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How to Record Zoom Audio Only

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-27 11:21:27 • Proven solutions

Zoom calls are a lot in use these days owing to work from home, online sessions, training, and more. For future reference of a zoom call meeting, the app comes with a built-in recording feature that allows recording the video along with the audio. Several times, you may only require the audio of your meetings and thus would want to record zoom audio-only.

So, if you too have been looking for solutions on how to record zoom audio, the article will be of great help to you.

Part 1. How to record audio in the zoom app

There is no direct option to zoom record audio-only.

The built-in Zoom recording feature records the meeting video along with the audio. There is no option that gives you the freedom to record only the audio part of the meeting. There is a workaround that can be used. The zoom recordings are processed and saved as separate video and audio parts, and here you can selectively download the audio part to your local system and delete the video part.

There is an additional feature in zoom where while you are recording locally, the audio streams of each of the participants can be recorded as separate audio files. Other audio options can also be checked from the client settings.

Part 2. How to record Zoom audio in MP3/M4A/WAV Easily

As there is no direct way to record only the audio using the zoom app, third-party tools come to the rescue. Though a myriad of options is available for zoom audio recording, the right tool is important to ensure high-quality recording in a hassle-free manner and with added features. Wondershare UniConverter here works as the apt choice fulfilling all the requirements of professional software.

This versatile tool comes with a built-in audio recorder that helps you in recording audio from your system in high quality. Additionally, you can also choose to record the audio in MP4, M4A, and WAV formats. You can even choose the audio source and the microphone.

Additionally, the screen recorder of the software also allows recording your zoom meeting videos in high quality with additional features of custom format, quality, frame rate, picture-in-picture, and other options. The recorded video or audio files can be further edited, compressed, as well as transferred to a host of devices.

  • Record zoom meetings video in high quality
  • Record only the meeting audio in MP3, M4A, and WAV format
  • Recorded audio and video files can be edited, compressed, and shared
  • Option for customizing zoom meeting recording by selecting the quality, format, and frame rate
  • Support for picture-in-picture recording
  • Record the entire screen or choose only the selected part
  • Windows and Mac compatible

Steps to record audio from zoom using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1 Choose Wondershare Audio Recorder

Launch the software and from the main interface, click on the Screen Recorder tab at the left-side pane. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the camera icon and select Audio Recorder from the list.

Choose Wondershare Audio Recorder

Step 2 Choose Recording preferences

An Audio recorder pop-up window will open where you can choose the recording preferences. Under the speaker list, you can choose the connected output speaker or a headphone. At the Microphone menu, you can choose the system internal mic or an external mic that is connected.

Next, choose the desired audio format from the drop-down list at the Format.

Choose Recording preferences

Step 3 Start audio recording

After settings are done, click on the red RED button, and with a countdown of 3 seconds, the audio recording will begin. During the countdown, you can start your zoom meeting that is to be recorded.

Start audio recording

Step 4 Stop recording and process

When the call is ended, or you wish to end the recording, click on the red stop icon. The software will process the recording, and it will appear on the software interface. Clicking on the Open button will take you to the desktop location where the recording is saved.

Stop recording and process

The recorded audio can now be compressed, edited, or transferred by moving them to the respective tabs.

Part 3. FAQs of zoom record audio-only

1. Why Zoom recording no audio

On your iOS and Android devices, Zoom does not support recording the meetings locally. On mobile devices, the meetings can only be recorded to the Zoom cloud, and the cloud recording can only be done by the host, who is a licensed user. Co-host permission is needed by the others for cloud recording.

2. Can you record a separate audio file for each participant?

When the zoom meeting video is recorded using the built-in recording feature, there is an option where multiple audio files can be recorded. Using this option, the host can record the audio streams of all the participants as separate audio files. There is a separate audio file for each participant. You can use the zoom client settings for recording multiple files.

More about the process can be learned from the link:

3. Can you record audio on zoom without permission?

The default zoom recording feature does not support recording only the audio part of the meeting, and moreover, the participants of the meeting require permission from the host for the recording.

If you wish to record zoom audio without any permission, Wondershare UniConverter is just the right software to use. The audio recorder of the tool allows you to record your zoom meetings in mp3, m4a, and wav format, and that too without any need for permission or other participants to know about the recording.

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