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gopro 1080p

Everything You Need to Know about GoPro 1080P

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 14:34:00 • Proven solutions

Everybody wishes to record very clear videos, especially if the target audience involves intelligent people. GoPro 1080p and GoPro HD 1080p are among the resolutions in GoPro cameras that determine the quality of your videos. They are entirely different, and so are their results. While GoPro HD 1080p provides clearer and more detailed videos, it consumes too much battery power and space. On the other hand, GoPro 1080p videos are easily editable in low-end computers but cannot produce good quality under low illumination. In this GoPro HD 1080p review article, you will learn more about the differences between these two GoPro resolutions and how best to convert from one to the other.

Part 1. What are the Differences Between GoPro 1080P and GoPro HD 1080P

The first obvious difference between GoPro 1080p and GoPro HD 1080p is that the latter has higher video quality than the former. The higher the resolution, the better the image since it comes with finer details and clarity. As a result, GoPro 1080p may be used on DVDs while GoPro HD 1080p gets used in Blu-ray discs, which give a better picture.

Due to the low resolution, GoPro 1080p occupies a smaller file space and records more content, as opposed to GoPro HD 1080p. Consequently, shooting does not consume much battery. GoPro HD 1080p resolution leads to shorter battery life during shooting.

If you are using low-end computers, editing GoPro 1080p videos is quicker and easier, unlike the GoPro HD 1080p videos, which require fast and powerful CPU. Since it is also smaller, it requires lower bandwidth, and so it is easier to upload to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

On the other hand, GoPro HD 1080p captures wider-area views in detail using a single camera. It is better than GoPro 1080p because it substitutes more than two GoPro 1080p cameras. GoPro HD 1080p also functions better than GoPro 1080p under low illumination and captures more light making the image clearer.

gopro 1080p

Part 2. How to Set 1080P or HD 1080P on GoPro

You can easily set 1080p or HD 1080p resolutions on GoPro cameras. HD means High Definition, whereby images appear clearer and sharper. HD 1080p is better than 1080p due to its picture quality. To set 1080p as you default resolution on GoPro:

  • Go to Preferences, tap on Resolution, and then choose 1080.
  • To use HD 1080p on GoPro, use the same procedure above and select HD 1080p and then turn off the previously selected resolution.

gopro hd 1080p

If you are new to these settings, ensure that your camera is updated first. GoPro app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store can help you in updating.

  • Download the GoPro app and install it your mobile device
  • With your camera fully charged, pair it with the GoPro app
  • GoPro app will then inform you of the update, so you have to follow the on-screen procedures to complete the updating process.

Part 3. How to Convert GoPro 1080P to Other Resolutions

According to the above GoPro HD 1080p review, GoPro 1080p is different from other resolutions like GoPro HD 1080p and 720p. Therefore, when your GoPro camera records footage in GoPro 1080p, you can easily convert to either to increase or decrease file size. As usual, such conversion comes with benefits and disadvantages depending on your choice.

To convert GoPro 1080p to other resolutions, you require a converter that does more than the necessary conversions. The perfect application is Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) since it has multiple capabilities and works in both Windows and Mac computers. This software is more than a video converter, as explained in the features below.

gopro video converter icon Wondershare UniConverter - Best GoPro Video Converter Mac/Windows (Catalina Included)

wondershare uniconverter
  • It handles video editing using various editing options. They are namely applying effects, trimming, rotating, cropping and adding subtitles
  • Convert GoPro 1080p to multiple other video resolutions, including 480p, 720p, HD 1080p, 4K and other 1000+ formats with high-quality output.
  • Customize GoPro 4K videos by changing resolution, bit rate, encoder, frame rate, etc.
  • It does video format conversions since it is compatible with over 1000 video formats. Some include WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, and MKV, among others.
  • It customizes GoPro videos by compressing to suitable sizes and burns to Blu-ray and DVD disc.
  • Optimized presets for almost all devices, like iPhone, iPad, Huawei phone, etc.
  • 90X faster conversion speed than common converters with unique APEXTRANS technology.
  • It records and allows downloading of YouTube videos, among other 10,000 video sharing sites.
  • Transfer videos from computer to iPhone, iPad, and other devices directly and vice versa.
  • Versatile toolbox: Add video metadata, GIF maker, video compressor, and screen recorder.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.
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These steps offer help in converting GoPro 1080p to other desired resolutions.

Video Tutorial: Wondershare UniConverter - Convert GoPro 1080P to Any Format

Step 1 Acquire Wondershare UniConverter and Upload the GoPro 1080p Videos.

Acquire Wondershare UniConverter from its official website. After installing it, launch the software and access the Converter function from its interface. To upload the GoPro 1080p, click on the option add files, which will enable you to import the relevant files from the PC. If the GoPro 1080p videos are stored elsewhere, such as your GoPro camera, click on Add from Device option or Add from Camcorder.

upload gopro 1080p video

Step 2 Choose Output and Resolution.

Usually, GoPro videos are stored in the MP4 format, which is compatible with the majority of the video editing applications and players. So, it is likely that you will maintain this format. However, you are allowed to change if needed, since Wondershare UniConverter supports multiple other video formats.

To convert GoPro 1080p resolution, access the drop-down list at Output Format function and choose Video. The left column has video formats, while the right has resolutions. Here, make your selection like HD 720p, so that you can convert GoPro 1080p to GoPro HD 720p.

choose output resolution

Step 3 Finalize Conversion.

Finalize the conversion of GoPro 1080p to another resolution by first selecting the output location through the dropdown list at the File Location function situated at the bottom. Finally, use the Convert or Start All function to convert one file or multiple files, respectively.

finalize conversion


GoPro 1080p and GoPro HD 1080p are clearly different. However, each has advantages and disadvantages, leaving you to make a decision. Wondershare UniConverter will always help in the conversion of one to another.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

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