How to Convert Voicemail Audio Files to MP3

If you have several treasured voicemail messages on PC or your phone, you probably want to save these voicemail files as MP3 audio files, so you can manage them better and preserve them permanently on your computer or mobile devices. Converting voicemail to MP3 audio files is also a great way to email your voicemial files to others. Anyway, it'll be an easy job if you can find the right tool. In this article, I'll mainly show you how to save voicemail as MP3 files in details.

Part 1. How to Convert Voicemail Audio Files to MP3 Easily

The tool I use is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (Video Converter for Mac). It supports batch conversion, so you can use it to convert several voicemail files to MP3 files. Besides, easy-to-use interface, fast conversion speed, and lossless audio quality are the main reasons I choose it.


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The following guide will show you how to convert voicemails to MP3 with the help of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate in detailed steps. Check it out.

How to Convert Voicemails to MP3

Step 1 Load voicemails to program

Start Video Converter Ultimate after the installation, and choose the Convert section at the top middle of the main interface. Now you have two ways to add your voicemails, one is by clicking the Add Files button in the middle of the program window, and the other is by dragging and dropping the voicemails into the program directly.

voicemail to mp3 converter

Step 2 Select MP3 as output format

Now you can click the format icon at the right side of this voicemail to MP3 converter, and you'll see a pop-up dialog. Choose Audio tab and select MP3 as an output.

save voicemail as mp3

Step 3 Convert voicemail to MP3

Hit the Convert button at the lower-right bottom to start converting voicemail files to MP3. Now this voicemail to MP3 converter will help you to finish the rest job. The conversion speed is very fast, and there is no obvious audio quality difference because of the groundbreaking APEXTRANSTM Technology has been used in this program. When the conversion finishes, you can click the Open Folder button at middle bottom of the software window, and you can quickly find the converted MP3 files.

convert voicemail to mp3

Part 2. FAQ about Voicemail

convert voicemail to mp3

1. How can voicemails from phone be saved to MP3?

Connect your phone to your computer with the help of a USB Chord. Open the voice mail folder and copy the files which you need to transfer. Paste the files in the required folder and your files will be transferred and saved in MP3 format. Make sure that your USB is connected properly and your phone is unlocked as a media device.

2. How to transfer voicemails from phone to PC?

Click on the Voice Mails folder and you will see the list of voice mails. Click on the voice mail message where you will see different options, out of which you need to click on Download. There will be a popup window which says Download this audio. Click on this and you will see your file downloaded in MP3 format.

3. How to save voicemails permanently?

Open the voicemail folder on your phone or mailbox and click on the file which you particularly need to save. There will either be a Download icon or an option to right-click and save the voicemail. Select the destination folder and your voicemails will be saved within no time.

4. What can be done if the voicemails do not get saved in MP3 format?

In this case, you can take help of several audio conversion programs which help you in effectively converting the saved voicemails to MP3 format, like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

5. Does the voicemail conversion process affect audio quality of the file?

There is no major change in the audio quality of the voicemails. To make sure of good quality audio, you should convert your files with the help of reputed software.