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3 Best Methods to Import Gopro Videos to Mac

by Christine Smith • 2020-06-23 21:05:15 • Proven solutions

Having difficulty Importing GoPro Video Files to Mac. How to Fix it?-Question from Reddit

Connecting GoPro to Mac is quite complicated for many people. Yes, it may display that the connection was successful. However, GoPro will only be shown on the desktop rather than as a portable storage device. In order to solve the issue, it is necessary that you find an appropriate way on how to upload videos from GoPro to Mac effectively and without any hitches.

Getting your GoPro device connected to Mac in order to edit and share its contents is not actually that complicated as it may seem to be. There are a couple of ways through which a user can transfer video from GoPro to Mac. This article will take you through detailed steps on how to do it.

Part 1. How to Import GoPro Videos to Mac via SD Card Method

This is probably one of the simplest ways to import GoPro to Mac. It works by connecting GoPro’s SD Card to the Mac directly. This is such that a user will remove GoPro’s SD card and then later inputting it to Mac. By doing so, all the contents stored in the SD card will be shown as external files, and hence letting users transfer files from the storage device effectively. One down sight with this procedure is that you will be forced to buy an SD Card reader. It is crucial that you go for an SD Card reader that is supported in your device such that if the USB ports present on your device are USB C, go for a device that is supported by such.

Step 1:The first step on how to download GoPro videos to Mac using an SD Card is that you power off the device.

Step 2:There is an opening present at the bottom of the GoPro camera. Open it, and you’ll have direct access to the SD card. Remove it from the device.

Step 3:Insert the SD Card into an SD Card Reader.

Step 4:Connect the SD Card reader into your Mac device.

Step 5:When the SD Card reader will successfully connect with the Mac device, it will be shown on the desktop. Click on it so as to open and access its contents.

gopro mac

Step 6: Upon opening it, you will be availed with two folder namely DCIM and MISC.

gopro download mac

Steps 7: It is in the DCIM folder that all the videos and photos taken with the device is stored.

import gopro to mac

Step 8: You can then begin uploading GoPro videos to Mac by means like copying and pasting.

how to import gopro videos to mac

Part 2. How to Import GoPro Videos to Mac via Image Capture

Image Capture is incorporated in Mac devices as a default program, and provides a means through which users can import Gopro to Mac. Though this software was not specifically designed to be used to upload GoPro files to Mac, but it still does so exemplary.

It is for this reason that professionals use it to get their tasks done. The steps required to get tasks done using Image Capture is also especially few, clear and easy to follow along. Hence, you do not have to be a professional in order to have your tasks get done with the tool. Image Capture is equipped to upload GoPro files to a location of their own choosing, delete unwanted files from storage, and viewing the files before uploading them. Here is how to import files using this program:

Step 1: Look for a USB cable that will be used to connect GoPro to Mac.

Step 2: Ensure you turn the GoPro camera on.

Step 3: Launch the Image Capture program. If you don’t have the program in your desktop:

  • Go to the lens- shaped icon present on the top-right corner of your interface.
  • A new icon will pop up with an icon named ‘Spotlight’. Type in ‘Image Capture’ or iPhoto.

how to upload gopro videos to mac

Step 4: A name of your GoPro device will be shown on the interface. Click on it

Step 5: Choose a folder that you would like to keep your imported GoPro videos at and click on the Import All button.

how to download gopro videos to mac

Step 6: The next is to wait for the importation of the files to be complete. Once the whole process is done, close the Image Capture program and remove the the GoPro camera from your device.

Part 3. How to Upload GoPro Videos to Mac via GoPro Quick

GoPro is armed with a tool that will help you solve the whole task on how to view GoPro videos on Mac, and upload them. It is easy to have this program in your device. Just download its setup from the company’s main website, and install it. You will however be required to sign up first in order to enjoy the services offered. GoPro have in fact described this software as the best tool for viewing and offloading GoPro files. The program provides a quick access to the GoPro files, accommodating quick editing of the files to suit one’s personal interests.

Step 1: Launch the program. If you have not yet installed the program, you can easily download and have it installed from trustworthy platforms online.

Step 2: Connect the GoPro camera to your Mac device by using a USB cable.

Step 3: After the program is launched, you will be see an icon named Import Files that will be shown at the interface.

how to get gopro videos on mac

Step 4: From there, you will use the icon to upload files from your GoPro camera into your Mac device.

Part 4. How to Upload GoPro Videos to Facebook on Mac

The steps shown above are great for the users wondering on how to download GoPro videos to Mac. Whether you would want to use the SD card means, or GoPro’s Quik application, it is necessary that you choose an ideal program to import GoPro to Mac efficiently. And once you have successfully finished uploading GoPro videos to Mac, many users would still want to edit their videos.

An editing software will trim unwanted parts in your videos, retaining only the best parts. A quality tool will also be crucial for adding effects to your videos, turning them into stunning pieces of artwork. More so, such programs can be able to effectively upload and share captured moments to online platform. That is where Wondershare UniConverter comes into the picture. This program was developed by a group of professional developers to help get tasks with ease and efficiency. Its interface is succinct and intuitive. The features of this program are also clearly labelled and direct to the point, to help get your tasks done efficiently. Another amazing feature of this program is its compatibility. Once you have your GoPro videos uploaded to this software, it will become extremely easy and faster to share them to social media websites such as Facebook within just a click. Wondershare UniConverter supports a wide variety of formats. Hence, you can count on this tool to convert your files into a format that works well on specific social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

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Step 1 Download Wondershare UniConverter and Have it Installed to Your Device.

After launching it, go to the Convert icon and then on Add files to upload files into the program from your device storage. Click on open after selecting the GoPro videos. You can also use drag and drop technique to upload the videos.

add gopro files to mac

Step 2 Select Video Output Format.

Go to Convert all files to: Button to Select Your Video’s Output Format. Then go to the Video icon below it and choose the social media site that you want the video uploaded, which is Facebook in our case.

select gopro video output format

Step 3 Change the Video Compression Settings.

Go to the compress icon and click on it, and a new Window will pop up that will let you make changes on resolution and bit quality among others. Hit the Preview button to see those changes on effect.

change the settings

Step 4 Convert the Videos

Then go to the Convert button to have your videos converted one by one, or on Convert all to have them converted as a whole. Go to the Converted tab to see your converted videos, or on the Output icon to check it on your storage.

convert videos


It is necessary to transfer video from GoPro to Mac from time to time due to a number of reasons. By having your GoPro files on Mac, it becomes easier to store, edit, and share them. The ways that have been shown in this guide will simplify the whole process on how to download GoPro videos to Mac. It will only be a matter of you going for the best means that you feel will be appropriate to get tasks done with ease. And once you have GoPro videos in your computer, a professional such as Wondershare UniConverter that has been shown above, will be beneficial to convert your files into high-quality display, Moreso, they will help you share such files to friends and family online.

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