this free text-to-speech application. T2S is a voice generator that supports a wide range of languages and AI voices for speech synthesis. It can instantly convert your text into crystal-clear audio with precise pronunciation. The user-friendly interface of T2S allows hobbyists and busy professionals to navigate easily.

t2s text to speech app

Good Review

“Super cool app.

It works seamlessly and offers low prices.”

Bad Review

Not Available

3. Narrator’s Voice (iOS | Android)

Without character limits, the Narrator’s Voice can convert textual information into audio. This text-to-speech iPhone and Android app can speak what you type in an expressive and natural tone. It is a great place to create content for social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Here, you only need to type the text, choose a language, and add voice effects to narrate whatever.

narrators voice text to speech app

Good Review

“Not gonna lie… I don't ever rate apps, but this saved me so much money from paying someone to narrator to talk in my ads! This app is amazing and deserves every bit of 5 stars, and I know ads are how they make their money, so leave them! It's perfectly fine by me! (I don't understand why it says switch your server to different Pokemon like Charizard 😂😂😂 but it switches what the voices sound like, and Charizard is neutral for some reason😂 but hey, it works! That's all I care about! Don't change a thing, guys!)”

Bad Review

“Pretty awful. Other than Cortana, I tried 10-15 other voices, and they were all exactly the same. The pitch was changed a little, but otherwise, it was the same: enunciation of the words, horrible mispronounced sentences, and annoying voices. Most importantly, the only reason I got this app is the thing it's advertised as doing, sending messages and having them read, isn't something it can do. You can't send messages with it. You can share, but the app isn't a messaging platform. Just a big waste of time.”

4. @Voice Aloud Reader (Android)

Do you have the bulk of news articles, web pages, and lengthy emails to read in a short duration? Try this text-to-speech Android app and save your time by listening to those bulky texts. While listening, you can change the voice rate, pitch, and volume according to your needs. Despite that, users can change the language of voice if they need to learn a non-native language.

voice aloud reader text to speech app

Good Review

“I love your app! I've used it for years, and I'm having a problem with the latest update. When I share it with this app, it will open the page that you choose to open the file, as usual, flash to the operation page, and immediately go back to the open file screen. I have to force stop the app to get it to stop.”

Bad Review

“This app has a confusing user interface, but I used it happily for years because it worked with all sorts of text sources and had solid voices in many languages. I don't know what changed, but now it constantly stalls, freezes, shuts down, and takes forever to load pages and reading lists. Cache clearing and reinstallation didn't fix the problems. I have uninstalled it and am looking for an alternative.”

5. Speechify Text to Speech Audio (iOS | Android)

It’s another good-to-go app for text-to-speech conversion that lets you listen to PDFs and emails. Users can try this app for human-like AI voices in different accents or languages. It can even work on scanned images with text to convert them into audio. Besides, it highlights text word by word while you are reading it and allows you to adjust the audio speed.

speechify text to speech app

Good Review

“This is probably the only app that is critical in my life. It might sound counterintuitive for me to say that the app that lets you listen to text is for visual learners, but hear (lol) me out. Research (google it) has shown that whether we are looking at images through our eyes or seeing/conjuring images in our mind's "eyes," the visual cortex becomes active. Let me rephrase: regardless of whether you see things in reality, say pictures or text on a book or visualizing what you did yesterday, the same part of the gain is being used to process those "images."”

Bad Review

“What an overpriced joke! I decided I didn't want this service 2 HOURS into my free trial. Even when I used high-quality voices, the playback was VERY choppy, and AI didn't know a bunch of words. It literally spelled out "own" 🤦🏻‍♀️ Please don't waste your money; this is excellent proof of why we need voice actors, NOT AI replacements. They didn't add inflection. I expected it to be a little wonky, but I was incredibly disappointed. One star is generous; get a free app for the same quality!”

6. Legere Reader (Android)

Legere Reader is another accessible text-to-speech app for Android devices. It is a reading tool that aids visually impaired beings in reading documents. They consider this app to be a way to listen to documents in their favorite voice. During that process, it highlights the text being read aloud to assist people with learning difficulties. You can also change the voice language based on your needs.

legere reader text to speech app

Good Review

“Best value for a TTS app. Its integration with Bookshare is great. Reader has allowed me to consume PDFs that were previously inaccessible to me (academic articles, technical specifications, etc). I've tried many TTS applications that have not worked well or simply don't parse text very well. IT can parse the text of pdfs in a manner that makes the CONTENT DIGESTABLE.”

Bad Review

“This software did not work on any devices I owned at the time of purchase. The developer avoided emails requesting a refund for two months. The app worked on a new phone for a few months, but no longer. If you purchase the app, test it on your devices within 48 hours so you can get a refund through Google if needed. The developers do not follow ToS. The voices are more natural than the stock Google voices, but their ability to process the English language accurately is somewhat lacking compared to stock.”

7. NaturalReader – Text To Speech (iOS | Android)

In the realm of text-to-speech free apps, this AI voice generator is well-known. The reason for its popularity is that there are more than 140 AI-powered voices in over 25 languages. This multi-lingual app can read text aloud and download the audio in MP3 format. With smart text filtering, you can set this app to skip the text in any brackets.

naturalreader text to speech app

Good Review

“I adore this app. There are not many decent TTS apps that offer so much, especially for free. I am extremely grateful to have found this, and it's one of my most used apps. One of my favorite features is if you upload something that is too big, the app splits it up into several documents without simply cutting off the characters that exceed the limits. Very useful!”

Bad Review

It doesn't remember the reading place when interrupted by a power outage or phone calls, making it unsuitable for most amateur uses. As does its high price. It's not 2001 anymore; natural AI voices are part of many operating systems, and they need to change less. I was about to buy a $60 year when I realized that the natural voices were not consistent across operating systems and browsers. For example, the Windows 11 voices in Edge blew away the natural Android ones built in the browser.”

