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The Ultimate List of 10 Text-to-Speech Online Services

Gone are the days of robotic voices reading text aloud. With the latest text-to-audio online tools, this technology can create natural-sounding speech. If you want to create professional voiceovers, finding the right TTS online is important for the desired outcome. The choice can become difficult for you with various tools offering distinct features. So, this article will put forward the top 10 text-to-speech online tools to help you choose the ideal one.

In this article
  1. How Secure Are Online Text-to-Speech Tools?
  2. Top 10 Online Text-to-Speech Tools for Effective Audio Creation
  3. No Internet! Find Text-to-Speech Services in Wondershare UniConverter

Part 1: How Secure Are Online Text-to-Speech Tools?

Online text-to-speech tools vary in security levels, depending on many factors. You have to look out for data privacy and encryption offered by text-to-voice online before choosing. Also, consider the user authentication that contributes to the security of the tool. Personals can exploit vulnerabilities in a TTS tool's security to steal the text data you submit. This is especially risky if you're using the tool for sensitive information.

Moreover, the audio files you generate can be used to create deepfakes. To avoid such problems, you should prioritize free TTS online services with clear privacy policies for voice creation. Also, you can analyze reviews to understand the tool’s reputation before choosing it. With the help of thorough research, you can identify a secure text-to-audio online tool.

Part 2: Top 10 Online Text-to-Speech Tools for Effective Audio Creation

As discussed, online text voice makers can pose several privacy issues for users. So, you must be very careful when choosing the AI voice creation tool. Here, we will introduce you to the best 10 tools to make audio content creation easier for you.

1. stands out as the top option for online text-to-speech free conversion. With a range of AI voices and languages available, this tool can generate AI narrations for listeners worldwide. Plus, it allows you to change the speed and pitch of voices to apply a personal touch. Upon finishing all the settings, you can either download or upload the speech to the video editing timeline.

mediaio online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. Up to 2000 free characters for text-to-speech generation
  2. Maximum 1 million characters per month with a paid plan
  3. Process only 1500 characters at a time for AI voice creation

2. Speech Typing

You can make use of this simple online text-to-voice converter for free speech generation. After writing or pasting text, you can select from a range of AI voices in multiple languages. Also, you can start or pause the narration at any time to listen to the voiceover on your terms. For personalization, users get to vary the rate and pitch of the voice.

speech typing online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. Simply paste or type text without any requirement
  2. No character limitations

3. Listen2It

Listen2It is an effective text-to-voice generator online with various customization options. With this tool, you can adjust the style of AI narration for specific use cases. Also, it lets you add the pronunciation of certain words to get speech in your favored dialect. While editing the script line-by-line, you get the option to add pauses after every dialogue.

listen2it online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. Upgrade to Advanced Plan to get over 500,000 words or 56 hours of audio generation.
  2. The free plan gives you 1000 words for a text-to-sound online free
  3. Buy a paid plan to download AI-generated narration.

4. Murf AI

With its advanced TTS studio, Murf AI lets creators generate professional voiceovers. You can choose from various voice styles, including storytelling and narration, for desired AI speech. Moreover, it gives you the option to import a script from your device. You can even add background music to your AI narration using this text-to-speech site.

murf ai online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. Purchase a Pro Plan for 48 hours of voice generation per year.
  2. The free plan only gives you 10 min of online text-to-speech free
  3. Upgrade to a paid plan to share generated narration links with password protection.

5. Voicemaker

Voicemaker provides you with standard TTS and Neural TTS models for voice creation. This online text-to-speech generator has several male, female, and child voices to generate speech for every occasion. Plus, it lets you add the pronunciation of several words to avoid errors while creating voiceovers. Once all settings are finalized, you will be able to download output speech in MP3 or WAV format.

voicemaker online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. Using the free version, you will only have 250 characters per text-to-speech conversion.
  2. Upgrade to Business Plan to get over 1 million characters for voice generation.
  3. With the paid plan, you will get 10000 characters per conversion.


