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The 5 Best Text-to-Speech Software for Multilingual Support

Text-to-speech software is not limited to simple voice generation functionality. Nowadays, these features are integrated into many other software, such as video editors. Upon integrating into video editors, they can boost the functionality of these tools for better content accessibility. Here, we will deal with the use cases of the top text-to-speech software. Also, you will learn about the best TTS tools you can download for audio and video content generation.

In this article
  1. How Can You Use a Text-to-Speech Tool in this Digital Industry?
  2. 5 Distinguished Software Offering Text-to-Speech Function
  3. How To Use Text-to-Speech in The Best Tool: Wondershare UniConverter

Part 1: How Can You Use a Text-to-Speech Tool in this Digital Industry?

As we have mentioned, the TTS tool has advanced far beyond simply providing voice-to-text. These text-to-speech Windows and online tools have now found various uses in the digital. Let's go over all of these use cases to understand their functionality better.   

1. Video Content Accessibility

Visually impaired persons fail to enjoy video content due to their disability. However, you can transcribe what's happening in the video and then utilize TTS tools to make video content accessible. You will be able to convert transcribed text to speech using this feature. Many video editors now support text-to-speech software for this purpose. 

2. Content Creation

Social media influencers can carry out text-to-speech downloads to create content. For this purpose, these TTS tools can be integrated with AI script generators. After generating a quality script with the help of AI technology, you can give it a natural-sounding voiceover. Many creators are using this technique to generate content for YouTube.  

3. Global Reach

Some of the best text-to-speech software are integrated with subtitle translators to make your content a global hit. Upon translating your subtitles, you can give them a voice for multilingual voiceovers. By doing so, you will be able to reach an audience worldwide. Video editors now integrate both subtitle translators and TTS to provide an all-in-one editing experience. 

4. Narrations for the Animation Industry

Animated movies depend highly on the narrations done by human voiceover artists. However, the trend is changing as people have now started using AI voiceovers for games and animations. This helps reduce the cost of the human workforce and saves the time it takes to arrange a team.

Part 2: 5 Distinguished Software Offering Text-to-Speech Function

There are many AI voice generators available online to carry out text-to-speech conversions. However, these TTS tools may lack functionality and pose security issues. You can avoid such problems by opting for Windows text-to-speech offline software. Let’s go over the list of these tools to choose the best one for your audio content creation needs.

1. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter has a multi-featured TTS tool that helps you create audio and video content. With this top text-to-speech software, you will be able to choose from various audio types. No matter if you want to create social or educational videos, it has options for these voiceovers. Plus, you can pick the narrative or conversational audio style for a perfect AI narration.

wondershare uniconverter text to speech software

All these audio types further have other tonal options to customize the voiceovers. For example, the narrative audio type has deep and soft tones for audio content creation. In addition, its AI script feature can generate quality written content for audio narrations. Utilizing all these features, even beginners can create content for social platforms.

Key Features

  1. You can use the subtitle editor of this tool to translate the video subtitles. After translating subtitles, you can paste them into text-to-speech software. By doing so, you will be able to create multilingual narrations.
  2. Its voice changer feature will help you change the voice of your AI voiceovers. This will allow you to make fun audio content and narration for your visual content.
  3. If your AI-generated speech has background voices, use the noise-removal feature of this tool. It will help you eliminate noise from audio for a good listening session.
  4. After optimizing the audio, this tool also lets you enhance the video content. Using its AI video enhancer, you can make your visual content clear with smoother movements.

2. Descript

With its diverse AI narration features, Descript stands out as one of the best text-to-speech software. This one-stop-shop content creator allows you to generate narrations with a library of AI voices. Moreover, you can also clone your voice to add your voice as a speaker for voiceovers. This TTS tool allows you to assign a separate speaker to every line in the script.

descript text to speech software

Key Features

  1. You can also write scripts with its AI writer before creating voiceovers.
  2. Users also get the chance to add music to their AI narration for a personal touch.
  3. This tool lets you upload or record videos to transcribe them. After transcribing, you get to change the subtitles and then re-narrate them to fix any errors in the voiceover.

3. Balabolka

Balabolka is a simple yet effective software with text-to-speech in Windows 10 for AI voiceovers. Using this tool, you can adjust the rate and pitch of the AI-generated speech for variations. You will also be able to add the pronunciation of certain words in a library to avoid any dialect mistakes. To carry out this text-to-voice conversion, you can upload scripts in multiple formats like PDF or Word.

balabolka text to speech software

Key Features

  1. With its subtitle converter, you can upload subtitle files to export them in WAV or MP3 format.
  2. It also offers a translation feature to generate text in multiple languages before converting it to speech.
  3. The tool also provides you with a spell checker to avoid mistakes that can cause faulty narrations.

4. HitPaw Edimakor

If you want to utilize TTS functionality within a video editor, HitPaw Edimakor can be a good option. With this feature, you can generate AI narrations in multiple languages while editing videos. Also, you can choose the tone of voice from options such as angry and chatting. After generating AI audio, you add it to the timeline panel to make it a part of the video.

hitpaw edimakor text to speech software

Key Features

  1. You can change the way text added for voiceover appears on the video.
  2. This tool also allows you to add animation to the text for a fun AI-narrated video.
  3. HitPaw Edimakor even has an auto subtitle feature to make your video accessible to a global audience.

5. NaturalReader

NaturalReader can help you convert text into audio with its free text-to-speech software. You can add multiple files to this tool to read them simultaneously. Also, you can adjust the speed of the AI voice to sync the audio with visual content. While navigating lengthy documents, you can click on lines to listen to them.

naturalreader text to speech software

Key Features

  1. With its pronunciation editor, you can set the correct way to pronounce any word.
  2. It also allows you to search any line through keywords to listen to the required information.
  3. You can also benefit from its bookmark feature to continue your listening sessions from where you left off.

Part 3: How To Use Text-to-Speech in The Best Tool: Wondershare UniConverter

Out of all the tools mentioned, Wondershare UniConverter is the best text-to-speech software. If you want to know how this tool works, read the simple steps explained below.

Step 1 Install UniConverter to Access Text-to-Speech Feature

After carrying out Wondershare UniConverter text-to-speech free download, launch it on your device. Then, access the “Text to Speech” feature from the “AI Lab” section to start AI voice generation.

enter text to speech through ai lab

Step 2 Enter Your Text and Adjust AI Voice Settings

Following this, enter the text you want to listen to in the “Enter Your Text” box. Next, go to the “Voice Library” section and select the desired style from “Audio Type.” Now, make the tonal adjustments using the options available in the “Tone of Voice” sub-section.

type text and adjust audio settings

Step 3 Generate the AI Voiceover and Export it After Previewing

Once you finish all these settings, press the “Generate” button to create AI speech. Finally, preview the output voice and hit the “Export” option to store it on your device.

preview and export generated narration


After going through this article, you now understand the use cases of text-to-speech software. All the above-mentioned Windows speech generation tools can help you convert text into voice. However, Wondershare UniConverter stands as the best offline tool for this conversion. With its diverse audio style and tone options, creators can generate engaging audio narrations.

Douglas London
Douglas London Jul 03, 24
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