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The Best 8 Online AI Video Enhancers of 2024

With the rise of online streaming platforms, there is a growing demand for high-quality video content. The ongoing technological advancement gives rise to video enhancement algorithms. In this regard, video enhancers online are workable for all users. Online video quality boosters mainly address cost, convenience, and accessibility concerns.

They are vital to the entertainment industry by providing an enjoyable viewing experience. Besides, the healthcare and marketing sectors need such enhancers for clear and appealing videos. This guide is worth reading if your video content also needs an enhancer. Here, you will get high-quality videos by choosing a video enhancer online free from the options.

In this article
  1. Part I. Learn More About Top Online AI Video Enhancers
  2. Part II. More Stable AI Video Enhancers on the Desktop

Part I. Learn More About Top Online AI Video Enhancers

As mentioned earlier, video enhancers are becoming a necessity in video production. Several real-time online platforms are developed to assist editors with AI integration. So, if your video isn’t recorded in a good environment, you can increase the quality of videos online. For this purpose, review this section and access the best AI video-enhancing platforms.

1. HitPaw

The first choice of many experts is the HitPaw AI video enhancer online. It can enhance low-resolution videos in 1080p and 4K without much effort. Moreover, this platform offers a general denoise model to remove grainy and blurry effects from clips. With cutting-edge technology, it will upgrade your footage and enhance its colors.

hitpaw video enhancer online
  • It will keep your files private and encrypted during the process.
  • You can change the export format and resolution as desired.
  • Takes notable time for video processing and uploading.


Elevate your filmmaking projects through this tool and improve video quality online. With advanced capabilities, it is a good addition to the video-enhancing realm. You can use it for video stabilization, motion interpolation, and video upscaling. This platform can reduce video noise and upscale your clips into high resolutions, such as 360p or 480p.

cutout pro video enhancer online
  • It supports all popular video formats like MP4, WEBM, MOV, and GIF.
  • Automatically turn video into a possible higher resolution.
  • Offer limited or no customization options in export settings.


If you have an SD-quality video, it is good for personal projects but not professional ones. For this, you need HD-quality video, which can be accessed through this platform. can enhance video online for free with AI algorithms. Its server automatically deletes your files after 24 hours of processing to ensure data safety.

hdconvert com video enhancer online
  • Allows you to pick an output video format from five popular formats.
  • While video enhancing, you can set video and audio bitrate.
  • Its free version imposes watermarks on the output.

4. Subtitlevideo

Restoring video manually is a matter of the past in this era of AI advancement. These days, one can upscale clips through this AI-driven 4k video enhancer online for free. It is trained with machine learning algorithms to sharpen videos in low resolution. This platform e-mails results to its users once the video enhancement finishes.

subtitlevideo video enhancer online
  • It offers a simple interface that is easy to navigate for novices in this field.
  • Accepts 480p videos and enhances them up to 4k resolution.
  • It takes 10 minutes to enhance a video of 1 minute, which is unsuitable for professionals.

5. Simplified

Visually clear and bright videos grab viewers’ attention instantly on social media. Thus, Simplified aims to enhance videos to make them suitable for posting on popular streaming platforms. It can fix your shaky and blurry clip automation. With the frame interpolation model, this tool creates smooth transitions in footage frame by frame.

simplified video enhancer online
  • Enhance video with automation when you export the video.
  • Provide a deinterlace feature to eliminate unwanted lines from shots.
  • Restricted options to improve video quality online if compared with other tools.


Carry out video enhancement within simple steps once you access It is an AI software designed to enhance and improve video quality and increase video resolution. This powerful upscaler also claims to convert low-resolution clips into higher ones. Regardless of being shot in poor circumstances or with old cameras, your videos will become brighter and clearer.

ai4video com video enhancer online
  • You can repair scratches from videos and denoise them.
  • Restore old video colors and improve frame rates for smoother previews.
  • Does not allow you to download in customized export settings.


If you are searching for a modern solution for enhancing video with innovative AI algorithms, stay on this tool. It identifies areas needing improvement and optimizes them in terms of sharpness and clarity. You don’t need to convert video formats because it works on almost all popular video formats. Besides, users can upscale YouTube videos by pasting their links.

vidi video enhancer online
  • Improve video quality online by enabling an “Upscale” button.
  • Apart from upscaling, you can stabilize videos to make them smoother.
  • There is a processing limitation that only works with 1-minute videos.

