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6 Online Text-to-Speech Hindi Options To Go Within 2024

India is emerging as a new superpower with the current digital revolution happening there. Many top freelancers and CEOs of tech giants are from India, which creates a need for Hindi text-to-speech tools. People from worldwide want to have access to these tools so that they can communicate with Indians better. For this purpose, we will introduce you to the 6 best text-to-speech Hindi voice tools to make the choice easier for you.

In this article
  1. Discussing 6 Top-Rated Text-to-Speech Hindi Tools in 2024
  2. What Are the Operational Drawbacks of Using Text-to-Speech Hindi Tools?
  3. Create Professional Hindi Voice Results with Wondershare UniConverter

Part 1: Discussing 6 Top-Rated Text-to-Speech Hindi Tools in 2024

With the increasing demand for Hindi voice generators, many have been introduced to the market. Here, we will discuss the top 6 such tools to help you pick the one that suits your needs.


Listnr is one of the most advanced Hindi AI voice generators with multiple accents available. Using this AI tool, you can vary the style and speed of Hindi narrations. Also, this tool allows you to add custom pauses after every comma, period, or question mark.

listnr text to speech hindi


  • You can also clone voices to create Hindi voiceovers in your voice using this tool.
  • This text-to-audio converter Hindi also allows you to pre-add the pronunciation of particular words.


  • Using the free version, you can only convert 1000 Hindi words into speech per month.

2. TTS Free

If you want to utilize a simple text-to-voice Hindi tool, TTS Free is a suitable option. For Hindi speech generation, this tool provides 2 TTS servers, each with different AI voices and models. Upon generating the voiceover, you can even download it in MP3 format using this effective tool.

ttsfree text to speech hindi


  • Users can benefit from its SSML editor by adding pauses and emphasis on certain Hindi words.
  • You also get the chance to add background music from the device or YouTube to the AI narrations.


  • You will have to face annoying ads while generating Hindi speech with this AI tool.

3. Narakeet

Narakeet has some dedicated Hindi voices to generate high-quality narration for Indian audiences. You will also be able to adjust the volume and speed settings of AI speech for a perfect voiceover. Also, users can upload scripts to generate AI narration using Narakeet text-to-speech Hindi.

narakeet text to speech hindi


  • With this tool, you can import the generated speech in MP4A, MP3, and WAV formats.
  • This AI tool lets you download the subtitle file along with Hindi audio for better accessibility.


  • Narakeet only allows you to upload up to 10MB of Hindi script to generate AI narration.

4. Micmonster

With its ability to select a portion of the script, you can use this Hindi text-to-voice tool for a particular dialogue. While generating AI narrations, you can play around with the pitch and emphasis of voice to fine-tune the output. Other than Hindi, it supports other Indian languages and accents to improve your communication.

micromonster text to speech hindi


  • Within its pronunciation library, you can add certain words to generate Hindi speech in your desired dialect.
  • You will be able to import Hindi script from your device to edit and generate voiceovers.


  • There are way fewer Hindi voices available in this tool than in other competitors.

5. PlayHT

PlayHT is an excellent-rated AI voice generator in Hindi with diverse options for speech creation. Content creators can use this tool to add multiple speakers in AI narration for their videos. Plus, they can vary the pause and speed settings of Hindi voiceovers using this AI tool for perfect lip sync with visual content.

playht text to speech hindi


  • This text-to-speech Hindi tool allows you to download each paragraph in a separate audio file.
  • You can further choose to export the AI-generated speech in different qualities, including 8KHz, 24KHz, and 48KHz.


  • The new Ultra-Realistic studio of this tool does not support the Hindi language yet.

6. Voiser

Voiser stands out as one of the best Hindi voice generators, containing multiple features for speech generation. Using this AI tool, you can edit voiceovers line-by-line to get a perfect result. In addition, you can apply different Hindi voices to separate lines with the help of this tool.

voiser text to speech hindi


  • It has an advanced feature that allows you to correct incorrect pronunciations to avoid them during Hindi narrations.
  • The interface of this tool also has training features to help you get acquainted with its functionality.


