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convert M4P to M4A

M4P to M4A: How to Convert iTunes M4P to M4A Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:28 • Proven solutions

Audio files purchased from the iTunes Store are in M4P format and these files come with FairPlay DRM protection that prevents their access as well as playback on non-Apple devices. So if you play your favorite music in M4P format on a mobile phone or other regular audio devices you would fail. The best solution here is to convert your M4P audio files to a compatible format like M4A that can be accessed and played by all Apple devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod or others. To help you convert M4P to M4A, this article lists the best M4P to M4A converter also the M4P to M4A converter free online.

Part 1. Convert M4P to M4A free and online.

If you want to convert M4P to M4A free, use an online converter. One decent browser-based program that facilitates converting M4P to M4A format FileZigZag. The M4P files can be simply added to the interface or can be dragged and dropped. In addition to M4A, the added files can be converted to an array of other formats as well. The processed files are sent to your mail-id or can also be downloaded from the interface. There is also an option to save the converted file to Dropbox or Google Drive. If needed, the files can also be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Steps to use M4P to M4A Converter Free tool

Step 1: On your browser window, open Click on the Select button to browse and add the M4P file from your system.

Step 2: At Convert to: section, select M4A as the target format from the Audio list.

Step 3: Enter your email address to receive the converted file.

Step 4: Click on the Convert button to start uploading and converting the file.

m4p to m4a converter free online

Part 2. M4A vs M4P

The table below compares M4P and M4A for a better understanding of the formats that will further help in the conversion process.

Features/ Format M4P M4A
Method of Encoding
Copy Protection
Yes Both DRM protected and DRM free
These are majorly used as iTunes audio files that are DRM-free
These are audio files purchased from the iTunes store and comes with DRM-protection
Device Compatibility
Protected by DRM-copyright, the format can be accessed by Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and others.
DRM-free M4V is compatible with all types of players and devices
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Christine Smith

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