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3 Simple Methods of How to Import Photos from GoPro to Mac

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:45 • Proven solutions

GoPro is the best tool to use to capture beautiful high-quality pictures and videos at any moment. That is why, despite Mac having the best resolution and screens with better color detail and typography, not to mention amazing displays, most GoPro users with Mac computers are always looking for how to import photos from GoPro to Mac. If you are such a user, you are in luck. Why? Because we are going to look at three ways you can employ to import photos from GoPro to Mac in this article. We also look at how to edit GoPro photos on Mac using amazing software. Keep scrolling.

Part 1. How to Import Photos from GoPro to Mac via SD Card

An SD Card is a media storage device and varies in size. SD Cards are portable and very handy as they are small and can be used in pretty much all devices (smartphones, smart cameras, computers, etc.) to hold media files. For instance, GoPro uses it to keep the photos and videos taken using the camera.

To import photos from GoPro hero 7 to Mac, remove (by pressing) the card from the camera (the microSD kept on the side of the GoPro cam) and carry on as follows:

Step 1: SD Card Adapter

Put the SD Card into its adapter, be careful to put it correctly and gently to avoid damage to it and the files stored on it.

Step 2: Insert Adapter in the Computer

Now, insert the adapter in the appropriate slot provided on your Mac.

insert SD card adapter

Step 3: Locate SD Card in Mac

Launch the Finder Window to locate the SD Card on the very left of the sidebar in the Device section.

Step 4: Select the DCMI Folder

To open the SD, double-click on it, and there will be two folders: MICS and DCMI displayed. Select DCMI.

DCMI folder

Step 5: Select GoPro folder

Now, click on the 100GOPRO folder or 101GOPRO/102GOPRO and more if you took more than 9999 photos.

open 100GoPro folder

Step 6: Import the Pictures to the Desktop

Finally, drag the photos from the card and drop them to your Mac desktop.

Viola! Just like that, your photos get transferred from GoPro to Mac desktop.

Part 2. How to Import Photos from GoPro to Mac via Image Capture

Image Capture is a feature that you can use to connect the GoPro camera to your Mac. It lets you:

  • Transfer the photo/video files to the location you want on your computer
  • Delete files with ease
  • Preview the pictures before deciding to import

This feature can be used to import photos from your GoPro cam to Mac computer automatically or manually, depending on the settings you did.

If you had set Image Capture to automatic launching,

Step 1: Choose Photos and Import

When you connect GoPro to Mac, the Image Capture interface is displayed instantly. Choose the photo files you would like to move and click on Import or Import All in case you would like to transfer all of the pictures.

Image Capture

If Image Capture doesn’t open on its own when you connect GoPro to the comp, follow the simple steps below to move photos from GoPro to Mac.

Step 2: Find the Search Icon

In the top right corner of the desktop, tap on the search icon, i.e., magnifying glass. Then in the Spotlight tab, type Image Capture or iPhoto.

find search icon

Step 3: Import Photo Files

You can proceed as above when the setting was automatic. That is, select the images and click on Import or Import All, as you see fit. You must be wondering how the automatic setting is done, huh? Well, here is how:

Connect the GoPro camera to your PC. Search for it, as you did above. Then go straight to the lower-left section, you will see a setting saying: Connecting this camera opens: No Application, iPhoto or Image Capture. Choose Image Capture, and next time you connect the camera to the comp, the Image Capture window will be displayed automatically. Simple, right?

Part 3. How to Import Photos from GoPro to Mac Quik

Do you think the above two ways we have discussed are easy? Hold that thought. Using Quik to transfer photos from GoPro to Mac or Desktop is the most straightforward task you will ever do. It won’t even feel like a task. Besides helping you organize your pictures neatly, you can edit the photos quickly and share them directly to Facebook and YouTube. Simply:

Step 1: Get the software and Connect the Camera

Download GoPro Quik for Mac

Look for the app from the web, download and install it on your computer. Then connect GoPro to it using a USB data cable for the camera.

Step 2: Turn the Camera on

Camera media files

Switch on the GoPro gadget for the Quik app to detect it. All the media files on the camera will display in the Device Window.

Step 3: Select the Storage Location for the Photos

Now, choose where you would like to Import and copy the photo files on your Mac and confirm the choice.

Step 4: Import Settings

Next, a window pops up, asking you to select whether to Always Import or No files whenever the camera gets connected to the computer. Choose accordingly.

Step 5: Importing

Finally, wait for the transfer of photos from GoPro to Mac to finish. There is a progress bar on the screen showing you how much space is used up. The time taken for the process depends on the number of files you are importing.

You can disconnect the GoPro camera when the importing is successfully over.

Part 4. Bonus Part: How to Edit GoPro Photos on Mac Easily and Quickly

This part of the article is a fun read because you will learn how to edit GoPro pictures on Mac using the most incredible tool ever! It is called Wondershare UniConverter, and it does wonder!

It is a simple all-in-one application you can use to convert, edit, and burn data files such as videos from a GoPro cam. It has a straightforward interface that even a beginner can navigate comfortably. With Wondershare UniConverter, you can perform image format conversion, resize, and edit images by cropping, rotating, adding effects, etc., in simple steps. The program supports all input and output formats.

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After importing photos from GoPro camera to Mac, you can edit them with Wondershare Uniconverter with the steps below:

Step 1 Get the App Installed and Launch it

Image Converter

Download the software from its website and install it on your Mac. Then open it and tap on Toolbox. Choose Image Converter to get started.

Step 2 Adding Photo Files

Now, in the window that opens, you are supposed to choose the photos you want to edit by tapping on the + Add icon. Or, you can drag the pictures from there storage location and drop them here. Multiple file uploading at a go is possible too.

Adding files

When you are done adding the data, you will notice thumbnails with the image name, image size, and image format below each image. Other options available include + Add Images, Delete All and Select All at the top bar. When you right-click on an image, you can: Preview, Open File Location, Delete, Clear Converted Task, or Attribute it.

Step 3 Selecting and Editing Files

Next, tap on Convert all images to, to open the drop-down menu with format types. Choose the output format you’d like from JPG/PNG/BMP/TIFF.

image conversion

This step is not mandatory. However, if you wish to tweak your picture in a way, you can:

Crop – from the thumbnail, select the Crop icon, then crop and rotate as you want to and tap on OK.


Add Effects – tap on the Effect icon in the thumbnail and adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, then click OK.


Settings- tap on the Settings icon on the pic (or the Settings icon at the top on the far right of the interface) to open the Quality Setting window and do your thing. Tap on OK to save the changes.


Step 4 Select the image format for output and convert

Now, select the images you want to convert and also their format. Then, click on the Select All box to select all the pictures, visit the Convert all images to tab to choose the output format you want.

select output format for selected images

Lastly, choose the location in your Mac to save the files and click on the Convert.



I believe you have learned how to import photos from GoPro to Mac easily and effectively with the three methods we discussed in this article. Remember to handle the SD Card with lots of care while ejecting and inserting it from/in the adapter, GoPro camera, and Mac computer. Any little damage to the SD Card can lead to the loss of your photo files.

Also, feel free to give your photos a professional and unique vibe after you have imported them to your Mac using Wondershare UniConverter. Try it and then recommend it to your circle to edit GoPro photos on Mac yet sophisticatedly.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

chief Editor

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