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Exploring the Power of Topaz Image AI: A Comprehensive Review

Professional photographers always want to deliver high-quality images to their clients. Sometimes, capturing perfect photos becomes impossible due to challenging environments. In such cases, they can utilize an effective photo enhancer like Topaz image upscaler to improve the image's resolution.

Topaz Photo AI gives you professional results and makes the image visually appealing. This comprehensive article is about the Topaz AI software to upscale and enhance any raw image.

In this article
  1. What is Topaz Image AI?
  2. Explore the Detailed Features of Topaz Image Enhancer
  3. The Best Alternative to Topaz Photo AI

Part 1. What is Topaz Image AI?

Topaz Image AI is an efficient photo editor that helps you enhance images with AI. What makes it special is that it understands your photos using smart technology. It includes useful features like noise reduction, blur fixes, and image enlargement. One notable aspect of Topaz AI is its user-friendly interface. It provides a simple layout, making it accessible for professionals and beginners.

The features discussed above are not the only ones Topaz Photo AI offers. You can also find an option to fix the lighting issues within the image content. Furthermore, it has the ability to synthesize the image by reversing the cause of blurriness within the image to create natural results. Such advanced functions make it possible to gather enhanced images from Topaz Photo AI.

This Topaz image upscaler works on both Windows and Mac computers. Plus, it is compatible with popular editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Topaz Labs offers a combined package of Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, and DeNoise AI under the banner of Topaz Photo AI.

Part 2. Explore the Detailed Features of Topaz Image Enhancer

There's much more to explore and discuss about this ultimate image enhancer to use like a professional. This section will point out the valuable key features of this tool and provide you with simple guidelines as follows:

1. Topaz Image Upscaler – Gigapixel AI

Being a photographer, you need to upscale the photo while maintaining quality. Gigapixel AI is a Topaz image upscaler software that increases the size or resolution of the image. It utilizes AI technology to enlarge images for better image quality. You can get fast and optimized results with this Topaz upscale image tool.

Gigapixel AI also provides easy batch processing of images to streamline your workflow. Its 600% upscaling settings give it an upper hand when compared with other upscalers in the market.

Key Features of Gigapixel AI

  1. Upscale Low-Resolution Image: Users can recover low-resolution portraits with the Topaz image enhancer. The software lets you digitally zoom images without losing detail or resolution. With the help of this, users can fix extreme pixelation and compression issues.
  2. Boost Sharpness of AI-Generated Images: If you create an image from AI, Gigapixel AI gives the final touch to the image. This feature enables you to add fine, natural, and realistic details. It adds clear lines to the image to improve the graphic art.
  3. Maximize Pixel for Prints: This software can produce large prints while maintaining detail and clarity. This image upscaler function enhances detail to achieve razor-sharp images for more detailed prints.

Guide to Upscale the Image With Gigapixel AI

Any kind of low-quality picture and line art can be upscaled with this software. Below is the step-by-step guide to using Gigapixel AI to upscale images:

Step 1. Start the process by downloading this Topaz image upscale software. After that, launch the software to get access to upscaling your image. Click the “Browse” option from the software's main interface to add the required image. You can also drag and drop the image or the entire folder to import to the image upscaler.

import image that requires upscaling

Step 2. After importing the image, you can access the “Resize Mode.” From there, move towards the right panel and click the “Scale” option to adjust the resolution settings.

adjust the scale settings 

Step 3. Hit the “Width” tab on the right panel to adjust the image's width. Afterward, click “Height” next to it to set the height of the image as required.

select width and height settings  

Step 4: Once you are done, lead to the “AI Model” option on the right-side panel. Select the required AI model from “Standard,” “Lines,” and other options. Also, you can make further adjustments from the “Remove Blur” and “Face Refinement” sliders. Finally, hit the “Save Image” button to save the upscaled image.

choose ai model and save image   

2. Topaz Image Enhancer – Topaz Photo AI

If you want pixel-perfect images, you have to buy high-end camera lenses. However, these cameras will cost you a fortune. The solution for this picture quality problem is the Topaz image enhancer software. It is powered by AI technology to help you get high resolution and natural output. Also, Topaz Photo AI enhances the image quality based on a deep understanding of the content of the photo.