8. TensorPix

This video enhancer online is a versatile tool that can cater to the needs of hobbyists and professionals. It can dramatically reduce noise and other artifacts from footage. This way, you get a sharp and clear shot without compromising on resolution. With advanced AI models, users can even upscale video resolution. Plus, it can change frame rates of slow-motion videos to ensure a smoother flow.

tensorpix video enhancer online
  • Offers countless AI models for enhancing video in all aspects.
  • Using its advanced settings, you can change output settings and resolution.
  • Does not allow you to preview the results unless you subscribe to its plan.

Comprehensive Assessment of Online AI Video Enhancers

The earlier-mentioned tools offer different features and AI models to enhance video quality. It's difficult to choose one that aligns with your unique needs. That's why we have drawn an inclusive comparison table to clarify the functionalities of these online platforms. Have a look at them to quickly decide which one is more feasible and effective for your project.


Ease of Use


Quality of Enhancement

Batch Processing

Enhancement Features




5 models

100 credits: $9.90


Only 1

Basic: $5.99/month

Standard: $13.49/month


4 options


Pro: $0.72/minute


Default and 2 other options


Pro: $19/month

Business: $49/month


Only 1

600 credits: $5.99


5 features


Premium: $21.6

Pro: $11.9/month

Business:" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;">



Only 1



Standard: €11/month

Premium: €25/month

Elite: €61/month



Multiple AI filters


Part II. More Stable AI Video Enhancers on the Desktop

Undoubtedly, video quality enhancers online offer quick solutions. They require an active internet connection and are less secure where confidentiality is involved. Thus, editing professionals look for desktop tools for offline and secure video processing. In this context, Wondershare UniConverter has been a top choice in the realm of video upscaling.

It’s an all-in-all video editor that offers an AI-powered video-enhancing feature. Under this option, one can adjust frame interpolation and denoise their videos. Apart from them, there are countless other AI features, a few of which are explained ahead.

  1. Frame Interpolation: The frame interpolation model can increase the frame rates of videos. It is used to make slow-motion videos appear smoother. This model automatically generates new frames to avoid abrupt changes in video sequence.
  2. Video Denoiser: It removes the blurry and grainy video appearance with one click. AI algorithms of this model detect the visual noise frame by frame. With automation, they eliminate unclear areas in videos to make them high-quality.
  3. AI Image Enhancer: This tool can also improve the quality of your images captured from any device. Users have to do nothing except upload their images and let AI process them further. Also, UniConverter provides you with the original and after-screen to witness the improvement.
  4. Auto-Highlight: This tool contains an auto-highlight maker for editors' ease and workflow. Just importing a lengthy video produces a short clip with all the best shots. This feature replaces the manual efforts of the editing crew for attention-grabbing footage.

Unlike video enhancers online, this platform is quite easy to operate. Yet, if you want to avoid potential inconvenience, go through the following steps.

step 1 Get Your Video in AI Video Enhancer of UniConverter

Launch the newer version of UniConverter in your system. From its intuitive interface, choose the "AI Video Enhancer" and navigate to another screen. Hit the "+ (Add)" icon there and bring your intended media to this platform.

add video to uniconverter
step 2 Use the General Denoise Model and Preview Results

Once you import the video, click on "General Denoise Model." Upon choosing, tap the "Preview" button, and the other process is over to AI. Wait for a while until you get the preview of the results. Later, select the "Stop Preview" option to return to choose the other model.

utilize general denoise model
step 3 Enhance with Frame Interpolation and Export the Video

Now, from the “AI Video Enhancer” window, hit the “Frame Interpolation Model.” Afterward, you will find the “Smoothness Setting” section to pick one frame rate. Choose one and press the “Preview” button to begin AI processing. When finished, select the “Stop Preview” button and move to the “Export” to save the changes.

perform frame interpolation in uniconverter


After looking into this guide, you must find the right video enhancer online for your diverse needs. Also, the comprehensive comparison table might help you to achieve the right tool. There is a high chance that those online tools will not produce the desired results. Thus, you should try Wondershare UniConverter to enhance videos with two powerful AI models.

Takashi Feb 28, 24
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