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How to Record Skype Video Call on Windows and Mac

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:00 • Proven solutions

With everything moving on to the online platform, official meetings, college lectures, training sessions, and even personal chit-chat with your distanced loved ones are no exception. Skype is one of the most widely used platforms for videos and audio, and its built-in recording feature allows recording Skype to Skype calls. Other third-party programs for Skype recording are available as well. Learn in detail about Skype recording in the following parts.

Part 1. Can you record Skype calls

Yes, Skype calls can be recorded using the built-in recording feature of Skype as well as third-party tools. Skype video call recording may be required to save the official meeting discussions for further reference, to record the online training session, to capture the expression of your loved ones, and several other professional or personal scenarios.

The simplest to record Skype calls is using its built-in recording feature that is available for Skype-to-Skype calls. Key features of the Skype call recording are as follows:

  • As the recording is started, a notification about the same is sent to everyone in the call.
  • The maximum call recording duration is 24 hours, and long video recordings will be split into multiple files.
  • The recording will be available in your chat for a period of 30 days, and if you need it for a longer time, it can be saved to your local system in MP4 format.
  • The recording feature is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.
  • If there is any desktop sharing during the call, the same will also be recorded.
  • After the recording is stopped, the call is ended, or you leave the group, the call recording will stop, and it will be posted in the chat.

Steps on how to record Skype video Call:

Step 1: Start the Skype to Skype call, and during the call, click on three dots at the bottom-right of the screen to open more options. Click on the Start recording option.

Start recording in Skype

Step 2: A notification through a banner will appear in the call, informing everyone that the call is being recorded.

Step 3: To stop the recording, you can click on the Stop recording option from the more option window of the screen or can simply end the call.

Strop recording in Skype

Step 4: The recorded call will be posted to the chat window for you and the contacts to see. You can play the recorded videos using the thumbnail inside the chat.

Post recorded video to chat window

Step 5: To save this chat on your local system, click on the three dots present at the upper-right side of the video thumbnail inside the chat. Select Save to Download option, and the recording will save to your local system. Clicking on the Save as an option will let you save the recording to your desired location.

Save skype video recordings

The above-listed steps are for recording the Skype calls on your computer. The steps for recording the call on your mobile are more or less the same.

Part 2. [Recommended] How to record Skype video calls with custom settings

The built-in recording feature of Skype supports basic recording without any option for customized settings. So, to help you record the Skype calls in multiple formats, without others knowing about the recording, for the selected frame, and with other multiple customized options, Wondershare UniConverter is the best tool.

This versatile video toolbox comes with support to a wide range of features, including screen recording, audio recording, and webcam recording.

  • Record Skype video and audio calls in high quality
  • Customize the format in which you wish to record
  • Choose the area to be recorded
  • Other participants in the chat do not come to know about the recording
  • Choose the record the call with or without the audio
  • Windows and Mac support

Steps on how to record Skype calls using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UniConverter and select webcam recording

Run the installed software on your system, and from the main interface, choose the Screen Recorder option. On the top-left corner, expand the drop-down menu at the recording icon and choose Screen Recorder.

Launch screen recorder in UniConverter

Step 2 Customize the record settings

You will now see a screen recording window that you can adjust to select the frame of the Skype call that is to be recorded. To move the entire frame, use the cross-icon at the center while to adjust the frame, pinch the edges. The exact height and the width can also be entered.

Click on the settings icon at the right-bottom corner to pull down more options. Choose the format, quality, and frame rate as desired from their respective drop-down menus.

To disable the microphone, click on the microphone icon.

Desktop folder to save the recorded video can be browsed and selected at Save As location.

Set microphone and system audio to record

Step 3 Start recording

When all customized settings are done, click on the red RED button. With a countdown of 3 seconds, Skype recording will begin.

Start recording with UniConverter

Step 4 Stop and process the recording

To stop the recording, click on the red stop button.

Stop recording with UniConverter

The recorded video can be checked from the selected desktop folder or the Finished tab on the software interface.

Locate the recorded files

Part 3. FAQs of Skype recording

1. Where does Skype save recordings?

If you are using a personal Skype account (consumer version), then the Skype recording using the built-in feature is saved to the chat where the recording was done.

If Skype for Business account is used, the recordings are saved o the Video > Lync Recordings folder. If needed, you can change this location as desired.

2. Why is Skype recording not saved?

If you are unable to locate your recorded Skype calls, check them from the Recovery section or the bin the Skype. It may also be possible that the recordings are saved to some customized location that you selected earlier.

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