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Best 10 WhatsApp Call Recorder in 2024 [Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android Included]

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:57:36 • Proven solutions

“What is the best WhatsApp recorder application? I have tried various third-party WhatsApp call recorder apps, but none of them proved to be effective. Is there any way to monitor calls on WhatsApp and similar messenger apps?”


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for Android and iOS users. It is no surprise as the service allows the users to conduct text, voice, and video chats for free. However, its security protocols prevent anyone from recording the conversations and calls. Still, you can use a WhatsApp voice recorder to keep track of all conversations. If you have no clue which service to use to complete the task, simply follow this article till the end, as we will share the ins and outs of the best 10 WhatsApp voice call recorders for all devices.



Part 1. Can I Record a WhatsApp Call?

The WhatsApp application does not offer any facility to record video or voice calls. It is to ensure complete privacy of the user’s conversations. However, you can use third-party call recording applications to record every type of call easily.

These apps are readily available on all devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. In the next section, we will share the best call recorders for the aforementioned platforms.

Part 2. Best 5 Whatsapp Video Call Recorders for Windows/Mac

Recently, WhatsApp has offered dedicated applications for Windows and Mac desktops. The software has the exact same features available with the smartphone apps. Similar to the Android/iOS application, WhatsApp for desktop does not permit users to record voice or video calls.

However, you can use any of the 5 WhatsApp video recorders mentioned below to monitor every call occurring on Windows and Mac systems.

1. Wondershare UniConverter

The UniConverter is the most reliable tool available across Windows and macOS computers to record WhatsApp video and voice calls. The software maintains the highest audio/video quality throughout the recording session. Moreover, you have the amenity to manage the recorded media in several file formats, especially if you intend to share it across different platforms.

Some unique features of Wondershare UniConverter are listed below:

  • You can modify the screen before starting the recording.
  • The tool enables you to select the frame rate and resolution of the video as well.
  • You can add yourself to the video conversation using the Webcam Recorder available on the UniConverter.

The steps to use Wondershare UniConverter WhatsApp screen recorder are as follows:

Step 1Access the Application on your Computer

Run the UniConverter on your Windows/Mac system and click on the Screen Recorder option. Click on the Camera icon located in the middle of the interface to access the recording toolbar. Proceed to the next step.


Access the Application on your Computer

Step 2Adjust WhatsApp Screen Recorder Settings

Select which screen you aim to record. Lock the Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, Video Quality, and File Format. Moreover, select the File Name and Location.


Adjust WhatsApp Screen Recorder Settings

Step 3Start Recording WhatsApp Video/Voice Calls

Start the video call on your computer and simultaneously click the REC button for the recording to begin. Once you end the WhatsApp call, hit the Stop button to finish the screen recording. Click on the Open tab to access the recorded video.


Start Recording WhatsApp Video/Voice Calls

2. RECMaster – WhatsApp Voice Call Recorder

RECMaster is another simple to use WhatsApp video call recorder that lets you adjust the screen before recording. The software offers 4K video recording. Afterward, the tool has the related features to edit the recorded video to add effects and watermarks.

Supported OS: macOS X and Windows


  • User-friendly
  • Reliable tech support


  • The free version only lets you record WhatsApp video call for 2 minutes


The free version only lets you record WhatsApp video call for 2 minutes

3. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi is a renowned name when it comes to video editing and screen recording. The tool can capture WhatsApp calls, streaming sessions, and online lectures while maintaining high quality. Moreover, you can edit the recorded voice/video call with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Supported OS: macOS X and Windows


  • It offers a convenient timer utility
  • Easy functionality


  • Expensive premium version


Expensive premium version

4. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a suitable Whatsapp Video call recorder with audio. Other than capturing video calls, you can use the tool to screencast webcam videos and record music. It offers to save the recorded clip in various formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, and AVI. The interface is simple, and all screen recording functions are easily accessible.

Supported OS: macOS X and Windows



  • Excellent audio recorder
  • Offers screen scheduling


  • Not much creative freedom available with the trial version


Not much creative freedom available with the trial version

5. FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder lets you record audio and video simultaneously without causing any latency or lag issues. The tool stores the recorded video calls in numerous file formats. Moreover, you can customize the screen size almost instantly, thanks to an intuitive interface.

Supported OS: macOS X and Windows


  • HD recording
  • Customized hotkeys


  • Live customer support is not available


Live customer support is not available

Part 3. Best 3 Whatsapp Call Recorder Apps for Android

Suppose you aim to record WhatsApp calls on your Android phones. In that case, you can download a dedicated whatsapp call recorder apk from the Google Play Store to perform the activity well.

Some of the most-used apps are as follows:

Product Name Icon Download Link Ratings Pros Cons
Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder



· Minimal ads

· Excellent support

· Sometimes doesn’t work
Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder


3.8 · Syncs call recordings to the cloud
· Excellent for long hours
· Outdated interface
Record WhatsApp Calls

Record WhatsApp Calls


N/A · Maintains high quality
· Easy to use
· Privacy concerns


Part 4. Best 2 WhatsApp Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

We have compiled a table of the 2 best apps that record WhatsApp conversations for iPhone users.

Product Name Icon Download Link Ratings Pros Cons

Record WhatsApp Calls

Download 4.3 · Free
· Great customer service
· Limited features with the free version
DU Recorder

Record WhatsApp Calls

Download 4.5 · Offers video editing · Supports both internal and external microphone · Expensive


Apple has specialized security protocols and privacy policies in place to prevent user data from being used by third-party applications. If none of the above-mentioned WhatsApp call recorders for iPhone, we recommend using another record on other devices to keep track of calls conveniently.


Here we have shared every minuscule detail on the best WhatsApp call recorders for all platforms. You can verify which service suits you and your device best. If you are an iPhone user, we recommend using WhatsApp for desktop and the UniConverter to record voice or video calls without any hassle. Overall, the UniConverter is the best choice as it is an all-purpose editing tool with powerful features.

Free Download Free Download

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