When talking about the best free TTS online tools, surely comes into discussion. It has an advanced SSML editor that lets you add breaks and emphasize particular words. Plus, you can utilize this tool to assign different voices to every dialogue in the script. With this effective tool, you can also insert pauses between paragraphs and sentences.

speechgen online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. Its most cost-effective plan gives you 500k characters for pro-voice creation.
  2. Get 1500 characters for online text-to-audio generation with the free plan.
  3. Buy premium plans for API access and email support.

7. Speechify

Speechify lets you upload documents in multiple formats to perform the TTS function on the text. You can even add web links and scanned images for an online text-to-voice operation. Plus, it has several celebrity voices to create fun narrations for your videos.

speechify online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. You have to log in with your Google Account to get access to its Web app.
  2. Purchase a paid plan to download the AI-generated speech.
  3. Buy the Professional Plan to get over 100 hours of text-to-sound online

8. WellSaid Labs

This advanced TTS generator online allows you to create AI speech in different audio styles. These variable voice styles include narration, promo, and conversational. Also, you can export the AI-generated speech as a whole or in the form of separate paragraphs. In addition, you get to pre-determine pronunciations of several words.

wellsaid labs online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. You have to verify your Google account via email to access this tool.
  2. The free version lets you access this voice generator for one week.
  3. There is support for a maximum of 5000 characters per clip.

9. proves to be one of the best text-to-voice generators online, with various premium and ultra-AI voices. You also get to clone your voice to generate personalized voiceovers for your visual content. Other than that, it allows you to add pauses after commas and periods. After selecting the required sample rate, you can download AI speech in MP3 or WAV.

listnrai online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. Access 1000 free words for AI speech generation.
  2. Purchase the Agency Plan to convert 500000 words into speech per month.
  3. To get access to all 1000+ voices, you have to buy a paid plan.

10. Text to Voice

You can get single-voice and multi-voice modes to optimize the AI speech generation with Text to Voice. This effective text-to-voice maker online supports the SSML editor for further customizations. With this feature, you can add pauses and emphasis in the AI narrations. You even get to add background music to AI voiceover using this tool.

text to voice online text to speech

Essential Requirements

  1. The free version gives you 100 premium and 10k standard characters for voice generation.
  2. Purchase Pro Plan for a maximum of 1 million characters for AI narrations.
  3. Buy any paid plan to avoid annoying ads during TTS online

Part 3: No Internet! Find Text-to-Speech Services in Wondershare UniConverter

All the online text-to-voice free tools discussed above are helpful for the basic voice generation process. However, these tools may lack functionality when you desire to get professional narrations. Also, there is an element of privacy risk associated with the online TTS tools. To avoid all these issues, Wondershare UniConverter text-to-speech features will come in handy.

The diverse language and audio type choices will give you a professional AI voiceover for your content. Also, you can determine the tone of the narration using this text-to-audio tool. Users will also be able to enjoy 500 free characters for text-to-speech generation.

text to speech by uniconverter

Simplified Steps to Generate AI Voiceover Using Wondershare UniConverter

After getting to know its functionality, let's discuss how this tool works. So, go over this section to learn how to generate unique AI narrations.

Step 1 Enter the Text-to-Speech Feature to Create Unique Voiceovers

Begin the process of generating AI voiceovers by installing Wondershare UniConverter and launching it on your device. Upon launching this tool, access the “Home” tab and click on the “Text to Speech” tool present under the “AI Lab” section.

enter text to speech feature

Step 2 Pick the Desired Audio Type and Tone for AI Voiceovers

After accessing this feature, pick any audio type present beneath the “Audio Type” section. By doing so, you will reveal a set of tonal settings. From here, hit the desired tone option under the “Tone of Voice” section.

choose audio type and tone

Step 3 Type Your Text Script for AI Narration Generation

Upon finalizing the settings, type the desired script to generate a voiceover. Afterward, hit the “Generate” option to eventually get AI narration using this text-to-speech tool. Following this, press the “Play” button to listen to the output. Next, click on the “Export” option to save this AI-generated voice on your PC. 

type text and generate ai speech


All in all, there are many tools available to convert text into voice online. You can use any of these tools to generate AI speech while staying within fulfilling requirements. However, we recommend you benefit from Wondershare UniConverter for accurate text-to-speech conversions. With this tool, AI voice generation is now easier than ever. Additionally, its tonal customization makes it perfect for applying a personal touch to audio content.

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