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Explore the 10 Top Image-To-Video Generator with High-Quality Generation

Have you ever thought of a tool that can transform your image into a video? The advancements in technology have made it possible to convert AI images into video using generators. These AI-powered tools are quite efficient in converting your still image into moveable video. Most famous social media influencers are adopting this trend to create videos without putting any effort into it.

If you are a content creator looking for a quick tool to convert an image into an AI video to advertise your brand, you are in the right place. This article will provide a thorough review of top-notch tools that can generate AI images for video.

In this article
  1. Can AI Create a Video From a Picture?
  2. How to Use an AI Image-to-Video Generator for Business?
  3. 10 Must-Try Image-to-Video AI Generators of 2024
  4. Detailed Comparison Between the Top 10 AI Image-to-Video Generators of 2024
  5. Unlock the Full Potential of AI Video with UniConverter Video Enhancer

Part 1: Can AI Create a Video From a Picture?

The traditional methods were used to make slideshows from the images, which were based on a collection of images displayed one after another. However, after the introduction of AI, users are able to create videos from pictures. Yes, this concept has been made possible with the wide-scale adoption of deep learning techniques.

Ever since AI was integrated into this field, it has been possible to generate realistic videos that display proper motion and behavior. Furthermore, different real-life scenes are generated through simple images with proper highlights on the main subjects within the image.

Part 2: How to Use an AI Image-to-Video Generator for Business?

Almost every field is using AI to enhance productivity and reduce costs. The business sector is also utilizing AI to get maximum benefits. Overall, AI image-to-video generation plays an important role in the business sector. Let's explore how AI image-to-video generation is used for business.

  1. Content Creation at Scale: You can convert product images to short explainer videos that showcase product features and post them on social media platforms. For instance, if you belong to real estate or hospitality, you can generate video tours from property images.
  2. Boost Engagement & Marketing: It also helps generate social media content and teasers for upcoming events or webinars using images for customers. You can increase traffic to your website by developing policies with image-based videos.
  3. Enhance Internal Communication: You can make engaging training materials and visual data for training purposes and enhance presentations or reports. To showcase company and employee culture, you can also generate videos from images.

Part 3: 10 Must-Try Image-to-Video AI Generators of 2024

Before the revolution of AI, there were endless possibilities to generate videos from scratch, but none of them competed with image-to-video generators. Nowadays, people upload short videos generated with images using AI. Therefore, you might be seeking a tool that can offer this feature to create AI images for video. In this section, we will mention the 10 best image-to-video AI generators you might need to try.

1. Appy Pie

Generating a stunning video from static images is possible now with Appy Pie. This AI image-to-video generator allows you a feature that converts static images into a moving video within a few clicks. It can add music or voiceovers to make it more engaging. Furthermore, this AI image-to-video generator can help you generate a detailed 15-second video, which is not possible with other AI tools.

appy pie image to video generator

Key Features

  1. With its Smart Motion Prediction, this tool can automatically identify the motion path and convert the photo into lifelike videos.
  2. This tool also has high-resolution output compatibility that maintains clarity and in-depth detailing.
  3. Most AI tools are expensive, but using Appy Pie is simpler, time-saving, and even affordable.

2. D-iD

When seeking to create professional talking-head videos or explainer videos, D-iD provides a cohesive interface with unique features. With the option of adding a simple photo of yourself or any presenter, you can provide a script or add voiceover audio. Furthermore, this image-to-video AI tool improves user experience by allowing text generation through AI.

d id image to video generator

Key Features

  1. This AI tool lets you personalize the content using multiple language options, voice accents, and styles.
  2. D-iD allows you to create and manage agents effortlessly by customizing their appearance and voice.
  3. You can also generate unique and professional AI presenters with the help of AI prompts.

3. Cre8tive AI

If you are looking for an AI moving photo maker to create live video photos, check out Cre8tive AI. With this tool, you can simply upload a photo, and it will recognize the object in the image to convert it into 3D. You can personalize the converted video in 14 styles for the best results. Moreover, you can also upscale your images before using them if their quality is low or have some blurriness.

cre8tive ai image to video generator

Key Features

  1. It will generate AI videos of a maximum of 8 seconds with the same aspect ratio as the image.
  2. You can download your moving videos in 2 different FPS options, which are 29.97 and 59.94.
  3. This tool allows you to download HD and FHD-size videos to use on different social media platforms.

