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Top 8 Solutions for Editing Animated GIF Online Free

by Kayla Morrison • 2023-07-17 22:48:33 • Proven solutions

Making an animated GIF is fun. And thanks to the numerous GIF makers online, it’s now possible to create animated GIFs quickly. However, you may find that you need to optimize your GIFs to utilize them best. With this in mind, you need to know how to edit animated GIF online in the best way possible. Fortunately for you, there are powerful tools that can help you to do that easily. So, by the end of this article, you should know how to edit animated GIF freely and smoothly online.

Part 1. How to Edit Animated GIF Online Free

When it comes to online GIF-editing platforms, the internet provides lots of options. The good thing with online tools is that they can be accessed from anywhere and are compatible with popular browsers. Therefore, whether you are an expert or an amateur, these top-rated solutions should sort your GIF editing needs quickly.


EZGIF is a superb online platform that creates high-quality GIFs on its simple platform. Besides making GIFs, it also has an inbuilt editor for customizing your GIF files accordingly. It can add effects, resize, rotate, and crop your GIF files professionally. Moreover, EZGIF supports PNG, GIF, JPG, WebP, APNG, and other popular image formats. And of course, a free video converter is also available if you want to convert between image and video files.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-EZGIF

2. Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor is another online GIF maker and editor that will add that expert touch to your GIF files. It is a dedicated tool that creates GIFs in a few simple steps and according to your preferences. On top of that, you have few editing options such as resizing a GIF, splitting GIF, optimize resolution, and so much more. Users can also upload both local and URL files.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-Online Image Editor

3. GIFMaker

GIFMaker is a simple and straightforward online tool. This application performs GIF creation and editing tasks very fasts. In fact, no registration is required to use GIFMaker. Back to editing GIFs, it can resize and reverse your GIF effortlessly. Users can also upload up to 300 PNG, GIF, and JPG images. Once done editing, you can easily share your files directly to social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-GIFMaker

4. Gifntext


Gifntext provides you with multiple features, including how to edit animated GIF online easily. This GIF maker is easy to use and supports different file formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and many more. Editing features include adding texts, adding moving images, adding captions, resizing, optimizing speed, and so much more. Moreover, it’s a free app to use.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-Gifntext

5. Lunapic

Lunapic is yet another quality online product that has proven to be an ideal GIF creator and editor tool. It is user-friendly and has powerful features for editing GIFs. Users can convert both images and videos to GIFs with ease as well. Editing tools offered include optimizing GIF size, editing frames, speed optimization, applying effects, and more animation features. Once done editing, you can directly share GIFs on your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-Lunapic

6. GIF Maker and GIF Editor

This practical online GIF editor helps you create an animated GIF from video files. GIF Maker and GIF Editor is simple to use and comes with an inbuilt editor for you to enhance your GIF files. You can trim GIFs, resize, split, cut, and so much more. Once you’ve edited and created GIFs successfully, GIF Maker and GIF Editor will share it on your social media account seamlessly.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-GIF Maker and GIF Editor

7. Bannersnack

Bannersnack is a robust and secure online animated GIF maker. Here, you can choose from ready-made GIF templates or create your own high-quality GIFs. After dragging and dropping your GIF file on Bannersnack, you can resize, optimize speed, add predefined animations and transitions, crop, and so much more. You do not even need expert skills to create professional and beautiful animations here.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-Bannersnack


GIPHY is a popular and fun tool that can create and edit animation from images and videos. This platform allows users to add files from URL links or local files and convert them into GIFs. GIPHY offers essential editing tools that will enable you to add captions, filters, stickers, trim the GIF, and much more. Once done editing, you can easily share the photo on social media, local drive, email, or save it on their online library.

 Animated GIF Online Editor-GIPHY

Part 2. The Comparison of the 8 Methods for Editing Animated GIFS

The following is a detailed comparison table for each online tool.

Online GIF Editing Tool Pros Cons
  • Easy to use.
  • Wide range of editing tools such as resize, rotate, crop, and add effect to GIF.
  • Supports diverse video and image formats.
  • Maximum upload size is 35MB.
  • Output quality can deteriorate at times.
  • Contains Ads.
Online Image Maker
  • Supports image and video files.
  • The conversion and customization processes are simple and easy.
  • Users can resize, split, and optimize GIF resolution.
  • It contains ads.
  • Limited support for files.
  • Outdated UI.
  • Support up to 300 JPG, PNG, and GIF files.
  • Live-preview is available.
  • Combines multiple GIFs into one.
  • High-quality GIFs.
  • Powerful settings and controls.
  • It does not support videos.
  • Not for beginners.
  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality GIFs.
  • No watermarks.
  • Extensive editing features and settings.
  • Contains ads.
  • Supports only GIF format.
  • Free to use.
  • No limitations.
  • Diverse editing effects and filters.
  • Variety of animated effects and text overlays.
  • Online sharing features.
  • Unattractive design.
  • There is a Limited image upload size.
  • Numerous page refreshes.
GIF Maker and GIF Editor
  • Drag & drop feature.
  • Basic editing tools.
  • Preview is available.
  • Contains ads.
  • Limited upload size.
  • Unintuitive design.
  • Extensive collection of ready-made GIFs.
  • Smooth animations effects.
  • Offers customer support.
  • There is a limited design tool.
  • Few GIFs templates.
  • It is complicated to use for beginners.
  • Ad-free.
  • Attractive and easy to navigate design.
  • Powerful conversion tool for video to GIF.
  • Diverse editing options.
  • Quick sharing options.
  • Supports only videos and images.
  • Must upload and save each GIF.
  • Cannot delete a GIF.
  • Registration is required.


Although these simple apps will edit your GIFs in no time, using a desktop versions such as the Wondershare UniConverter is the most recommended method. On top of editing GIFs offline, you’ll also enjoy other file editing services. What’s more, it supports 1000+ file formats, making it the most flexible desktop app ever.

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