  • The speech style settings are limited to only a few languages, as it is missing for Hindi.

Part 2: What Are the Operational Drawbacks of Using Text-to-Speech Hindi Tools?

Hindi text-to-speech tools offer several communication benefits. However, these tools also have limitations that can affect their effectiveness. We will discuss these limitations in the following section to help you gain a better understanding.

1. Pronunciation Errors

Hindi, like many languages, has complex pronunciation rules, including diverse vowel sounds. Text-to-voice converter Hindi engines might struggle with these complications. As a result, it can lead to mispronunciations that can alter the meaning of the word.

2. Difficulty With Regional Dialects and Slang

The Hindi language has numerous regional dialects and slang terms. So, TTS models trained in standard Hindi might not pronounce these variations accurately.

3. Lack of Emotional Conveyance

Text-to-speech Hindi voices often lack the natural emotions present in human speech. Also, this tool offers limited control when it comes to speech rhythm and intonation. This can make the synthesized speech sound robotic and emotionless.

4. Limited Customization Options

Most Hindi text-to-audio tools offer voice selection and customization options. However, the level of control might be restricted compared to recording a human voice. For this purpose, there will be a limitation while tailoring the voice to specific purposes.

Bonus Part. Create Professional Hindi Voice Results with TTS Feature in Wondershare UniConverter

All the online tools mentioned throughout this article may lack professional-sounding AI voices. Such Hindi text-to-voice online tools do not offer customization options for Hindi narrations. To avoid these issues, you should seek an offline option with Hindi language support and personalization options. Wondershare UniConverter is one such Hindi AI voice generator that allows you to alter speech settings.

With this AI-powered tool, you can select from a range of audio types for Hindi speech. These may include social media, education, and narration for different use cases. Moreover, all these audio styles further come with multiple tonal settings. All these options make UniConverter a perfect choice for Hindi voice generation.

text to speech function in uniconverter

Top-Notch Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  1. This AI tool also has a screen recording feature that lets you record the Hindi narrations on your device.
  2. Wondershare UniConverter provides users with a voice changer to convert Hindi speech into different voices.
  3. Using its subtitle translator, you can make your Hindi content accessible to a global audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert Hindi Text into Speech Using Wondershare UniConverter

All these innovative features deliver a perfect Hindi voiceover to your videos. So, let's learn how to make full use of this tool's AI text-to-speech functionality.

Step 1 Access Text to Speech to Start Hindi Audio Generation

You can start the process of Hindi text-to-audio conversion by downloading Wondershare UniConverter. Then, launch this AI tool on your device to access the "Home" tab, which is the home screen of this tool. On the main window, press the “Text to Speech” feature from the “AI Lab” section to start creating Hindi narration. 

enter text to speech hindi

Step 2 Make Adjustments to Hindi Voiceover Settings

Upon entering the Text-to-Speech window, choose the audio style for your text-to-speech Hindi conversion. For this, select the “Advertisement” option within the “Audio Type” section. Afterward, pick the tone for your Hindi voiceover under the “Tone of Voice” section.

pick audio type and tone

Step 3 Enter Your Hindi Text and Generate AI Voiceover

After completing all your voiceover settings, enter the Hindi text in the “Enter Your Text” box. Next, hit the “Generate” button to let AI create a Hindi narration according to your text. Finally, press the “Export” option after previewing the AI-generated speech. 

write hindi text and generate speech


As discussed, the Hindi language has become essential in recent years. With many Hindi text-to-voice tools available, this language is now commonly accessible to everyone. However, Wondershare UniConverter is the best option among them due to its advanced options. It allows you to adjust the tone and style of your audio for Hindi speech generation.

Sandra Jul 03, 24
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