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Guide to Best SRT Translator Online Tools in 2024 

Subtitles can make your video more engaging and improve its reach. At a time when reaching a global audience is a priority for many, online video subtitle translators usually come in handy. A good subtitle translation software will help you convey the message appropriately to your audience. It will automatically change the spoken words from one language to another in minutes. In this article, we review and compare the top tools to translate subtitles online free.

In this article
  1. Top 10 SRT Translator Online Tools: No Downloads Needed
  2. Best Software to Add Translated Subtitles to Your Video: UniConverter

Part 1: Top 10 SRT Translator Online Tools: No Downloads Needed

SRT translator online tools make the work easier for you when translating subtitles from one language to another. We have compiled a list of 10 top online video subtitle translators, comparing their features and cons.

Top 10 SRT Translator
  1. Notta: Best for Accurate Subtitle Translations 
  2. Google Translate: Best for Beginners 
  3. YouTube Studio: Best for YouTubers
  4. SubtitleBee: Best for Social Media Videos
  5. Rev: Best For Professionals
  6. Kapwing: Best for Auto-Subtitling 
  7. Type Studio: Best for SRT Files
  8. Flixier: Best for Online Subtitle Translator
  9. Moovly: Best for Quick Results
  10. Happy Scribe: Best for Content Security

1. Notta: Best for Accurate Subtitle Translations 

Notta is a notable tool that you can use to translate subtitles online for interviews, podcasts, YouTube videos, and almost any other kind of video. It comes with several impressive features for summarization, transcription, and translation. Using Notta is also incredibly easy as you only need to just upload the video file or add a link to Google Drive or YouTube or video and the tool will automatically transcribe the audio and generate subtitles.



  • A free plan is available. 
  • Translates subtitles in over 40 languages
  • More accurate transcriptions and translations compared to other tools


  • The translation feature requires a paid Pro plan
  • May not translate SRT files directly

2. Google Translate: Best for Beginners 

One of the easiest ways to translate subtitles online free is to use Google Translate. The popular subtitle translation tool will translate your text into over 100 languages. You only need to copy-paste the subtitle text or upload the SRT file, and the tool will instantly make the translations. On the flip side, Google Translate has a lower accuracy level. 

google translate


  • Absolutely free to use
  • Translate video subtitles into 100+ languages
  • Directly import SRT files to start subtitle translation


  • Sometimes choose inaccurate phrases or words while translating. 
  • No security or confidentiality measures for your data
  • You are likely to spend time checking for accuracy and editing the output

3. YouTube Studio: Best for YouTubers

YouTube Studio allows you to swiftly translate SRT on your uploaded videos. The tools in the studio will add captions and translate them to attract more audience to your content. The video content becomes accessible to a wider immediately when you add translated video titles and descriptions. 



  • YouTube subtitle translator quickly adds translated titles and metadata to videos
  • Specially designed tools for YouTubers. 
  • Users can add the same language captions to videos. 


  • Lack advanced features
  • Support a limited number of languages.
  • Tools inclined towards YouTubers only
  • The overall process can be time-consuming. 

4. SubtitleBee: Best for Social Media Videos

A good way to translate SRT files for your social media videos is to use SubtitleBee. The free online subtitle translator is simple but comes with an advanced auto video subtitle generator. This gives you more accuracy in translation and choice of different styles.



  • Direct sharing of video on social media like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat
  • Automated audio-to-text feature available
  • An editor available for adding colors, animation, and other effects to your subtitles


  • Free plan only edits only 10 minutes of video
  • The free plan has limited features
  • Possible mistakes while converting audio to text

5. Rev: Best For Professionals

Rev is a great option for professionals who are on a budget and looking to translate SRT online. The automated subtitle translator translates video subtitles into over 17 languages. The only major drawback is that you have to spend $5 per minute for Hindi or Spanish subtitles and $8 per minute for English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, and other languages.



  • An auto online subtitle translator & editor that makes editing translated subtitle files easy
  • Easy-to-use online subtitle translator
  • High accuracy rate of 99%. 


  • A bit pricey compared to online translators
  • Only translates to 17+ languages
  • A lengthy turnaround of 48 hours or less

6. Kapwing: Best for Auto-Subtitling 

This is another great subtitle translation software. The auto-subtitle translator is designed to translate subtitles into 75+ languages, speeding up the process. You can then use the subtitle editor to make changes to the translation and download the file as VTT, SRT, or TXT files.



