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Top 15 GoPro Editing Apps for Android and iOS Devices

by Christine Smith • 2024-06-18 18:07:27 • Proven solutions

You might enjoy shooting great videos of adventure or party with your GoPro camera, but most of the time, it requires a bit of editing. This way, you get a chance to share excellent quality videos with your loved ones and keep them for future references. Over the internet, you can easily find a large number of GoPro editing app which have excellent GUI features which make them exceptionally easy for you to use.

Part 1. Top 8 GoPro Editing Apps for Android Devices

  1. KineMaster


Through this GoPro video editing app, you can easily edit multiple timelines, and this application will give you a chance to make a video go in slow motion. Moreover, you can easily get a chance to acquire the best snippets from the video recording, which will help you to edit it completely. KineMaster provides you an opportunity to add a special background sound at a video of your choice. The overall size of this application is very less, and you do not have to download any other plug-in to use it on your mobile phone.

gopro editing app

  1. Camera MX


This is considered as one of the best GoPro editing app, which will give you a chance to shoot the best videos and edit them whether you are on a long drive or camping at a remote location. Camera MX will provide you with an opportunity to choose brightness, color, and contrast of videos as per your choice. You can even delete scenes from the videos which you do not want. This feature will help you to personalize videos as per your choice. You also get a chance to split, crop, and trim videos as you want, which help you make them unique and customized for your loved ones over the internet.

gopro video editing app

  1. PowerDirector


The GUI features of PowerDirector are too user-friendly as well as you do not have to be an expert to edit videos with this GoPro video app. Through the help of this application, it is straightforward to edit as well as export every other video in 4K resolution. Here you also get a video stabilized option, which will give you a chance to rectify even shaky video footage. PowerDirector will provide you with an opportunity to get a voiceover editor for video footage.

best gopro editing app

  1. Quik


This software gives you a chance to mix more than two video footage. GoPro editing app works flawlessly with your Android mobile phone; thus, you can edit videos even on the go. You can edit videos as per your choice in short time duration. Quik application also allows you to pick from a wide range of audio files during the edition of the video. The layout of the application makes it very easy even for a novice to learn how to control.

gopro video app

  1. Antix


Through this GoPro video editing app, you can easily use motion sensors present in the Android mobile phones. This provides a great deal of ease in detecting the motion, which takes place in front of you, which helps in capturing great videos in the first place. Furthermore, this application also provides you key scenes by comparing motion footage, which is captured from mobile phone to GoPro’s streaming video.


  1. Pro Studio


The size of this best GoPro editing app is very less; thus, you can easily keep it on your Android mobile and do not have to worry about a thing. You will get a wide range of sophisticated menu, which will provide you sufficient ease in undertaking editing of your choice. Pro Studio offers you full-screen playback for your videos.

pro pinnacle studio

  1. Adobe premiere clip


This GoPro video app is well known for its user-friendly layout, and the process of video editing is speedy. Thus you get to complete the project in small time duration. Through the application, you also get a chance to upload the edited video on several social media web portals quickly. You will get to work on several aspects like video splitting, trimming as well as changing the background music of the file.

adobe premiere clip

  1. GoPro App


With this application, you get a chance to share video clips over social media platforms while on the go. You will also get an opportunity to shot mind-boggling video clips and 360 degrees footage with a great deal of ease. GoPro application also allows you to easily trim off the parts of videos that you do not like. One of the essential features of this application is that you get to level horizon as per your choice.

gopro app

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Part 2. Top 7 GoPro Editing Apps for iOS Device

  1. Splice

This GoPro editing app is fully supportable for your iOS device, and you get to make eye-catching videos with it. Due to the straightforward interface of this editor, you get a chance to edit videos with ease and in small time duration. Splice application offers you a wide range of filters, backing tracks as well as manual transitions. Moreover, you can easily share edited videos over social media platforms.


  1. Video Crop

This is free of cost GoPro video editing app, which provides excellent cropping of videos on your mobile phones. Thus you can finish a large number of a project even while you are commuting. The intuitive layout of the application lets you use it also if you are a novice in video editing. You can even export MPEG 4 as well as QuickTime on this application.

video crop

  1. Videoshop

With this application, you can either upload the video directly from the camera straight to the social platform. Videoshop also allows you to export videos after creation to Dropbox. After uploading the video, you can even perform a wide range of editing on it viz. merge, tilt, narration, video shifts, etc. Furthermore, you can also split the video into multiple clips and share them individually over the internet.


  1. Cameo

This best GoPro editing app provides you a chance to add themes, background music, and trim the video as per your choice. You can even edit videos in several formats viz. ultra 4K, 720p as well as 1080p. Cameo application gives you a chance to upload photos and videos straight to social platforms. The UX and UI interface of this application makes it very easy to use even by a novice.


  1. Magisto

Magisto offers you a lot of themes with the help of which you can easily edit videos as well as make it more appealing before uploading over the internet. Moreover, you can even choose the total video length and can make a title for it. This will make your video even catchier. After the editing process is over, you will receive a notification. Thus you do not have to spend much time on the application.


  1. iMovie

This GoPro video app is considered as best for iPhones as it is light in size and has a layout, which is very easy to navigate by any user. One of the best features of this application is the drag as well as drop facility with the help of which you can arrange the video in your timeline. A few of the editing features which make iMovie unique are transitions, themes, overlays, texts, etc. Furthermore, you can even use several shortcut keys on the application, which will help you complete the project quickly.


  1. Inshot

Through the GoFix application, you get to edit videos in an efficient manner, which can be shot even at a fast pace. This application has a wide range of editing options, which will help you to get excellent videos which are very presentable. You can even edit your videos with the help of text and emoji’s which will make it even more fun to watch and endearing. Inshot application will help you to sync video and audio together.


(Wanna know the best GoPro editing app for Windows & Mac? Click below to find out!)

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Part 3. Best GoPro Editing App for Windows and Mac Recommended

At present, Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is considered one of the most effective tools which will help you to edit videos of your choice on Mac as well as on Windows laptops. The GUI features of this application make it very simple and easy for you to use.

Furthermore, this application also acquires less amount of space on your computer. Thus you do not have to deal with space issues in your hard disk. With the help of Wondershare UniConverter, you also get a chance to edit videos in a small time frame, and you also get several trimming, crop, and splitting options to choose from.

gopro video converter icon Wondershare UniConverter - Best GoPro Editing App For Mac/Windows (Catalina Included)

wondershare uniconverter
  • Edit GoPro videos with trimming, cropping, rotating, adding subtitles, adding watermarks, and more others.
  • Convert GoPro videos to 1000+ formats with high-quality output.
  • Reduce GoPro video file size with video resolution, bitrate, video format, and other features.
  • Optimized presets for almost all devices, like iPhone, iPad, Huawei phone, etc.
  • 90X faster conversion speed than common converters with unique APEXTRANS technology.
  • Burn GoPro videos to DVD or Blu-ray disc with free DVD menu templates.
  • Transfer videos from computer to iPhone, iPad and other devices directly and vice versa.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.
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Video Tutorial: How to Trim/Merge GoPro Video Using Wondershare UniConverter


At present, there are wide ranges of editing tools from iOS, Android, Windows as well as Mac computers that allow you to modify videos as per your choice. One of the greatest attributes of these applications is that they have simple UI and UX design. Moreover, they also require less space on your phone and computer device. Thus you can easily keep them with you. For these applications, you do not need internet connectivity, and the speed of video editing is very fast.

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