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8 AI Image Expanders to 10x Your Designs

Artificial intelligence has made the job of graphic designers and photographers easier with technological advancement. They can use AI to expand images online to produce high-quality output that you can use for business or on social media. However, it is not always easy to expand your images and not expect to lose image quality.

There are various limitations to expanding images, such as losing their quality. In such a case, you can use AI image enhancers to unblur the expanded images. This article will introduce you to top AI expand photos tools to make your professional life easier.

In this article
  1. Best 8 AI Expand Image Tools Without Downloads
  2. Resolve Unblur Issues From Expanding Your Image With AI

Part 1. Best 8 AI Expand Image Tools Without Downloads

AI has developed advanced image upscale technology in the past few years. This makes it easier to turn low-resolution images into professional and high-quality outputs. In the following list, we will explore the top 8 AI expand image tools:

1. Fotor

You can expand your images beyond imagination with Fotor's AI expand photo feature. It uses AI to generate amazing components and autofill your pictures with these elements. You can unleash your creativity with its image expander by uploading your image and letting AI do the work. Also, you can reposition your photo on the canvas according to your preference.

fotor ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. With Fotor, you can adjust the image size by customizing the dimensions of your photos. You can switch from horizontal to vertical snaps or transform square shots into rectangles by adjusting the aspect ratio.
  2. Fotor's AI photo expander can fix imperfect snaps by cropping the image frame. The AI can infuse your photo with surprising details while preserving the visual elements and quality.
  3. You can regenerate the background to match your photo until you are satisfied. The AI-powered image enhancer provides different options that you can use for various visual projects.

2. Canva

If you want better image clarity, you can use the Canva AI image expanding tool feature. Fix awkward framing, zoomed-in images, and more with the Canva Magic Expand feature. This tool makes sure to blend in with the original picture's color, style, and other elements after expanding the image. Moreover, users can explore multiple generated image options and craft engaging ads or posters.

canva ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. The AI expand image feature lets you ensure the size of the picture by adjusting the aspect ratio to various sizes. You can adjust your picture to 1:1, 16:9, 5:4, and more dimensions.
  2. You can upload your raw photo anywhere on the canvas in various formats. Canva supports JPEG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, WEBP, and SVG image formats.
  3. Also, the Smart Crop feature can help you choose which part of the picture to crop for AI expansion. You can rotate your photo in various positions as well. 

3. Phot.AI

Phot.AI is an excellent AI image expansion online tool that can crop images and fill them in with AI technology. This tool uses various AI-powered expanding and cropping options to enhance your photos. You can change the aspect ratio of your image to various dimensions after uploading it to the website. Moreover, this tool supports up to 5 MB of photo files in JPG, PNG, WEBP, and other photo formats. 

photai ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. The AI of Phot.AI uses pre-processed data to generate seamless extensions that blend with the original image. This maintains the integrity of your image without distorting the quality.
  2. Also, the smart image aspect ratio changer lets you adjust the image's dimensions according to your needs. You can set it to widescreen, mobile vertical, portrait, and more.
  3. AI's outpainting tool includes landscapes, portraits, textures, and more. This enhances the visual impact of your image. Various photographers, designers, and artists can use this tool to enhance their creative work.

4. Picsart

If you are a social media influencer or a big corporate business person, you can expand your franchise by using Picsart AI expand image tool. You can expand outside your captured photo with the AI-generating features. Also, this tool ensures that you are provided with expanding visuals while you expand your image in different ratios. You can easily resize your images to fit any social media platform or business portfolio.

picsart ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. The context-aware AI recognizes the context of your image and extends it according to it so you can get realistic results every time.
  2. It also provides you with various aspect ratio presets, such as Instagram portraits, billboards, and many more.
  3. You can use Picsart's intuitive editing tool, like the AI replace and AI image extender, to Inpaint and Outpaint images.

