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[Online/Smartphone/Offline] The 10 Right Ways To Read PDF Out Loud Properly

PDF format is used worldwide for information sharing and content consumption. However, people with disabilities find it difficult to read these documents. For their ease, many PDF text-to-speech readers are introduced in the market. With the online and offline options available, you may find the best PDF TTS tool hard to find. Here, we will put forward all the options on desktop, mobile, and online for your convenience.

In this article
  1. [Online] Top 5 Potential Read PDF Out Loud Services
  2. [Smartphone] The Best 5 PDF Voice Reader Apps To Try
  3. [Offline] Create Proper Voice Results With UniConverter's Text-to-Speech
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: [Online] Top 5 Potential Read PDF Out Loud Services

Online PDF text-to-voice tools are easily accessible to everyone. So, you may want to start with online tools to read PDFs aloud. Go over this list to get to know about the best PDF reader available:

1. TTSReader

TTSReader is an exceptional tool that can read pdf out loud with its text-to-speech feature. After uploading the PDF file, you can add AI voice and language for narration. Other than that, users will be able to vary the narration speed to save time.

ttsreader pdf text to speech tool

Key Features 

  1. This tool allows you to add pauses between sentences for an understandable AI reading.
  2. You can switch on toggle recording to save PDF narration for future listening sessions.
  3. After converting PDF text into speech, you can download the narration in MP3 format.

2. Text to Speech

You can upload up to a 5MB PDF file to the Text to Speech tool for PDF narration. This tool highlights the text it is reading during the narration for better accessibility. You will also be able to choose from various AI voices to listen to PDF documents in your favored tone.

text to speech pdf reader

Key Features

  1. This PDF-to-audio reader allows you to change the volume of AI voice for customization.
  2. You can pause and play the voiceover to listen to document content according to your timings.
  3. With this tool, users can even vary the pitch of the sound to apply a personal touch.

3. NaturalReader

NaturalReader lets you upload PDF documents from the device for AI speech listening sessions. Moreover, you can even add scanned images or screenshots to this tool for AI narrations. Plus, this PDF text-to-speech reader allows you to change text highlight color while listening to speech.

naturalreader pdf text to speech tool

Key Features

  1. You are also allowed to set the margins for PDF, so this tool does not read text outside margins.
  2. With this tool, you can also add pronunciation for words to avoid any future errors.
  3. This PDF TTS tool also has an AI Filter feature to remove unwanted text from narration.

4. Textmagic

Using this PDF voice reader, users will be able to listen to the content of different documents. While listening to PDF content narration, you can increase the font size to see the text. Also, users get to choose from various languages and AI models for PDF text-to-speech conversion.

textmagic pdf text to speech tool

Key Features

  1. You will be able to vary the speed of PDF narration for personalized listening sessions.
  2. This tool even allows you to download AI speech in MP3 format to your device.
  3. Plus, you get a shareable link to send PDF narration to your friends.

5. Narakeet

Narakeet has the ability to read PDFs out loud in over 700 AI voices with support for 90+ languages. For AI narration, you can even upload EPUB, RTF, and Word files to this tool. After generating speech, you can export PDF reading sessions in different formats, such as MP4 and MP3.

narakeet pdf text to speech tool

Key Features

  1. You can also export the narration and the subtitle file using this PDF TTS
  2. The uploaded PDF file will be opened as text so you can see content while listening to narration.
  3. With this PDF text reader, you can change document text to ensure error-free reading.

Part 2: [Smartphone] The Best 5 PDF Voice Reader Apps To Try

After going through the online option, you may want to explore PDF voice reader apps on Android and iOS. For this purpose, review the top 5 PDF text-to-speech apps given below:

1. PDF Speaker & PDF Reader

Compatibility: Android

It is one of the best PDF document voice readers available on Android devices. With this tool, you can enjoy the automatic highlighting of text during the listening sessions. You will also be able to set auto-scrolling speed for hands-free content consumption.

pdf speaker and pdf reader app

Key Features

  1. You can shake the mobile to turn the page while listening to PDF content.
  2. This PDF text reader also has an eye-detection feature for smart scrolling.
  3. Users will also be able to add notes while listening to the PDF narrations.

