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Top 6 DVR Recorders for TV in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-04-08 10:51:02 • Proven solutions

In modern days, everyone is too busy, and nobody has time to tune in to live TV and watch their favorite shows. That is why if you are a fan of live TV, a digital TV recorder is a must for you. DVR recorders allow you to record, save, and playback television programs. Modern DVRs can also pause live TV and record the show in real-time. You can watch your favorite shows anytime. Today, the market is full of DVRs. It is known which one to buy and which to not to can be quite a hassle for a non-tech savvy person. That is why our experts have compiled a list of the best DVR recorders for TV available on the market so you can buy the one that suits you the most.

Part 1. Best DVR Recorders for TV

There are a lot of digital TV recording devices available on the market. To know which one will be the best, you need to check them properly and compare them with their best highlights. Here are the top 6 DVR recorders for TV reviewed for you:

Plex DVR

Plex DVR is an effortless and straightforward DVR recorder for TV to record your live television network anywhere you are. All you need is a Plex subscription, an HD antenna, a computer, and of course, a TV. The setup can be a bit difficult, but the Plex support page has explained it in a very straightforward way. The best thing about the Plex DVR is that you don't need to watch your recorded shows on the TV. You can view your favorite recorded shows on any device. Plex has apps on virtually every platform and device.

Plex DVR


● It can be used on multiple TVs.

● Recorded shows can be watched anywhere on all devices.

● Plex has its TV programs built in the app, including news, sports, and entertainment channels.

● Great customer support.

● Cheap subscription fee.

Dish Hopper 3

Dish Hopper 3 is one of the best digital TV recorders that we reviewed. It is a very powerful DVR designed for homes with families. The Dish Hopper 3 comes with a remote that has some beneficial features built into it. The problem most DVR users experience is that the remote gets lost every time someone uses it. The Dish Hopper 3 has a feature on its remote specifically for tackling this problem. Anytime the remote is lost, and you can't find it, just press a button on the Dish Hopper 3, and your remote will beep and blink to show you where it is. The Dish Hopper 3 has some other features as well. It has a built-in commercial skipper. You can forget about the annoying commercials interrupting your favorite show every few minutes. With the Dish Hopper 3, you can just skip them.

Dish Hopper 3


● It costs only $15 a month.

● Can record up to five hundred hours of HD content.

● Can record 16 channels simultaneously.

● It has a remote locator feature.

● It has a built-in commercial skipper feature.

● It has an integrated voice recognition program.

TiVo Roamio OTA VOX

TiVo Roamio OTA VOX is a DVR for antenna TV recording that requires no monthly fee. You just need to buy the device which is available across all major online stores, including Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy. The TiVo Roamio OTA VOX can record up to 150 hours of HD TV. It can also record four shows simultaneously. The best thing about the TiVo Roamio OTA VOX apart from no monthly fees is its voice remote. The new TiVo Roamio OTA VOX can instantly browse across your live TV and recorded content, so you don't have to search every channel manually. It also has an auto skip mode, which can skip commercial breaks in recorded content. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Prime, and Pandora are all integrated into the TiVo Roamio OTA VOX, so no more need for switching remotes and inputs to view your favorite programs. The only downside TiVo Roamio OTA VOX has is that it doesn't support cable or satellite TV. If you want to see local channels, you'll have to buy an HD antenna, which is sold separately.

TiVo Roamio OTA VOX


● No monthly fee.

● Primary streaming services are already integrated into the device.

● Can record up to 150 hours of live TV.

● It can record four channels simultaneously.

● It has a voice control feature in the remote.

DirecTV HR44 Genie HD

DirecTV HR44 Genie HD was rated one of the top five digital TV recording devices in the industry in 2018. The DirecTV HR44 Genie HD is included at no extra cost if you are a subscriber of the DIRECTV plan. The best part about the DirecTV HR44 Genie HD is that it can connect to up to eight rooms at one time within the same unit. It has an external SWiM power inserter, which powers your visible satellite with such efficiency that it earned the Energy Star certification in 2018. With the DirecTV HR44 Genie HD, you can record up to 5 shows at once and can easily store up to two hundred hours of HD recordings. As compared to the other DVRs available in the market, the recording storage limit isn't that great, but you can extend the storage by plugging in an external hard drive. Another great and unique feature that the DirecTV HR44 Genie HD has is that you can watch up to eight channels on one screen.

DirecTV HR44 Genie HD


● Top-rated DVR of 2018.

● It can connect up to eight TVs at a time.

● Can record up to two hundred hours of live TV.

● It can record up to five channels simultaneously.

● You can view up to eight channels on one screen.

