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[Top List] 12 Best AI Voice-over Generators for Explicit Content Creation

In the digital industry, voice-overs are integral in engagingly conveying information. Developers are using various voice-over technologies to provide tutorials for newly developed apps. Plus, educationists prefer artificial intelligence voice generators for free to make e-learning materials. Anyhow, people are adopting voice-overs across the digital landscape based on their diverse needs. Therefore, let's discover this article's top 12 free voice generators so anyone can convey info clearly.

In this article
  1. Listing The Top 12 AI Voice-over Generators for Effective Content Creation
  2. Using Wondershare UniConverter to Create Content for Voice-over

Part 1: Listing The Top 12 AI Voice-over Generators for Effective Content Creation

A well-crafted narration of textual data guides people and retains their attention. Thus, it is crucial to choose an AI voice-over generator for free to bring innovation to your content. For this purpose, consult the given list of progressive tools and get help with the selection:


If you need voice-overs for education, marketing, or gaming, LOVO AI is a considerable tool. It's a text-to-speech software that supports over 500 voices in 100+ regional languages. You can import a script within 5000 characters and pick one AI voice to obtain narrative voice-overs.

lovo ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It offers a pronunciation option that can pronounce regional names or locations.
  2. There are voice-overs from various age ranges, genders, and use cases.
  3. You can add emphasis on words and pauses between sentences wherever needed.

2. Narakeet

A good speech synthesis platform offers AI sounds indistinguishable from human voices. This free voice-over generator has 700 natural-sounding voices in 90 languages. It provides voice-over in MP3, WAV, and various other formats using Narakeet.

narakeet ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. Within the English language, there are several accents you can pick, such as British, American, etc.
  2. You can download a single audio file, an audio file with subtitles, or one audio per scene.
  3. To give a prompt, you can import text in Word, Excel, PDF, or SRT file formats.

3. Typecast

Remove the need for voice-over studios and paid artists when you have this computer voice generator. You can streamline effortless content creation using Typecast’s 400 AI voices and avatars. It can generate voices in your preferred emotions, from sad, happy, and angry emotions.

typecast ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It has a “Pause” option that adds speech breaks within words and sentences.
  2. For different scenes, you can use different voices and set different parameters.
  3. Apart from making voice-overs, you can add media and craft compelling videos.


Another free AI voice generator is, which empowers voice-over creation from a set of voice profiles. Many users consider it a natural reader due to its multilingual voice accents. It allows you to convert text into speech from various voices or create a new clone of your voice.

veed io ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It provides voice emotions to choose from casual, narration, and happy options.
  2. Based on the use case, you can adjust and customize the voice-over speed.
  3. Despite creating an AI voice-over, you can import a recorded voice-over.

5. Clipchamp

Do you want to create informative lesson plans and engaging virtual content? Try this narrator voice generator, which can increase your productivity in a shorter timeframe. It supports hundreds of voices and 80 different languages, so you can make multilingual content.

clipchamp ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. You can personalize the voice-over pitch from low, medium, and high options.
  2. It allows you to add emotions to the voice-overs to make it sound natural.
  3. Using a slider, users can adjust the pace of the voice-over speech.

6. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs can assist you in crafting unique content for social media by offering AI voices. It has three language models consisting of 29 languages, accents, and emotions for voices. Besides, it's a versatile tool that ensures accurate pronunciation of cultural nuances in voice.

elevenlabs ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. If you don't like the existing voice, it allows you to create or add new voices.
  2. In voice settings, users can adjust the clarity and similarity of the speech synthesis.
  3. While choosing a voice, you can look for the required emotion in the voice, such as deep and casual.

7. PlayHT

Start revolutionizing your content creation journey and bring automation with AI voices by PlayHT. This automated voice generator can turn written text into 142 languages with over 900 AI voices. Such voices can be customized with various accents, styles, genders, and emotions.

playht ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It allows you to adjust the similarity and intensity of AI voices.
  2. You can use different voices for different paragraphs to get a compelling voice-over.
  3. There is an emotions library that you can use to make the voice-over sound realistic.

8. Resemble AI

Experience generative voice AI through this cutting-edge AI voice-over generator for free. Resemble AI allows you to create speech synthesis from the text while adding depth and emotion. You can transform 280 text characters into speech within its free version.

resemble ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It has a marketplace of AI voices from where you can add a voice-over based on use cases.
  2. You can create high-quality custom voices by uploading your data.
  3. After generating voice-overs, you can directly embed them using codes or download them in MP3.