4. Genmo

Technology is evolving, and so is AI video generation. Therefore, creating an AI video with Genmo is much easier. With its AI video generator, users can simply give a prompt to describe the video, or they can upload an image to generate the AI video. Furthermore, this tool also offers you camera motion adjustment and FX effects to make the video more engaging.

genmo image to video generator

Key Features

  1. This AI video generator from an image can analyze the picture and generate an AI prompt to generate a moveable photo.
  2. Its Camera Motion feature allows you to adjust Zoom, Roll, Pan, and Tilt to make the video more personalized.
  3. It can also automatically adjust the aspect ratio of the video according to your image and prompt.

5. Kaiber

This innovative image-to-video AI tool offers you a variety of features that you can use to generate an engaging videoIt offers 2 different video types that you can choose to convert your images into videos called Flipbook and Motion. Moreover, Kaiber allows you to prompt the scenes and style of the video to enhance the overall experience. You can also adjust the duration of the AI video and add a song for playback.

kaiber image to video generator

Key Features

  1. With its Transfer tool, you can change the style of your videos to give them a new and personalized look.
  2. This AI image-to-video generator can autofill the subject prompt by analyzing your image if you are out of ideas.
  3. You can also adjust the value of Evolve to decide how you want to animate your image.


If you want to save time and fasten your process of generating AI images into videos, is a tool you might need. This AI-powered tool offers you an all-in-one AI creative toolkit to perform all the visual tasks in a single place. It allows you to make images into 4 seconds of video content without going into complexity. also allows you to set the motion and FPS according to your requirements.

getimg ai image to video generator

Key Features

  1. Using this AI tool, you can also generate AI images and then use them to create videos.
  2. It also offers you 3 different aspect ratio options to help you generate AI videos for different platforms.
  3. ai allows you to edit the image by simply prompting the text, and this feature is necessary when you have innovative ideas.

7. Geemo

Elevate the transformation process of the image to a video with the Geemo image-to-video AI tool. While providing simplicity in overall operation, you have to drag and drop the image to its interface, and with a few clicks, exciting content will appear on your screen. Along with its innovative functionality, you can add animations and depth to your image to generate intuitive videos.

geemo image to video generator

Key Features

  1. You can export your AI-generated videos as GIFs to make them easy to share on instant messaging platforms.
  2. This image-to-video AI-free tool also allows you to share the AI video by generating a shareable link.
  3. The default video duration generated by this platform is 2-3 seconds, but you can increase it according to your requirements.

8. Collov AI

To create imaginative AI videos from images, you can use Collov AI. With its user-friendly interface, you can transform a simpler image into a vivid storytelling video instantly. This AI image-to-video tool not only allows you to create videos using the photos, but you can also give text prompts to generate them. In addition, it can help you transform your static images by adding dynamic motion to them.

collov ai image to video generator

Key Features

  1. This AI tool allows you to use pre-built designs as a reference when generating images for AI video.
  2. You can take advantage of its 5 free credits to test its AI image-to-video generator before buying it.
  3. It also offers the Home Design AI generator to help you create unique style ideas for your rooms.

9. PromeAI

Nowadays, people love to share moveable photos with each other because it looks like fun to them. If you are looking to transform your old portraits into moveable videos, check out PromeAI. You just need to upload a photo and let this tool work so you can adjust the visuals according to the photo scene. Moreover, you can learn different image-to-video AI-free ideas from the Community tab.

promeai image to video generator

Key Features

  1. PromeAI offers you the flexibility to use high or low motion, depending on your preference and image.
  2. Its user-friendly interface will increase your experience and generate moveable photos much faster than ever.
  3. It also offers the text-to-video AI tool to help you generate engaging videos by just typing your idea.


