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Discovering the Top 10 AI Short Video Generators To Develop Perfect Shorts

In the digital era, everyone is looking for more infotainment in less time. Short videos are the best media to get more information and entertainment in seconds. Looking at the increasing demand for short videos,  AI has also reduced the time to make such content. AI short video generators have become increasingly popular because of their ability to produce high-quality shorts in less time than it would take for a human editor.

The adoption of such AI tools provided ease in converting a long video to a short video. Amidst this development, there are multiple long video to short video AI tools available to perform these tasks. So, in this article, we will be going through the top 10 AI short video generators.

In this article
  1. Why Are Short Videos So Popular?
  2. What is the Time Limit of Different Social Media Platforms for Short Videos?
  3. Top 10 AI Short Video Generators For Transforming Long Videos
  4. Comparing The Top AI Short Video Generators For Influencing Selection
  5. Engaging Short Video Ideas for Boosting Social Media Presence
  6. Looking to Level Up Your Short Videos? Try Wondershare UniConverter!

Part 1: Why Are Short Videos So Popular?

People before the 21st Century had an average attention span of 12 seconds, which has dropped down to 8.25 seconds in recent times. This means short videos have grasped more attention from viewers as compared to long videos. While short videos are becoming a game-changing trend, this section provides all the reasons explaining their developing popularity:

Reason 1. Easy-to-Understand Short Videos

Not every person has enough time to watch lengthy videos for entertainment. Therefore, people love to scroll through short videos to entertain themselves without watching long-duration videos. Also, short videos can provide information concisely within a shorter time frame. For this reason, such videos are easier to understand than long lectures.

Reason 2. Engaging Content

Nowadays, social media influencers are taking maximum advantage of short videos to make their identity viral. It is easier to create engaging content and gain more views with shorter videos. To improve content creation, you can take advantage of AI short video generators to make engaging content for your brand or entertainment purposes.

Reason 3. Explore Different Communities

You can explore different content creators on social media platforms while watching short videos. As these platforms can suggest videos depending on your interests and behavior, you are able to look into different communities and their content. Moreover, short videos build your attention, allowing you to watch a variety of creators within minutes.

Reason 4. Snackable Content

Shorts are considered snackable content because your brain processes the short content much faster. For this reason, they are like snacks for our brain that can easily be consumed during traveling, office breaks, or bedtime. For these reasons, short videos are popular and have intensively become a pep talk on social media platforms.

Part 2: What is the Time Limit of Different Social Media Platforms for Short Videos?

As discussed, short videos are becoming popular as they provide relevant information in seconds. Keeping in mind the popularity of shorts, several social media platforms have introduced short video features to their applications. Different social media platforms have different time limits for uploading shorts, which are displayed as follows:

YouTube Shorts

15 seconds to 60 seconds


15 seconds to 3 minutes


15 seconds to 90 seconds


15 seconds to 90 seconds

Snack Video

15 seconds to 60 seconds


30 seconds to 40 seconds


Part 3: Top 10 AI Short Video Generators For Transforming Long Videos

While knowing the popularity of short videos, you might wish to create more of them for your content. There are several AI short video generators that have specific features. However, you have to be careful while choosing a tool to generate shorts. To cater to this selection, we will discuss the top 10 AI short video generator tools:

1. Submagic

For the first tool in the list of AI short generators, Submagic provides a direct experience of making long videos short. With the aim of boosting views, increasing engagement, and getting retention across your social media profiles, this AI short generator offers a variety of features to enhance the overall outlook of the video. You can utilize the available templates, emojis, B-rolls, and transitions to stay within trending.

submagic ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. Submagic offers easy video caption generation in 48 languages using NLP (natural language processing.
  2. To emphasize a specific point or instance within the video, you can use zooming and auto-cutting options.
  3. To get maximum reach out of your shorts, Submagic adds automatic descriptions and hashtags.

2. OpusClip

OpusClip creates shorts from YouTube videos using AI to gather a wider audience through short videos with AI curation. With its powerful editor, you can edit the shorts and add AI-animated captions to make the shorts look more entertaining. This tool offers you a social media scheduler, which can be used to auto-post the shorts on social media platforms.

opusclip short video generator

Key Features

  1. You can auto-reframe your video content using multiple aspect ratios such as (19:16, 1:1, and 16:9).
  2. OpusClip offers an AI virality score feature to predict the reach of your short video.
  3. Obtain your generated shorts in the highest quality, extending up to 1080p resolution.

3. provides a different experience of converting long videos for shorts by defining some specific parameters for the short clips. When setting the clip length and language of the video, this tool can convert long videos to shorts using AI. Its advanced AI shortening ability returns progressive AI clips, which is time-saving. ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. Creators can generate shorts with engaging elements added through the AI Emoji feature.
  2. ai provides an option to remove silences from the clips to avoid all hindrances to proper user engagement.
  3. You can upload videos of 8 GB size or 2 hours long to create multiple short videos from a long-duration video.