9. Speechify

Speechify is another artificial voice generator famous for its realistic AI voices and avatars. Beginners in content creation can create multilingual content in 40 languages to expand their reach. They can customize every aspect of voice-over, such as changing the pitch and speed.

speechify ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. Instead of searching for a word to replace, you can use its “Replace Text” option.
  2. It offers many presets to add pauses between sentences like medium, weak, or strong.
  3. This tool creates blocks of text for creating voice-overs with different voice characters.

10. Designs.AI

It's a speechmaker that converts lengthy scripts into narratives with AI voices. It uses AI technology to analyze your text and generate voice-overs with polished tone and pitch. In this regard, Designs.AI provides over 20 languages that are downloadable in mp3 format.

designs ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It has a user-friendly interface that accommodates beginners in content creation.
  2. After choosing a language, it shows the respective AI voice for you to select one.
  3. You can listen to 500 text characters per day using its free version.


In the realm of AI voice generators, Murf.AI is recognized due to its ultra-realistic voices. This deepfake voice generator for free has more than 120 voices across 20 languages. It has cloud storage that allows teammates to collaborate on generating voice-overs for projects.

murf ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It allows you to create different blocks of text to attach different AI voices with them.
  2. You can set a promotional, angry, furious, or conversational tone of AI voices.
  3. Users can add pauses in sentences and adjust the fluency and speed of the speech.


This free voice-over generator brings ease to people with learning difficulties. They can add text to this tool and generate voice-overs in MP3 format so that they can listen again and again. It has more than 1000 natural-sounding human-like voices of various age ranges.

speechgen io ai voiceover generator

Key Features

  1. It lets you use AI-generated voice-overs for commercial use.
  2. Users can adjust the voice-over output format from MP3, WAV, and other options.
  3. You can pick an option to set pauses within sentences and paragraphs ranging from 150ms to 5s.

Part 2: Using Wondershare UniConverter to Create Content for Voice-over

The earlier-mentioned tools just generate voice-overs, so users switch to other platforms for video editing. Notably, you can perform everything in one place if you use Wondershare UniConverter. It's a synthetic voice generator that also has countless video editing features. It can convert your text into speech that you can download in MP3 format and use as video voice-overs.

In this regard, it supports professional voice-overs in your desired tone and pace. Users can choose an audio type from narration, conversation, or entertainment-like options. Afterward, the respective voice tones, such as deep, mature, or soft, will appear.

text to speech in uniconverter

Key Features of Wondershare UniConverter to Elevate Your Project

As discussed, it’s an all-in-all video editor that can polish your media with AI. So, let's discover UniConverter's key features that cut the need for any other video editing platform.

  1. Auto Highlights: You need video highlights to promote your content after making video voice-overs. Hence, Wondershare UniConverter can craft highlights by detecting the best shots from your video. For this purpose, you can select the highlight video duration as required.
  2. Voice Changer: If you are unsatisfied with AI-generated voice, you can change it with this feature. It has male, female, transformer, or baby voices that can add fun to your voice-overs.
  3. Subtitle Editor: Adding subtitles can convey the video information effectively, just as voice-overs do. Thus, use this feature and add or edit subtitles to make your content accessible and engaging. It supports various formats of subtitle files and allows you to edit the subtitle fonts.

How to Seamlessly Get Voiceovers Using Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter can add watermarks, translate subtitles, or generate scripts with AI support. Besides, it has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and operate. You can review the steps to get evidence of this stance and see how to use this AI generator voice.

Step 1 Use AI Labs and Look for Text to Speech Feature

Launch the updated version of UniConverter and navigate to “AI Labs” on its home screen. There, explore the “Text to Speech” tab and click to access it.

access text to speech tool

Step 2 Pick an Audio Type and Tone of Voice as Desired

Choose an "Audio Type" from the text-to-speech window, such as "Conversation." Later, go to the "Tone of Voice" and pick one option, "Gentle." Then, head to the text box given and paste the text to generate a voice-over.

set tone and type of tts

Step 3 Generate Voice and Save Results With the Export Button 

Next, move down and press the "Generate" button to let AI analyze your prompts. Finally, you will get a preview of the download in MP3 format using the "Export" button.

generate and export final results


To wrap up, various industries are adopting AI-generated voices in this digital landscape. There are several free voice-over generators available in fierce competition with each other. This article reflects on the top 12 voice-over makers where Wondershare UniConverter emerges as an effective one. So, you should explore this platform to experience accurate and realistic voice-overs.

James Davis
James Davis Mar 13, 24
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