  • Directly upload VTT or SRT files to start the translation
  • Translated files can be downloaded with a click
  • Over 100 built-in editing tools to translate and edit the subtitles. 


  • The free plan has limited features.
  • The free version only supports 10 minutes of subtitles
  • Translated videos in the free version come with a watermark. 

7. Type Studio: Best for SRT Files

Type Studio allows you to quickly translate SRT subtitles online. The easy-to-use tool offers faster translation compared to other software in this list. It also allows you to make edits before saving or downloading your rendered videos.

type studio


  • Clean and intuitive interface with a drag and drop functionality
  • Translates SRT into over 30 widely spoken languages.
  • Impressive mobile support
  • Distinctive Video to Article feature.


  • Subtitle translation feature requires a paid plan

8. Flixier: Best for Online Subtitle Translator

Flixier is a reliable auto online video subtitle translator that works well with almost any project. The AI-powered tool generates and translates subtitles for video content. With only a few clicks, you can generate synced subtitles for your voiceover videos. You also get options to edit the text, fonts, and colors of your subtitles before saving



  • Auto subtitle transcription
  • Save in TXT, SUB, SRT, or VTT format
  • Subtitles translate in 70+ languages
  • Google Fonts Integration


  • Users can only embed the translated subtitle in the video

9. Moovly: Best for Quick Results

When looking for a subtitle translation software that produces quick results, Moovly may be a good choice. The AI-powered subtitling tool allows users to generate automatic subtitles for their videos and translate them into multiple languages. The tool also provides options for editing font and background color for a more appealing text appearance.



  • Automatic transcription in over 30 languages
  • Translate in over 100 languages
  • Export CSV, SRT, or XLIFF format
  • Google Translate integration


  • Slightly Complex user interface
  • No option to convert subtitles outside the main video editor

10. Happy Scribe: Best for Content Security

Happy Scribe is an online tool that allows you to translate SRT subtitles quickly and easily. The AI-enabled tool transcribes video and audio files, allowing you to translate the text into different languages. It supports formats like mp4, mov, avi, mkv, and mp3, giving you more freedom of the kind of files you can work with.

happy scribe


  • Simple interface
  • Download in hard sub (MP4), SRT or MKV format
  • Translation in 50+ languages, including German and French
  • Restricted content access for added security


  • Expensive compared to other online subtitle translators

Part 2. Best Software to Add Translated Subtitles to Your Video: UniConverter

When it comes to the best software for adding translated subtitles to your video, nothing comes closer to UniConverter in terms of speed and efficiency. The Subtitle Editor tool allows you to add the translated subtitles quickly and enhance them for your target audience.


UniConverter Key Features

  • Create subtitle files and directly add them to the mp4 files
  • Subtitles auto generator and editor with 100% accuracy
  • Quick customization of font and color of the subtitles
  • Quickly add subtitle files to your videos with a few clicks
  • Convert text to an SRT file

UniConverter Step Guidance

Step 1 Start UniConverter

Start by launching UniConverter on your PC. Then click the Subtitle Editor option of the Toolbar.

uniconverter 2

Step 2 Upload Video and SRT Subtitle File

The Subtitle Editor button allows you to choose the video you want to add to the UniConverter from your local storage. Select the file that you want, and choose the Import Subtitle File option to upload the .srt file for the video. This could be the original or the translated subtitles file.

uniconverter 3

Step 3 Edit Subtitles

Start editing the subtitle file that you have uploaded by customizing the Outline Width, Font, Transparency, and Position of the subtitles in the video. You can choose the Apply to All option to speed up the process and automatically change the display format of all subtitle lines.


uniconverter 4

Step 4 Export the Video with Translated Subtitles

Once you are satisfied with the edited video file, click the Save option at the bottom left. This allows you to export the video with the translated subtitles. You can also choose to convert the video to a different format depending on how you are planning to use it.

uniconverter 5


Finding a good online subtitle translator & editor is a huge step in making your videos more accessible. By appealing to different audiences, your video will also get more impressions and engagement. While the tools reviewed in this article are great for translating subtitles, you also need good software to add them seamlessly to the video. For this function, we highly recommend using UniConverter. It comes with all the tools you need to add and edit your translated subtitle, giving your audience a great viewing experience.

Kayla Morrison
Kayla Morrison Mar 08, 24
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