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How to Remove Echo From Audio: 3 Solutions to Choose

If you're plagued by echo in your audio recordings, then you're not alone. Whether for a podcast, video, or simply to capture a conversation, echo is commonly found in recordings. Echo is caused by sound waves bouncing off surfaces and can make your recordings sound reverberating and unclear. Therefore, you might look for a way to remove echo from your audio.

Although echo can be a frustrating problem, fortunately, there are a few things you can do to remove it. In this article, we'll show you three different ways to remove echo from audio recordings using powerful tools, such as UniConverter and Adobe Premier Pro, as well as remove echo from audio online on

Part 1: How to remove room echo from audio with UniConverter noise remover

wondershare uniconverter website interface

Room echo is a common problem when recording audio, but it can be easily fixed with UniConverter Noise Remover. UniConverter’s Noise Remover is a powerful tool that can remove unwanted background noise from your audio recordings. Their AI-powered editing tools allow you to remove any noise, including room echo.

In fact, UniConverter Noise Remover is one of the most popular and effective noise removal tools that you should try. It offers several advantages over other software. Now, take a further look at UniConverter’s strong points and how to use it:

Advantages of UniConverter

  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Including other useful features for video and audio editing
  • Using a noise reduction algorithm that can automatically identify and remove specific noise profiles

Step-by-step guides using UniConverter on Windows

Step 1 Launch UniConverter and open Noise Remover

noise remove uniconverter

Step 2 Add or drag the audio or video file

You can click the (+) button to add the audio you want to edit or drag from your local folder into the interface.


Step 3 Change the file location and start removing noise

Before you start the noise reduction or echo removal, change the file location to save your file by clicking on the folder icon. After it has been set, click Start All to easily remove any unwanted noise including echo.

change file location to save the edited file

Part 2: How to remove echo in Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premier pro website interface

If you're editing a video with audio that sounds echoey, you can also try using Adobe Premiere Pro's Echo Remover effect to reduce or eliminate the echo. This effect is designed to help remove echo from a recording. Even more, it can be applied to both audio and video clips.

Above all, Adobe Premier Pro can help you achieve professional-quality results. Although Adobe also has Adobe Audition that can remove echo, Premier Pro is more common and has several strong points.

Adobe Premier Pro advantages

  • More advanced tools for professional use
  • Having a wide range of features
  • Compatible with a lot of different formats
  • Easy to navigate

To remove echo in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, follow these steps below:

Step-by-step Guides Using Adobe Premier Pro on Windows

Step 1 Launch Adobe Premier Pro and create a new project

Step 2 Add media to the Timeline

Add the audio clip by dragging the file to the Premier Pro Audio Timeline.

adding media to premier pro audio timeline

Step 3 Add the DeNoiser effect to your audio

Go to Effects > DeNoiser and drag the effect onto the audio clip. By default, the effect will be applied to the entire clip.

adding denoiser effect to audio clip

Step 4 Adjust the audio effect on the Effect Controls

Once the effect is added, you can adjust the reduction by clicking the Effect Controls tab and adjusting the sliders. You can also preview the result by clicking the Play button in the Preview window.

adjust noise reduction level on effect controls

Part 3: How to use an effective online tool: front page website

Unlike the previous tools that we have mentioned before, is an alternative to remove echo from audio online. This tool includes powerful echo removal that you can use to reduce or remove echoes from your audio recordings. Whether you're using it for business or pleasure, is a great tool to help you get started. advantages

  • Online web-based audio and video editor
  • Adding music and sound effects to create a more immersive experience
  • Provides a wide range of templates to help you get started
  • Share your edited media directly on social media or download it for later use

Step-by-step Guides using online

Step 1 Go to the website

Step 2 Upload your audio or video files

After accessing, you will be directed to create a new project. Upload the file you want to edit or you can drag the file into the interface.

uploading the audio file to

Step 3 Click Clean Audio and Export

You need to upgrade your plan to access the "Clean Audio" feature. Clean Audio is a premium feature that will automatically remove any noise, including echo, from your audio. Once it has been done, you can click the Export button to save your edited audio or video on your local computer.

click clean audio to process then export

Part 4: Under what circumstances are audio echoes likely to occur and how to avoid it

Echo can be a problem in many situations, especially when you are trying to record in a large room. The sound waves emitted by your voice bounce off the walls and other surfaces in the room, causing your voice to be heard again a short time later (this phenomenon is known as reverberation).

The reflection of sound waves that causes an echo can happen in both indoor and outdoor environments. Although echo can be desirable in some circumstances, such as in a concert hall, it is often undesirable and can be disruptive to both sound quality and communication. They are most likely to occur when:

1. You are in a small room with hard floors and walls

Echoes are more likely to occur in small rooms with hard floors and walls because there are more hard surfaces for the sound waves to bounce off of. The sound waves reflect off of these surfaces and create a delayed version of the original sound.

2. You are in large, empty spaces with hard surfaces

This is because sound waves bounce off of hard surfaces and travel back to the listener. The longer the distance between the listener and the hard surface, the longer the echo will last.

3. There is a delay in the sound waves reaching the listener

This can happen when the sound waves have to travel through a medium such as water or air.

While echo can be a difficult problem to solve, there are a few simple tips that can help you avoid it and ensure that your recordings are echo-free and sound great:

4. Using sound-absorbing material

To avoid echoes, you can try to avoid having hard surfaces in the recording area, or you can use sound-absorbing materials to help dampen the sound.

5. Adjusting the position of speakers and microphones

You can also try to move the microphones closer to the sound source to reduce the distance the sound has to travel.

6. Using noise-canceling microphones

Noise-canceling microphones work by canceling out these reflected sound waves, which reduces or eliminates the echo. This can result in a much clearer and more pleasant recording.


Echo is a common problem with audio recordings, but it is possible to remove echo from your recordings with the right tools and techniques. There are a few different ways to remove echo, and the best method will depend on the noise level and your preferences.

UniConverter’s Noise Remover, Adobe Premier Pro, and online audio editor are some of the great audio editors that you can try. Each of them has its advantages. UniConverter is a free option, Premier Pro offers more advanced editing tools, while is an online tool that requires a subscription to access.

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