5. BasedLabs AI

BasedLabs’ AI image picture expansion tool can make your image bigger without losing quality. You can convert portraits to landscapes and others while ensuring they fit with your social feeds. Also, the AI-powered image enhancement feature enhances your photos with various editing tools. It provides you with negative prompts as well in case you don't want some elements.

basedlabs ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. You can access over 100 editing tools and improve your images with a single click, without manual adjustments.
  2. BasedLabs uses a prompt feature to create and fill in your pictures for the purpose of expanding the image.
  3. This tool can resize your pictures in various aspect ratios from 9:16 to 4:5 dimensions without losing quality or stretching the photo.

6. RunwayML

Do you want a seamless AI expand picture magic tool that uses content and prompts to generate visual backgrounds? RunwayML provides you with various image settings. You can choose the number of outputs and prompt weight or select the resolution of the image. It introduces Infinite Image, allowing artists and creators to use AI to expand image backgrounds.

runwayml ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. You can stylize your images in various styles, such as duotone, frost, anime, cartoons, digital art, and more.
  2. AI picture expanders give you great freedom by letting you write your prompt to decide an outcome.
  3. When you upload an image, you can expand it with algorithms adopted in DALL-E and Midjourney. The AI will generate variations of your images, and you can choose whenever.

7. Getimg.AI

Getimg.AI can help you complete your images with its stable diffusion outpainting technology. Also, it is a great AI image expander that lets you expand your image beyond its original boundaries. You can enhance the composition of your images and create an immersive visual experience. It also lets you train custom models based on your art, adding a personal touch to your AI-generated images.

getimgai ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. You can move and expand your images to adjust them according to your requirements. These include changing the steps, frame size, and number of images.
  2. AI provides a prompt box where you can provide as much detail as you want. You can also add negative prompts to let AI know what not to add.
  3. Users can choose from 20+ community-trained models to apply to their images with various captivating styles.

8. Kapwing

Kapwing is another AI expand image online tool that operates on AI outpainting technology powered by the DALL-E tool. Moreover, while maintaining quality, you can turn your portrait into a masterpiece with generative AI. This tool gives you access to 100+ photo and video editing tools that can turn your image into art. You don't need to stretch the image while using the image resizer and cropper.

kapwing ai expand image tool

Key Features

  1. The AI photo enhancer feature improves the quality of your images without adding extra effort.
  2. You can access various aspect ratios to fit your social media, like YouTube, Instagram, and more.
  3. It also provides other customizable options like background color, expanded padding, snap-to-grid, and many more.

Part 2. Resolve Unblur Issues From Expanding Your Image With AI

There are possibilities of losing the quality of the image while you're expanding it using various tools. Therefore, you should use an effective image enhancer tool to improve image quality after expanding. In such cases, Wondershare UniConverter can help you regain the quality of your images. This tool's AI image enhancer feature increases the picture's clarity and sharpness with just one click.

It supports various image formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, and many more. You can upload up to 25 MB images to improve the quality and sharpness. Also, this tool can assist you in upscaling the picture to a maximum of 6000*6000 resolution.

Steps To Enhance Your Image With Wondershare UniConverter

Now that we have discussed how Wondershare UniConverter can help you enhance your images. You can follow these steps to unblur your images after the AI expands your image:

Step 1. Access The AI Image Enhancer Feature

After installing Wondershare UniConverter, launch it on your desktop. Click the "AI Image Enhancer" option under "AI Lab" on the home page.

access ai image enhancer in uniconverter

Step 2. Import Your Image For Upscaling

Upon accessing this feature, a new window will appear. Press the "+" sign to import your picture or drag or drop your image. When the dialogue box opens, choose images from different folders and files.


import image to enhance in uniconverter

Step 3. Export The Image to Upscale

Once you import your image, the AI will analyze the picture and provide you with an enhanced image. Now, it is time to save this upscaled image on your device by clicking on the “Export” button.

export the enhanced image via uniconverter


To conclude this article, we can say that upscaling your images significantly improves your pictures. For this purpose, you can use the top 8 AI expand image online tools mentioned. If unsatisfied, your best option is Wondershare UniConverter to sharpen the expanded images. It enhances your image and upscales it without losing the quality.

Takashi Feb 05, 24
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