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Best 3 Ways for WhatsApp Audio Call Recording/WhatsApp Voice Call Recording

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:52 • Proven solutions

Can WhatsApp audio call be recorded? I want to keep track of all my WhatsApp voice calls, but the messenger does not offer a call recording feature. Moreover, I have tried several third-party call recorders, but they didn’t work. Is there any app available that can bypass all security protocols and record WhatsApp audio calls?”

It isn’t a straightforward task to record WhatsApp audio calls. This article will look into possible solutions to record WhatsApp calls on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Part 1. Can We Record WhatsApp Audio Call?

Recording a WhatsApp call isn’t a simple as monitoring a conventional voice call. The popular messaging app does not offer any type of facility to record audio or video calls. However, you can still record WhatsApp audio calls as there are numerous ways to perform the activity. One of them is by using reliable third-party call recording apps. In the next section, we’ll discuss the complete process of call recording.

Part 2. How to Record WhatsApp Audio Call on Android?

Android is a user-friendly platform that offers several apps from the Google Play Store to record WhatsApp audio calls. One of the robust applications on Android to perform the said task is the Cube Call Recorder. The app automatically records every voice call occurring on the Android device. Moreover, it offers cloud backup by storing the recorded WhatsApp call on Google Drive.

Here are the instructions to record WhatsApp audio calls using the Cube Call Recorder:

  1. Install the app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the application and permit it to access your microphone, contacts, and storage.
  3. Tap on WhatsApp from the list and call any person you want.
  4. You will see the Cube Recorder on the right side of the screen, which means that the app works.
  5. That’s it!

Here are the instructions to record WhatsApp audio calls using the Cube Call Recorder

Part 3. How to Record WhatsApp Audio Call on iPhone?

Apple has strict security and privacy protocols placed on its devices to prevent anyone from recording calls. Moreover, iOS does not allow third-party call recording apps to access the phone’s storage, microphone, and call application. Besides, the default iPhone screen recorder will not record your conversation as the microphone does not work on two separate apps simultaneously.

If you still wish to record WhatsApp audio calls, we suggest using another device, such as a desktop. From there, you access the Wondershare UniConverter and WhatsApp for desktop to keep track of audio chats on the messenger. We will discuss how to use the UniConverter to record audio calls in the next section.

Part 4. Best Audio Recorder for WhatsApp Audio Call Recording

Wondershare UniConverter is a robust and reliable platform to record all WhatsApp audio and video calls. The tool is compatible with all modern-day versions of macOS and Windows. Moreover, it lets you edit the recorded files if there is some background distortion or any other issue. Besides, it grants users the option to select the output format for voice recording.

Below are the standard functions of the UniConverter Audio Call Recorder:

  • You can compress the recording with the software.
  • It lets you select a microphone before starting the recording process.
  • You can choose MP3, WAV, or M4A as the output format for audio recording.

Step 1Open the WhatsApp Audio Recorder

Download and install the software on your macOS or Windows desktop. Run the app and click on the Screen Recorder button. On the top-left corner, click on the Camera icon and select Audio Recorder.

Open the WhatsApp Audio Recorder

Step 2Customize Audio Recorder Settings

From the Settings box, select the speaker, microphone, and output format for the recording. Proceed to the next step after that.

Customize Audio Recorder Settings

Step 3Record the WhatsApp Audio Call

Open WhatsApp for desktop and call anyone. At the same time, press the REC button and start the call recording process. Click on Stop to end the process. Hit Open to access the recording on your computer.

Record the WhatsApp Audio Call


Sometimes it is necessary for a person to record WhatsApp audio calls. However, unlike the phone’s default app, there is no such facility to perform WhatsApp audio call recording provided by the messenger. Still, you can use any of the platforms mentioned above to record WhatsApp audio calls on Android and desktop. For iPhone users, we recommend using the UniConverter as it is pretty complicated to perform the task unless you jailbreak the device.

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