You can use to animate a wide range of possibilities, such as photos, sketches, cartoons, etc. This AI tool can create expressive short videos by simply uploading pictures to its Photo Animer. Moving forward, you can explore multiple features in the video to beautify the actions and expressions of your object. The auto-sharpened feature of this tool can automatically identify the final adjustments and finalize the video.

cutout pro image to video generator

Key Features

  1. This image-to-video AI tool lets you change the background from the AI-generated video to make it more engaging.
  2. With its Background Diffusion Feature, you can also swap the face to edit an image in a more interesting way.
  3. Along with its diverse features, this tool offers you the AI video enhancer feature to improve the quality of overall video.

Part 4: Detailed Comparison Between the Top 10 AI Image-to-Video Generators of 2024

After going through the top AI image-to-video generators available online, you might still be confused about selecting the best tool for video generation. Provided below is a detailed comparison between the top 10 AI image-to-video generators to help you choose the best option with ease:


Image Upload Options

Other AI Features



Appy Pie


AI Animation Generator, AI Story Generator, AI NFT Generator, etc.


Monthly: $8

Yearly: $84



AI Agent, Chat.D-ID, etc.


Lite: $5.9/month

Pro: $29/month

Advanced: $196/month

Cre8tive AI


Photo Refiner, Face Refiner, Mono Painter, etc.


Lite Plan: $48/month

 Standard Plan: $98/month

Pro Plan: $297/month

Ultra Plan: $450/month

Mega Plan: $800/month



Genmo Chat, Animate


Turbo Mode: $10/month



Audioreactivity, Transform, etc.


Explorer: $5/month

Pro: $15/month

Artist: $30/month


AI Generator, Image Editor, DreamBooth, etc.


Basic: $12/month

Starter: $29/month

Hobby: $49/month



AI Background Remover, AI Image Generator, AI Wallpaper Generator, etc.


Starter: $4.99

Standard: $9.99

Premium: $19.99


Collov AI


AI Real-Time Design, Character Real-Time, Real-Time Photo Studio, etc.


Pro (528 Credits): $24/month


Device URL

AI Text to Video, AI Image Generator, AI Headshot Generator, etc.


Basic: $19/month

Standard: $39/month

Pro: $79/month

Device, URL

AI Art Generation, AI Video Enhancer, Anime Enhancer, etc.


Subscription Plan: $0.125/credit

Pay as you go: $0.997

Part 5: Unlock the Full Potential of AI Video with UniConverter Video Enhancer

As discussed, you can use various AI video generator tools to transform images into moveable video. These tools will only provide you with AI-generated videos, but they will still require some improvements to make them look more engaging. For this reason, we introduce you to Wondershare UniConverter, which can enhance the AI video in a very simple way.

You can use this AI tool to improve the overall quality of visual content in a presentable way. Furthermore, the AI video enhancer of UniConverter can automatically detect the errors in your video and sharpen the quality without any complexity. Despite the AI video enhancer, you can also take advantage of a wide range of AI features to resolve other concerns about your AI-generated videos.

Simplified Step-by-Step Guide to Enhance the Overall Quality of AI-Generated Videos

With this AI video enhancer, you can adjust the frame rate to maximize the smoothness of the video. In this section, we will guide you step-by-step on how to enhance AI-generated videos with the AI Video Enhancer of UniConverter.

Step 1 Access the AI Video Enhancer Feature

To start enhancing your AI-generated videos, launch the latest version of Wondershare UniConverter and choose the "AI Video Enhancer" feature from the "AI Lab" section. Afterward, import your AI video by tapping on the "+" icon, or you can drag and drop it into the AI Video Enhancer interface.

access ai video enhancer feature
Step 2 Initiate the AI Video Enhancement

Once the AI-generated video is imported, select the desired AI model, and if you have chosen the "Frame Interpolation Mode," adjust the required smoothness. Afterward, tap on the "Export" button to save the AI-enhanced video on your device.

define ai model and export


Throughout the above article, we have discussed how AI can create video from images and how image-to-video generation is used for business. We have also outlined the most trending and powerful AI video generators from images

Also, for ease of selecting the right AI image-to-video generator, the key features of each tool are discussed in detail. Ultimately, we have discussed the top-rated AI video enhancer, Wondershare UniConverter, to help you add perfection to your AI-generated videos.

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