Key Features of Topaz Photo AI

  1. Remove Noise: The tool eliminates noise while recovering real detail to get a good-quality image. Its AI technology distinguishes between actual image detail and noise. You will get a blotchy-free effect with this Topaz photo enhancer feature.
  2. Improve Lighting: This feature helps you address the photo's under or over-exposed area. With this feature, you can make your photo visually appealing. It can simultaneously handle multiple light and color sources.
  3. Recover Face: The user can recover the low-resolution or blurry face in the image with this feature. Topaz image enhancer software can recover faces from your old pictures. Plus, it improves the resolution of your image for better prints.

Step to Enhance Image with Topaz Photo AI – Image Enhancer

Topaz photo enhancer helps you to maximize visual quality with AI. Below are the easy-to-follow steps to enhance photos with this image enhancer software:

Step 1. Add the required photo by clicking on the “Browse Images” button to activate the Autopilot Mode of the software.

add image to topaz photo ai

Step 2. Once added, the Autopilot Mode detects the image's subject, noise, and blur level for optimizations. Now, wait for the competition of auto-detection to access the customizable settings window.

let autopilot analyze your image   

Step 3. Upon getting access, toggle on your desired settings for image enhancement. You can upscale images, remove noise, and even sharpen the image. When you are done, hit the “Save Image” button to finalize your changes.

adjust image enhancement settings

Step 4. Finally, select the desired image format and set the storage location from the export settings. Once done, click the “Save” button to save the enhanced image to your device.

save ai enhanced image 

Part 3. The Best Alternative to Topaz Photo AI

If you find it difficult to use the image upscaling features of Topaz, we have an easier-to-use alternative. Wondershare UniConverter is the best Topaz image upscaler alternative with its one-click image enhancement. You only need to import blurred images to enhance them within seconds. Users also get to preview the output image along with the original image to see the difference.

With its AI technology, you can enhance your image to a maximum of 6000*6000 resolution. This tool allows you to import any image format up to 25 MB file size for optimized upscaling. 

Other Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  1. Background Remover: This photo enhancer lets you remove the background from the images. By doing so, you can make the blurred images more visually pleasing. Users also have the option to remove backgrounds from several photos at one go. With this feature, you can get beautiful templates, colors, and images for backgrounds.
  2. AI Smart Trimming: Users can make use of the smart trimming feature to trim videos with precision. Using this feature, you can easily remove scenes with verbal errors and low sounds.
  3. Image Converter: Upon upscaling your images blurred images, this tool can also convert them to your desired formats. You can even convert multiple images at a time using this Topaz upscale image
  4. AI Video Enhancer: You can also upscale the video quality using this effective AI tool. With its advanced technology, users can improve the resolution of their videos along with images, making it a versatile option.

Steps to Enhance Images with Wondershare UniConverter

This section will teach you how to upscale your blurry images with UniConverter. Follow these simple steps to enhance your images with this Topaz photo enhancer alternative:

step1Download UniConverter and Enter AI Image Enhancer Feature

Start by downloading UniConverter and launching it on your screen. On its main screen, look for the “AI Labs” section after clicking the “Home” tab.

get access to ai image enhancer  

step2Import the Blurry Images onto the Tool

A small window will appear on your screen upon clicking on this feature. Simply hit the “+” icon to import your low-resolution pictures. In contrast, you can also import images by dragging and dropping them into the window.

add the blurry image to tool
step3Export the AI-Enhanced Picture to Your Device

After adding your images, a progress bar will show up as the AI scans for imperfections. Once the scan is complete, you'll see an improved image alongside the original. You can preview the picture and then click the “Export” button to save it on your device.

export ai enhanced picture


In conclusion, we have discussed the utility of Topaz AI in enhancing images. You can make use of Topaz image upscaler to get high-quality images for professional needs. If using this enhancer tool seems challenging, consider using Wondershare UniConverter as an alternative. Its AI can analyze your image for blurriness and efficiently correct it with a single click.

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