2. @Voice Aloud Reader (TTS)

Compatibility: Android

Using this PDF text-to-speech tool, users can listen to their documents with ease. For this purpose, they can upload formats other than PDF, including DOC and HTML. With this tool, you get to enjoy listening to eBooks with original layouts and images.

voice aloud reader tts app

Key Features

  1. This multi-functional tool even allows you to upload and listen to WhatsApp chats.
  2. It even has an OCR technology to extract and read text from scanned PDFs.
  3. You will be able to alter speech generator volume and speech rate based on your needs.

3. Speechify

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Speechify will allow you to upload PDF files to the app for stress-free content consumption. With this PDF voice reader, you can adjust speech speed for faster listening sessions. Users also get to scan books with this tool to listen to the written content. 

speechify pdf text to speech app

Key Features

  1. You get the chance to import PDFs from Google Drive or Dropbox using this tool.
  2. With its web reading features, students can even listen to online articles.
  3. Also, it allows you to transform your emails into AI narration by reading them aloud.

4. PDF Docs Voice Aloud Reader HD

Compatibility: iOS

With this PDF text-to-speech reader, you can listen to AI narration at your desired speed. It lets you choose from various languages and AI voices to personalize the PDF listening session. After starting the PDF narration, you can listen to it in the background while doing another task on your iPhone.

pdf docs voice aloud reader app

Key Features

  1. The narrated text gets automatically highlighted for ease for users.
  2. You can also turn auto-scroll on to listen to PDF content without using your hands.
  3. This app to read PDFs aloud also has a bookmark feature to continue from where you left off.

5. Voice Aloud Reader

Compatibility: iOS

Voice Aloud Reader is a handy app when it comes to reading PDF content. Using this application, users can select various languages and AI voices for PDF document reading. You get the chance to customize the font size and reading mode for better accessibility to PDF text.

voice aloud reader pdf tts app

Key Features

  1. With its text highlight feature, you can read and listen to content simultaneously.
  2. This PDF TTS reader also lets you listen to web pages while browsing the Internet.
  3. You can even change the pitch and volume of AI to apply a personal touch to listening sessions.

Part 3: [Offline] Create Proper Voice Results With Wondershare UniConverter's Text-to-Speech

As you know, online PDF text-to-speech readers can pose security issues. You will not want to risk uploading private documents to online text readers. In addition, mobile applications do not have advanced features due to the limitations of these devices' systems. So, offline desktop tools are a way to go to avoid all such problems. For this purpose, we recommend you use Wondershare UniConverter to carry out secure and feature-rich PDF listening sessions.

It provides users with the ability to change audio type for PDF narrations. Moreover, you also get to select a different tone for every PDF content reading audio style. You may not be able to upload PDF documents directly to this tool. However, you can copy and paste the PDF content into this software for a professional-sounding narration.

uniconverter text to speech feature

Steps to Convert PDF Text into Speech Using Wondershare UniConverter

If you also want to listen to your PDF text using this tool, the steps are pretty simple. For this purpose, you have to read the simple instructions below:

Step 1 Access Text to Speech Feature Through AI Lab Section

Start by installing Wondershare UniConverter on your device and launching it for PDF text reading. Continue to press the “Text to Speech” button under the “AI Lab” section within the “Home” screen.

access text to speech for narration

Step 2 Copy and Paste the PDF Content into this PDF TTS Reader

Now, copy the content of your PDF document and paste it into the “Enter Your Text” box. By doing so, you will make your PDF content ready for text-to-speech conversion.

copy and paste your pdf text

Step 3 Pick the Audio Type and Tone for PDF Reading Before Exporting

After pasting your text, choose the “Education” style from the “Audio Type” section. Next, you will be able to choose the desired tone, like “Informative,” within the “Tone of Voice” section. Finally, hit the “Generate” button and then the “Export” option to save this PDF narration into your device.

adjust audio settings before export

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my PDF not reading aloud?

You have to check if your PDF is scanned or image-based because if the document is editable or searchable, then your tools will not be able to read it aloud.

2. How to make the scanned PDFs compatible with read aloud tools?

To make the scanned PDFs compatible with online and offline read-aloud PDF tools, you have to use the OCR technology. Many PDF tools like Wondershare PDFelement provide this facility.


You now have enough knowledge about online, offline, and mobile apps to read PDFs aloud. All these tools have their ups and downs while converting PDF text into speech. So, if you want to pick the best tool among them, you should consider Wondershare UniConverter. With its ability to produce AI narrations in different styles and tones, it stands out as the best PDF TTS reader.

Sandra Jul 03, 24
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