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How to use Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate)?
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Get Started - Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac is a complete video tool that offers versatile functions to handle your video as well as audio and image files. It supports a wide range of functions like video conversion, video download, video recording, image conversion, audio conversion, DVD/CD burner and converter, video editing, file transfer, and more others. Majority of the functions supported by the Windows and the Mac version of the software are same. The guide below will help you quickly to install and learn Wondershare UniConverter for Mac.

Part 1. Download & Install

Step 1 Download Wondershare UniConverter on Mac

Before using all functions of this video converter, you need to firstly download and install it on your Mac. You can free download from the link below to have a try or buy now directly.

Step 2 Install Video Converter to your Mac

Once the program is downloaded, click on its set-up .zip file and a new pop-up window will open. Click on the Launch button to start downloading and installing Wondershare UniConverter quickly on your Mac. You can see the process like the screenshot below.

Install Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Step 3 Launch Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

You'll get the main interface like below after you've launch Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac.

Install Wondershare UniConverter for Mac - launch Wondershare UniConverter

Part 2. Basics

The main interface of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac offers 5 function modules from where you can operate to get your task done. These modules include - Convert, Download, Burn, Transfer, and Toolbox. Know more about these functions in the following parts one-by-one.

basics of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

1. Convert

The Convert tab of the Wondershare UniConverter for Mac facilitates converting video and audio files on Mac among an array of formats including MP4/MOV/AVI/MKV/FLV/MP3/WAV/WMA, etc. It also allows you to compress video size on Mac with editing parameters like resolution, bitrate, video quality, and others. The video files can also be customized with Trim, Crop, Watermark, Effect, Subtitle, and more others before the conversion process through this section. To differentiate and facilitate better management of the files, the videos are divided into Converting and Converted tab. Considering the ease of conversion, the program can be considered as the best video converter for Mac.

Convert videos with Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

2. Download

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac allows downloading videos from more than 10,000 online sites through its Download section. The software facilitates high-quality video download from playback without any needs for internet connection. The downloaded files can also be converted to an array of formats supported by your device. The download process takes place by simply copying and pasting the desired video link. This section of the software also supports recording online videos or desktop activities as needed. The Downloading tab of the software shows the files in progress while the Finished tab shows the successful downloaded and recorded videos.

Download videos with Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

3. Burn

The Burn section of the software allows burning videos to a DVD/Blu-ray disc on Mac easily and quickly. There is also an option for burning the files to a DVD folder or ISO folder if needed. It supports most common video formats to import and customize your DVD with free menu templates in different themes. You can enjoy your videos in DVD on any playable devices without quality loss with Wondershare UniConverter for Mac.

Burn videos to DVD with Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

4. Transfer

The Transfer section of Wondershare UniConverter can be used for transferring the local, downloaded, recorded, and the converted videos to any devices including iOS, Android, external hard drives, and USB flash drives. You just need to connect your Mac to your device via a USB cable easily and Wondershare UniConverter will help you finish others quickly.

Transfer videos with Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

5. Toolbox

The Toolbox tab of the Wondershare UniConverter for Mac comes with some additional and useful features, which including Image Converter, GIF Maker, Fix Video Metadata, Compress Video, VR Converter, CD Burner, DVD Copy, CD Converter, Screen Recorder, and Cast to TV.

Toolbox of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Part 3. Add Files

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac provides you 3 ways to add video/audio files to the program.

Method 1. Add Files from Media Browser

The Media Browsers button the top-right corner of the main software interface facilitates syncing of files from iTunes, iMovie, and Photo Booth.

add files from Media Browser Mac

Step 1: Click on the Media Browsers button on the top-right corner. A separate pop-up window will open showing the video and audio files present on iMovie, iTunes, and Photo Booth.

Step 2: Hit on the drop-down icon will allow you to check the desired video or the audio file. Hit on the + icon at the bottom-left corner to load the selected file to the software program.

Step 3: If you wish to preview the file before adding to the software interface, you can do so by clicking on the play icon present on the bottom-right corner.

Method 2. Add Files from Camcorder

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac allows adding video files directly from your camcorders for conversion and other functions.

add files from camcorder Mac

Step 1: Connect your camcorder to your Mac. On the software interface click on the drop-down icon at the +Add Files button and the list of connected devices will be shown.

Step 2: Click on the connected camcorder and you can see all the videos present on the device. Choose the desired files to add them to the software interface.

Method 3. Add Files from Devices

The software also allows adding video files directly from an array of devices like iPhone, Android phones, and iPad.

Step 1: Connect the device to your Mac using a USB cable. Click on the drop-down options at the +Add Files button and select the Add from Device option.

how to add files from devices to Mac

Step 2: The software will detect your connected device and will access the files present on the same. Select the files to be converted and click on the Add To List. The selected files will appear on the Convert tab of the software interface.

add files from devices to Mac

Part 4. Preferences

You can get a better using experience by customizing preference settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac. Click on the UniConverter > Preferences option at the top-left corner after launching it on your Mac.

preference of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

General Preferences

The General section offers chooses 4 types of settings:

change general settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. Play sound on task finished: This option can be used if you want to get the sound reminder on completion of the task. Disable the option if you do not require this reminder.
  2. Subtitle coding mode: There are multiple languages supported by the software and this section can be used to select the Display language.
  3. Reset all dialog warnings: To reset all the pop-up warning dialog to its original settings, use this option.
  4. Check for update: The section allows you to check for the software updates automatically. Here you can also set the frequency when you want to check the updated version of the program

Click on the OK button to confirm the changed settings.