4. invideo AI

invideo AI allows its users to generate shorts along with 5 clone voices. You can clone a person's voice, and it will narrate the short video, which looks more captivating to gain the attention of viewers. Furthermore, affordability is the key component for every struggling person, and it is catered to by invideo AI. With simple prompts, you can create faceless YouTube Shorts on any topic that can instantly go viral.

invideo ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. This AI video-to-shorts generator utilizes 16 million+ stock photos and videos for content creation.
  2. To engage more viewers, easily add and edit text along with multiple transitions.
  3. invideo AI intends to allow users to collaborate in real-time across their editor to present ease of use.


With, you can make shorts with high-end possibilities that will maximize your efficiency in uploading content on social media. For creating videos from images generated through its AI image generator or using different sound effects and music to enhance your video shorts, this platform is quite an advantage. It also comes with a dedicated AI text-to-speech for adding narrations and voiceovers. ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. io allows you to export 4K video-quality shorts while understanding the need for high-quality shorts.
  2. To refine the overall sound of the video shorts, you can use the “Clean Audio” feature within
  3. With this YouTube short AI video maker, AI Avatars are accessible to present your brand as a person to your viewer.

6. VideoGen

VideoGen is one of the top tools of 2024 to generate YouTube Shorts using AI. It is ideal for high-quality and captivating shorts generation within seconds. VideoGen also offers an AI video script tool to brainstorm and generate unique video scripts. Moreover, this AI short video generator can create videos for your YouTube or TikTok channel by using your prompts.

videogen ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. You can also use VideoGen to generate engaging and unique video ads to help you increase e-commerce store sales.
  2. This AI video generator can even transform your websites into videos to help you spread information.
  3. It also supports Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, and TikTok Videos to help you handle every platform's requirements through one tool.

7. Klap

Klap is a game-changing tool for content creators to generate shorts because it allows you to fully customize the generated shorts. Some people can't understand specific accents at once, so to overcome this issue, Klap provides an option of engaging captions that help the viewers understand different accents easily. Overall, its productivity and ease of use make it a valuable tool for content creation.

klap ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. As demand for shorts is increasing and you need maximum shorts to generate and upload, Klap gives you the flexibility to generate 1000 short clips every month.
  2. This long video-to-short video AI tool can accept a maximum length video of 3 hours to create and edit short videos.
  3. You can also translate your videos present in other languages into English to make the shorts more understandable.


It is another widely used YouTube Shorts AI video maker with many innovative features. One of the prominent features of is that it allows you to make videos according to your branding. Moreover, you don't need to upload videos because you can just copy the link to your YouTube video and paste it into its shorts generator. Its AI algorithm will quickly transform your video into compelling short clips. ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. Video analysis is one of the prominent features of this tool, and it supports 50 hours of AI video analysis.
  2. You can also highlight the words that the speaker is speaking in the video in different colors and settings.
  3. ai supports vertical, square, and horizontal aspect ratios to make perfect short videos for multiple social platforms.

9. Flowjin

If you have a lengthy video and want to transform it into structured and topic-based sections, Flowjin is a tool that employs advanced analysis for this purpose. It can pinpoint attractive moments and highlight them to create short videos. Moreover, with the help of this AI tool, you can effortlessly and automatically transform podcasts, Zoom recordings, and educational videos into shorts.

flowjin ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. It allows you to style your videos by adding custom backgrounds to make the shorts more interactive.
  2. You can use its Twitter Space Archiver to transform your recordings into engaging video clips.
  3. Other than YouTube Shorts, you can use this AI tool to generate TikTok Videos, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Reels.


AI-supported dynamic layouts of can transform your video presentations. To show your content dynamically, you can switch between full-screen, duo, trio, or screen-sharing modes. You can post your videos to your channel directly from It can identify and highlight special moments like laughter or useful commentary automatically. ai short video generator

Key Features

  1. It offers auto subtitle options in a variety of styles to align with your brand identification.
  2. The Speaker Detection feature of this tool can keep the video centered on the active speakers.
  3. This AI short video generator can help you generate optimized titles and descriptions according to your clip and audience.

