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M4P player

Top 3 M4P Player to Play M4P on Android/Windows/Mac

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:28 • Proven solutions

iTunes purchased music and audio files come in M4P format and these files come with DRM protection by Apple. M4P files can be played on Apple devices, but to access and play these files on non-Apple devices like Android, Windows, and others, you need an M4P player or need to convert M4P to another common audio format. Read this article to learn how to play M4P files easily on Android or other devices smoothly.

Part 1. Why M4P files can't play on Android or other devices.

Developed by Apple, M4P is an encrypted audio file format that comes with DRM-protection. These files are downloaded from iTunes and thus also known as iTunes Music Store Audio files. Since these audio files come with protection, they can be accessed and played only through iTunes and Apple devices that are authorized to play these files. Non-Apple devices like Windows players, Android players, smartphones, and others cannot play M4P files.

Part 2. 2 M4P players to play M4P files without iTunes.

If you looking for options on how to play m4p files without iTunes on your Android and other devices, a number of other conversion programs are available as well. Know about these popular programs in the following parts.

1. TuneClone M4P Converter Software


This is decent software that is available for Windows and Mac platforms and facilitates converting M4P and WMA music files to MP3 audio format for playback on Android and other devices. The files using the software are converted through virtual CD burning. The ID3 tags title, artworks, and other file information are preserved during the conversion process. With a user-friendly interface and batch conversion support, the process is simple and quick. Device-specific format conversion is also supported by the software.

M4P player - TuneClone M4P Converter

2. TuneFab Apple Music Converter


Apple Music Converter is a widely used software for removing DRM-protection and converting iTunes audio files to general formats. The program can be easily and quickly installed on your Windows or Mac system. Using the program, M4P, AA, and AAC files can be converted to MP3 for playing in on non-Apple devices. Option for removing the DRM-protection is also there that facilitates accessing the files even after the end of the subscription. Additional features include organizing iTunes music library, removing DRM from AA/AAX audiobooks, retaining ID3 tags, and other file information.

M4P player - TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Perplexed on how to play M4P on your non-Apple devices? Check the solutions above to convert and play m4p files without iTunes.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

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