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A Composite Guide on DALL-E and How to Use It for Image Generation

In the field of AI image generation, DALL-E has gained immense popularity. The reason is its ability to produce realistic and creative images with your text descriptions. With the growing popularity comes a demand for clear instructions on how to use this technology. Therefore, this guide will shed light on all DALL-E AI models and show you its stepwise operations.

In this article
  1. The Important Details About DALL-E Image Generation
  2. Prominent Features of DALL-E Image Generative AI
  3. How to Use DALL-E 3 across OpenAI Labs?
  4. How to Use DALL-E 3 across Microsoft Bing AI?
  5. Create Specified Images for Video Covers with UniConverter

Part 1: The Important Details About DALL-E Image Generation

DALL-E is a generative AI technology that generates new images with text prompts. It works with neural network prompts to create images in different styles and angles. This technology was developed by OpenAI and launched in January 2021. DALL-E is trained in natural language processing, diffusion processing, and large language models.

How DALL-E Influences AI Image Generation

Being a generative AI technology, it helps individuals and organizations create images. The following are some aspects where the DALL-E image generator influences image generation.

  1. Text to Image Accuracy: DALL-E excels at interpreting a wide range of text inputs and turning them into images. It understands viewpoints in your text descriptions, aiming to generate accurate images.
  2. Understanding Visual Trends: This technology goes beyond mimicking existing image styles. DALL-E produces original compositions of images after understanding design trends.
  3. Versatility in Image Styles: DALL-E can generate images from paintings to photorealistic styles. It can control multiple objects and their attributes in images by interpreting sentences.

Overview of DALL-E 2

OpenAI introduces another groundbreaking model, DALL-E2, after the hit of the DALL-E model. It produces images by plausibly combining unrelated and distinct objects. Users can modify existing images and create variations by maintaining their salient features. Compared with DALL-E, this technology generates four times higher resolution images.

Overview of DALL-E 3

After the success of DALL-E2 in April 2022, OpenAI announced DALL-E3 in September 2023. It claims to understand significant details and nuances compared to its predecessors. Besides, it uses a sophisticated diffusion model and a latent stable diffusion process. Moreover, DALL-E3 marks a significant milestone in entertainment or business niches for AI image generation.

Businesses are getting help from DALL-E to create eye-catching logos. Many individuals prefer DALL-E- images on their book covers. Besides, this technology creates high-quality images that filmmakers can use as thumbnails and posters.

Part 2: Prominent Features of DALL-E Image Generative AI

DALL-E AI can produce images in various styles and positions without explicit guidance. It creates visuals from different angles, and professors discover that it combines ideas. Let’s explore some prominent features that make this technology more effective.

1. Enhanced Image Quality and Three-Dimensionality

This model is trained to create human figures from different angles with smooth animation. It appears to apply the same types of optical distortions to scenes. In this regard, it uses deep learning techniques for clear, sharp, and high-resolution images. Such images are visually appealing and indistinguishable from real photographs.

2. Combining Divergent Ideas and Surreal Capabilities  

DALL-E can combine real and imaginary objects in an image with a composed language prompt. It isn’t limited to realistic images but also excels in creating surreal-looking visuals. This capability allows artistic exploration and experimentation for fantastical image creation.

3. Drawing Multiple Objects and Fine-Grained Control

It can control multiple objects, their spatial relationships, and attributes in a single image. For this purpose, you need to compose the prompt correctly so this AI model can interpret it better. Apart from that, DALL-E has great control over the granular level of the image for refined content.

Part 3: How to Use DALL-E 3 across OpenAI Labs?

With simple instructions and basic sentences, DALL-E 3 can produce up to four images. Let’s learn how the DALL-E3 model works in OpenAI Labs and craft compelling photos. If you want exact results, providing specific and detailed prompts is suggested rather than basic ones.

Step 1. Sign in to your ChatGPT account and tap “GPT-4” for a drop-down menu. Pick the “DALL-E 3” option located at the bottom of the extended list and begin your creative journey.

choose the dall-e-3 feature

Step 2. Navigate to the bottom and insert your text prompt describing your desired image. After adding your prompt, hit the “Enter” key from your keyboard and wait for AI to analyze it.

execute the desired prompt

Step 3. Finally, you will get a preview of 4 images that you can review and finalize. If you like the results, locate your cursor on one image and click the “Download” icon to save it. This way, you will get pictures in your system along with the image prompt that you provided to generate it.

download the required picture

Part 4: How to Use DALL-E 3 across Microsoft Bing AI?

Microsoft Bing is primarily a search engine with an AI image generator function. It’s the first company that integrated DALL-E online of OpenAI into its product since March 2023. To use Bing Image Creator by DALL-E 3, you need to create an account on Microsoft. Afterward, you can use the steps next and create your image with text prompts.

Step 1. Head to the main interface of Microsoft Bing Image Creator to start your AI image creation. There, write your text prompt in the text box and hit the “Create” button next to it.

tap the create button

Step 2. Wait for AI to process and preview four images with different angles and objects. Optionally, you can click the “Surprise Me” button from the top right side for prompt ideas.

click the surprise me button

Step 3. Locate your cursor on one image and tap the icon on its top-right side. From the following menu, you can choose the “Create a New Collection” option to save the image in your collection. Also, you can use the “Saved Image” option to see the existing saved image collection.

save the image to collections

Step 4. You can also click on one image and navigate to another screen with a bigger image preview. Here, press the “Download” option to save the generated image on your system.

tap the download option

Top Recommendation. Create Specified Images for Video Covers with UniConverter

Images generated by DALL-E technology are used as posters, video covers, and book covers. Specifically talking about video covers, Wondershare UniConverter comes as a better technology. It’s a video editor, recorder, compressor, and converter, an all-in-one platform. This AI-powered application offers an AI thumbnail maker similar to DALL-E generators but a better one.

It can create eye-catching images with your text instructions and AI settings. For users' ease, it allows them to select an image style from pastel, Sci-Fi, comic, and 3D options. Moreover, one can select an aspect ratio from pre-design templates, which isn’t available with DALL-E OpenAI.

How to Use AI Thumbnail Maker in Wondershare UniConverter: A Stepwise Guide

Unlike DALL-E, UniConverter even lets you choose your favorite folder to save the output. Since it’s the best option for making AI thumbnails, let’s learn how it works through the given instructions.

Step 1 Access AI Thumbnail Maker from UniConverter

Launch Wondershare UniConverter on your device and ensure you have the latest version. From its main interface, click the “Tools” option from the left side panel and access its complete list of tools. Now, locate the “AI Thumbnail Maker” option and tap on it to get another window.

choose ai thumbnail maker tool
Step 2 Generate Images with AI Settings and Text Prompts

Head to the "Style" section from the next screen and pick one option, such as "Nature." Next, select one option from the “Aspect Ratio” section and navigate to the right side. There, enter your text prompt and describe what you want in the image. Finally, hit the “Generate” button from the bottom-right side and wait for the results.

hit the generate button
Step 3 Download Your Favorite Results to Use in Videos

Once AI finishes processing, you will get four images from different angles. Place your cursor on your favorite one and tap the “Download” icon on its top-right side. This way, AI-generated images will be exported to your device so you can add them to videos.

tap the export icon


From the above discussion, it's concluded that DALL-E has influenced image generation. Its continuous expansions bring the DALL-E2 and DALL-E3 models as innovations. In this article, we have also discussed how to use these DALL-E models that are integrated into Bing and OpenAI Labs. Among them, Wondershare UniConverter has better AI thumbnail makers, which brings ease. Besides, users can choose the image style and aspect ratio that best fits their needs.

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