Part 4: Comparing The Top AI Short Video Generators for Influencing Selection

With a clear overview of the top AI short video generators, it is optimal to have the top-most priority that can be used for generating proper video shorts. For this, we’ve set up a clear tabular comparison of the top generators as follows:


Video Import Options

Option to Add Captions

Short Video Creation Speed


Pricing Plans






Starter: $20/month

Pro: $50/month

Agency+: $150/month


Device, URL




Starter: $9/month

Pro: $29/month

Device, URL




Creator: $30/month

Pro: $60/month

invideo AI





Plus: $25/month

Max: $60/month





Basic: $18/month

Pro: $30/month

Business: $70/month


Device, URL




Starter: $5/month

Pro: $29/month

Scale: $99/month


Device, URL




Klap: $29/month

Klap Pro: $79/month

Klap Pro+: $189/month





Lite: $9.90/month

Pro: $19.90/month

Premium: $49.90/month


Device, URL




Starter: $19/month

Creator: $29/month

Growth: $135/month

Device, URL




Copilot: $20/month

Autopilot: $200/month

Part 5: Engaging Short Video Ideas for Boosting Social Media Presence

Short videos have become relatively more popular for their ability to pack relevant content in shorter versions. However, short videos have been adopted on different scales across social media platforms. However, let's review some ideas that content creators look out for to attract more viewers.

Short Video Ideas for YouTube

YouTube is one of the top social media platforms that racks up millions of video-watching hours every day. Recently, YouTube shorts were introduced, and they emerged as the most popular and trending short video format:

  1. Product Tutorial: You can make short videos to explain your product, company product, or any app you use and tell the viewers how they can use it.
  2. Cooking and Recipe Tutorial: While you are cooking, start recording and share a quick recipe with your YouTube family through shorts.
  3. Unboxing Videos: If you buy new products, gadgets, or toys, start recording how you open the box while unboxing them. A quick unboxing video with aesthetics brings great views across your Shorts.

Short Video Ideas for TikTok

TikTok is the most famous short video platform that allows you to watch different videos. People love scrolling TikTok, and it is trending around the globe. To post some engaging content on this platform, we will discuss some ideas for short videos for TikTok:

  1. Shoot Workout Video: While getting fit and going to the gym on a regular basis, you can record your workout routine and show it to people.
  2. Share a Quick Tip: You can share a quick tip for the things you are an expert in. It may be a life hack, cooking tip, or video-creating tip.
  3. Jump on the Trending Topics: When you scroll through TikTok, you will become familiar with which kinds of videos are trending. Try to make videos on those trending topics to gather a better audience.

Short Video Ideas for Instagram

Videos on Instagram are getting millions of views, and reels are a popular trend at this time. Many creators are making short videos/reels on this platform. Let's dive into some of the trending ideas for short videos for Instagram:

  1. Do a Travel Video: Traveling might be someone's hobby, so start capturing it and make a short video that explains the whole journey and share it on Instagram.
  2. Host a Q&A: Answer the question that fans ask in your comment section, create a short video, and upload it for the
  3. Do a Tutorial: If you are an expert in any specific task, teach your followers about it by making a short tutorial video.

Short Video Ideas for Business

Businessmen know the potential of videos, as they can boost their business through them. Making short videos for your business will help the consumers understand your product, and they will be inclined toward it. In the next step, we will outline some short video ideas for business:

  1. Company Milestone: If your organization reaches a significant milestone, you can make a short video to congratulate all the people who played some role in making it possible.
  2. Advertise a Job Opening: You have some open positions in your company and are looking for suitable candidates. Create a short clip and explain the requirements and role to engage more candidates.
  3. Product Showcase: When your company is launching a new product, record a video and explain all the prominent features of that product.

Part 6: Looking to Level Up Your Short Videos? Try Wondershare UniConverter!

The above-mentioned tools are just to generate AI shorts for your social media platform. Regardless of generating AI short videos, you might face some quality assurance issues in the video that require adjustments. For this reason, let us introduce you to the Wondershare UniConverter tool that can enhance your videos with the help of powerful AI algorithms.

Moreover, this AI tool is an all-in-one solution that can efficiently reduce video noises and raise the clarity of shorts by improving the resolution and detailing of the footage. Additionally, if you have old videos and are struggling to make them clear, this AI video enhancer can restore your old jittery videos into visually appealing ones.

uniconverter shot video enhancer

Key Features of Wondershare UniConverter - AI Video Enhancer

  1. Smoother Video: With this AI Video Enhancer, you can empower the frame rate to 60, 90, or 240 FPS to make your shorts smoother than before.
  2. Elevate Slow Motion Content: UniConverter also allows you to intensify the level of visual fluidity in every frame and can present your slow-motion videos in a more appealing way.
  3. In-Depth Detailing: You might need to fix the video resolution to enhance the detailing of your shorts. Hence, UniConverter can improve your video resolution up to 4K and make it more vibrant.


In the above article, we have discussed the trend of video shorts. Many of you are struggling to make shorts and looking for reliable tools. For this reason, we delve into some of the most commonly used AI short video generators. To choose the best among all, we compared their features to help you select the right AI video generator for your short creation.

However, creating short videos from AI generators might require adjustments to look more catchy. For this purpose, we have presented you with the Wondershare UniConverter. With this tool, you can improve your short video visuals and increase the quality of your video. Also, you can smoothen your video shorts and make them more engaging by using AI-powered solutions.

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