Tablo Quad OTA DVR

The Tablo Quad OTA DVR is one of those portable DVR recorders for TV that requires a computer connection to function. It also doesn't have built-in storage, so an external device is necessary for it to function correctly. Other than that, the Tablo Quad OTA DVR is perfect. It has an automatic commercial skip feature, which is quite common among modern DVRs. It can record up to four shows at a time, and since it has no internal memory, you can record as much as your external memory drive allows. The Tablo Quad OTA DVR also offers an excellent customer support line, which will guide you through any problems that you may run into with your Tablo Quad OTA DVR. The best part about the Tablo Quad OTA DVR is that it offers a 30-day free trial, after which you can cancel your subscription any time you want. The 30-day trial gives you the chance to properly experience and evaluate the variety of functions that the Tablo Quad OTA DVR has. If the features don't amuse you, you can cancel the free trial and return the device.

Tablo Quad OTA DVR


● Automatic commercial skip.

● Virtually unlimited storage.

● It can record up to four types of channels at a time.

● It offers a 30-day free trial.

● Excellent customer support.


The TiVo BOLT VOX is yet another masterpiece DVR recorder for TV recording by TiVo. It features all the functions that its predecessors had and more. Like the TiVo Roamio OTA VOX, the TiVo BOLT VOX also has a voice control function that can be integrated with Alexa, which is the Amazon virtual assistant. It also offers built-in access to all the primary streaming services, including but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Pandora, and Disney+. It has a commercial skip mode that you can use while viewing your pre-recorded shows to skip all the annoying ads and commercials. The TiVo BOLT VOX even offers you the option to view all your recordings on your Android and iOS phones. You can even view them on your computer. The best part about the TiVo BOLT VOX is its one-time payment. No monthly fee is required to use the TiVo BOLT VOX. With the TiVo BOLT VOX, you can have the ultimate DVR experience without the hassle of monthly subscription charges.



● One-time payment only.

● Has a voice control function.

● Built-in access to all major streaming services.

● Has commercial skip mode.

● Can view all recordings on your phone.

Part 2. Record TV Shows with Wondershare UniConverter

It’s an open secret that purchasing the perfect digital TV recorder can cost you quite a lot. Therefore, install a TV tuner card on your PC and start streaming and recording TV shows effortlessly. With Wondershare UniConverter, you can record TV shows, video games, browser tabs, or any other desktop activity. To make sure that the outcome is of the best quality, it lets you add annotations, voice narrations, system audio, and customize the output quality, frame rate, and format. Moreover, users can edit and convert recorded TV shows.

Wondershare UniConverter - #1 Desktop Digital TV Recorder

Wondershare UniConverter - Best Video Converter for Mac/Windows

wondershare UniConverter
  • It lets users record any desktop activity like TV shows, VoIP apps, browser tabs, video games, and more.
  • Capture desktop activities in full-screen or custom modes.
  • Add unique voice narrations, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) effect, and annotations when recording.
  • Edit the recorded TV show by adding watermarks, applying effects, cropping, trimming, compressing, and more.
  • Convert between 1000+ file formats with 30x faster conversion and editing speeds.
  • Best digital TV recorder for OS X 10.9+ & Win 10/8/7.

Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.

Steps to record a TV show on Mac or Windows using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1Launch the Screen Recorder tool.

Install and run the app on your PC, then click Screen Recorder. After that, tap the Screen Recorder icon. The screen capture tool will load up immediately.

Launch the Screen Recorder tool

Step 2Select a capture area.

Now launch the TV show, then drag the cropper to fit a particular area of the screen you want to record. Another way is to open the recording mode menu and set it as Full Screen or Custom. If you have the frame dimensions, choose Custom, enter the height and width, then click Lock Aspect Ratio. This is best if you’re making a tutorial for Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Select a capture area

Step 3Customize recording settings.

As said earlier, Wondershare Screen Recorder lets you add voice narrations and video overlays as you record a video. To do that, choose a device under the Microphone and Webcam menus. Also, don’t forget to select a sound output device under the System Audio menu.

Choose a device

Now click the Settings icon to customize the output quality, frame rate, and format. You can choose MP4, AVI, or FLV as the target format. Moreover, users can set the folder path, recording timer, and customize the keyboard shortcuts.


Step 4Start recording the video.

Tap the REC button if everything looks clean and polished. The recording process will start automatically. To add texts, shapes, arrows, and other characters as you record, launch the recording taskbar, then click the Annotation button. Click Stop if you’re satisfied with the recorded content.

Start recording the video


To end this guide, we rest the verdict in your hands. As our job was to compile the best of the best DVR for you, we did our best. Our guide has provided you an excellent review of the best DVR recorders for antenna TV recording. Using our guide, you will be able to choose the best DVR recorder for TV according to your needs. Any of these digital TV recorders will suit your recording preference. You can follow the highlights and specifications of these DVRs to understand which one is suitable for you. Also, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to record your favorite TV shows using Wondershare UniConverter, the best alternative of DVR on the market.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

chief Editor

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