8. Speech Central AI Voice Reader (iOS | Android)

When AI text-to-speech applications are in fierce competition, this app is gaining fame. This is because this app can read text without interruptions. You can read anything in scanned PDF documents, including headers, footers, and text citations. Users can export the resulting audio in a file after converting text into speech.  

speech central text to speech app

Good Reviews

“This is such a valuable, well-designed, affordable app. It has everything and more. I love that I can use the premium AI voices that Apple has already made available to iPhone users. Here's just one example of this app's incredible flexibility. The other day, I was walking and wishing I could just double-squeeze one of my Airbuds to bookmark passages I wanted to return to. Well, two minutes of looking through the settings revealed that I could do just that! Amazing! Now I am more likely to just load the epub of a book I want into Speech Central, rather than buy the audiobook. Between the more-than-tolerable premium voice I use and the ability to bookmark passages on the go, the app is just so valuable to me. I am very grateful to the app's creator.”

Bad Reviews

“This app is not able to read any of my PDF files as well as Word document files. Whenever I upload any PDF to this app, it is not able to read. Also, whenever I press the play and pause buttons to read any of my document files from this app, this app does not respond. So I request the developers of this app to please solve this problem as soon as possible and please include the feature of rewinding and fast forwarding 10 seconds of any documents or books in the app. Thank you”

Part 2: What Are Some Basic Characteristics That Should Help You in Selecting the Right Text-to-Speech App?

When choosing a free text-to-speech app, people often compromise on quality. That’s why this section has listed the characteristics of a good text-to-speech app. Everyone must consider these points before choosing a free text-to-speech converter app:

  1. Supported Languages: Firstly, the app's language versatility is crucial to consider when catering to a diverse audience. Therefore, ensure the app can handle multi-lingual content and support the most languages.
  2. Customization Options: Secondly, consider the app good when it allows you to adjust the voice parameters. They should offer you great control over speaking pitch, rate, volume, and pauses.
  3. Natural Sounding Voices: Moreover, an app should provide you with various AI voices to choose from. Those AI voices must sound human-like in diverse accents, genders, and speaking styles.
  4. Output File Format Flexibility: Look for the ability to export the generated audio in various formats. Even some apps offer audio file sharing directly on social media platforms.
  5. Intuitive Interface: People with visual impairments and disabilities mostly use text-to-speech apps. Therefore, a good app is one with a user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate to its functions easily.

Part 3: Shifting to Desktop? Learn A Good Text-to-Speech Option!

Are you seeking a desktop version of Text-to-speech (TTS) for your professional-level tasks? If yes, then you need to use Wondershare UniConverter, which is equipped with innovative AI technologies. Primarily, it's a video editor with powerful AI features to automate the media industry. This software can convert text into speech with a natural-sounding voice and accurate text pronunciation

UniConverter even allows you to choose the audio type to generate a speech in its respective flow. In this regard, it provides narrative, education, and conversation options. Also, it offers natural-sounding voices to choose from mature, professional, and energetic options. Apart from extensive customization, it has an intuitive interface that anyone can operate for seamless functioning.

uniconverter text to speech results

Other Remarkable Features of UniConverter

You don't need to shift to other platforms, as Wondershare UniConverter has limitless video editing abilities. To explore its features despite text-to-speech, you can review this section.

  1. AI Script Generator: If you don't have a script to generate speech from text, this feature is for you. It can generate a script with your text instructions and provided topic. You can even set a video type to obtain a tailored script for tutorials, Vlogs, or interviews. Besides, you can customize the script tone and platform where you want to post the video afterward.
  2. AI Thumbnail Maker: After converting text-to-speech for YouTube videos, you only need an attractive thumbnail. Wondershare UniConverter can provide you with that within your prompted aspect ratio. In this regard, you should describe thumbnails in text prompts and choose a style for exact results.
  3. Auto-Crop: People often re-size their shots to post videos on social media platforms. For this purpose, Wondershare UniConverter has an auto-crop feature that effortlessly re-size your videos. It supports re-sizing for all social media platforms and works on all video formats.

A How-To Guide on the Text-to-Speech Feature of Wondershare UniConverter

From the above discussion, it’s clear that UniConverter has all the characteristics of a good text-to-speech app. To practically witness its ease of use, you can follow the given steps and transform text into speech.

Step 1 Locate Text to Speech Feature in the Home Screen of UniConverter

First, launch the updated version of Wondershare UniConverter and access its intuitive interface. There, ensure the “Home” tab is chosen from the left and navigate to the “AI Labs” section. From there, click the “Text-to-speech” option and see a pop-up screen appears.

choose text to speech tool

Step 2 Customize the Audio Type and Tone of Voice as Desired

Upon getting into the “Text-to-speech” menu, head to the “Audio Type” in the “Voice Library.” Now, select one “Audio Type” like we picked “Conversation.” Following that, choose a "Tone of Voice" from the respective options, such as "Chill.”

confirm audio type and tone

Step 3 Insert Script and Generate Speech to Export the Results

Next, move towards the right panel and insert your script in the “Enter your Text” section. Afterward, navigate to the bottom and press the “Generate” button to initiate the process. Once the AI finishes processing, you will get a preview of the results. Finally, hit the “Export” button, and the results will be sent to your system.

generate text to speech audio


Now that you have learned about the industry-leading text-to-speech apps alongside their views. They must prove useful for you when you decide whether to choose that application. Plus, the earlier-discussed characteristics of a good application would also help you pick the right one. Ultimately, Wondershare UniConverter emerges as the top-tier text-to-speech converter that offers customization with accuracy.

James Davis
James Davis Jul 03, 24
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