Convert Preferences

The Convert tab of the Preferences window allows you to choose and select the parameters related to the conversion functions.

change convert settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. Automatically add files to iTunes after conversion: To add the converted files to your iTunes library automatically after the conversion process, enable this option.
  2. Keep Chapter Markers: Enable this option to keep the original information related to the chapter on your DVD. When the disc is converted to another format, the information will be there in the converted disc. If the option is not selected the information related to the chapter will be removed after the conversion process.
  3. Keep Media Metadata: Enable or disable the option as required
  4. Remove the source file(s) from the Converting list after conversion: Enabling of this option will remove the files from the converting list automatically after the process
  5. Load contents in a DVD: In order to load the disc contents for conversion you can choose to add All Movies or Main Movies Only.
  6. Maximum convert tasks: By default, the value is kept at 1 task which you can also choose to keep it at 2 for simultaneous conversion.
  7. Reset: In order to reset all the convert section settings to its factory settings, this option can be used.

Clicking on the OK button will confirm and save all the selected settings.

Download Preferences

The downloaded files can be managed under this preferences section.

change download settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. The maximum number of downloading tasks: Here you can choose the number of simultaneous tasks. The values can be selected from 1-8 and the default value is 4.
  2. Set One-Click Download mode for YouTube: Your YouTube videos will be downloaded in preset parameters Choose Video or Audio as a file, Quality, and Subtitles language.
  3. Auto download YouTube playlist Subtitles/CC: This option can be used for downloading the YouTube video subtitles automatically.
  4. Automatically resume unfinished tasks on startup: On enabling this option, the unfinished tasks will resume automatically as the software is launched.
  5. Merge the subtitle/CC to the output video: Subtitles can be integrated into the video by enabling this option.
  6. Reset: Clicking on this button will reset all the Download settings to factory settings.

Clicking on the OK button will confirm the settings.

Location Preferences

The location of the downloaded, converted and recorded files can be selected through this tab.

change location settings of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

  1. Save Converted Files to: Choose location on Mac to save the converted videos.
  2. Save Recorded Files to: Here choose the Mac location to save the recorded files.
  3. Save Burned Folder/ISO files to: Here select Mac location to save the burned discs and ISO folders.
  4. Save Downloaded Files to: Downloaded files will be saved at the location selected here.

Hitting on the OK button will confirm the changes.

Part 5. Log in UniConverter with Wondershare ID & Update

5.1 Purchase Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac comes with a free trial version that supports functions with a number of limitations as shown below.

trail version of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

If you wish to use this professional software with all its power-packed features you need to purchase the program plan as needed. Click on the Buy Now button to remove all limitations.

buy Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Or you can purchase the plan by opening drop-down options at UniConverter at the top-left corner and then selecting Purchase option from there.

purchase Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

5.2 Log In UniConverter with Wondershare ID or Registration Code

Click the Log In button to log in and use UniConverter. You can log in using Wondershare ID with Password (The email address you purchased/signed up Wondershare UniConverter/Wondershare PDFelement/Wondershare Filmora) or Licensed Email with Registration Code (The information you have purchased Wondershare UniConverter before December 9, 2019). Enter you information and click on the Log in/Register button to continue using Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac.

Both accounts are available now, but we recommend that you'd better to upgrade you old license email to Wondershare ID for free.

log in UniConverter for Mac with Wondershare ID

After log in successfully, you can view your account information with email address, current plans, and several account options.

UniConverter Mac account information

  • Upgrade Now: Click the Upgrade Now button to purchase Wondershare UniConverter or upgrade your current plans.
  • View My Account: Click this option to open the Account Center page, from where you can view your account details and manage your purchased products.
  • Change Password: Change your Wondershare ID password for Wondershare UniConverter for Mac by clicking on this option.
  • Log Out: Log out your current Wondershare account for UniConverter on Mac.

5.3 Sign Up Wondershare ID New Account

If you haven't purchased Wondershare UniConverter, you can sign up a new account to use. You'll see the Create account here button on the interface after clicking the Log In button in the right-top corner.

sign up Wondershare ID for UniConverter Mac

Then you can see a new interface to ask you input the email and password, finish the asked information and click on the Sign Up button to sign in.

sign up UniConverter for Mac

Tips: See what you can do in Wondershare Account Center from here.

5.4 Checking for Updates

Time to time, the updates for the software are available to enhance its overall functionality and features. To check the version of the software and to update the same, listed below are the steps.

Step 1: On the main software interface, click on the UniConverter button and select Preferences. Select the General tab from the pop-up window. Here choose the option for updating your software daily, weekly, monthly, or never as needed from the Check for update option.

update Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Step 2: If you have chosen to update your software daily, a pop-up window will appear. At the Live Update window, click on the Update Now button to download the latest version of the software.

Step 3: After the latest version of the program is downloaded, click on the OK button to terminate and install the new version. If you want to install the new version next time, click on the Cancel button.

Note: If you are comfortable using the same version of the software choose Never option for the update so that there is no automatic update. In case if an update is required any time, you can do it manually from the Menu tab.

check for update of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

5.5 Change Themes

The latest version of the software offers you two different themes for the interface - Dark and Light. You can choose from one of them as you like.

The themes can be selected by clicking on the UniConverter button at the top-left corner and then select the Themes option. You will be shown options for Dark and Light.

change themes of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Selecting the Dark theme will show the interface like below.

dark theme of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

While choosing the Light theme will get following interface.

light theme of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

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