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How to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac without losing quality?

If you took photos with a Canon camera, then as a result you will receive images in CR2 format, which cannot be viewed without special programs, uploaded to social networks or other photo-sharing platforms. In this case, these images should be converted to some convenient and common format, for example, to JPEG. When you convert CR2 to JPG on a Mac, you can view your photo files on any device. Compared to CR2, JPG is available for more platforms including desktop and mobile. What's more, the JPG file is much smaller than the same CR2 image. Carefully read the article to learn some efficient methods for converting CR2 to JPG on a Mac.

Part 1. What is a CR2 file format?

convert cr2 to jpg mac

CR2 files are created using Canon digital cameras, the camera forms a graphic format that will store the raw information received through the matrix. This approach allows you to avoid serious losses in the quality of the resulting image. The .cr2 extension contains both textual data about the images and full information about the various conditions under which the photo was taken, for example, white balance, exposure parameters, brightness, contrast, and other elements.

A clear disadvantage of this format is its very impressive size, requiring a certain amount of space on a memory card or hard drive. CR2 can be opened not only on Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux computer operating systems but also on mobile devices running on Android and iOS platforms. You can convert CR2 to RAW format and other popular extensions nowadays.

Part 2. 5 best ways to convert a CR2 file to JPG/PNG.

Method 1. Convert CR2 with a preview on Mac.

Preview is a pre-installed Mac utility that can open picture files and documents. It also allows you to edit and convert photos, such as converting CR2 to JPG on Mac. Simply read on for more information.

Step 1: Right-click on the CR2 file that you want to convert and open with Preview.

how to convert cr2 to jpg on mac

Step 2: Go to the File tab and choose Export.

Go to the File tab and choose Export

Step 3: Then, in the menu, select JPEG as the output format and click Save to convert the CR2 file to JPEG on the Mac.

convert cr2 to raw for mac

Step 4: Then click Export. Choose where you want to save the new JPEG file and click OK.

Method 2. Convert multiple CR2 files to JPG with Wondershare UniConverter on Mac.

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac can not only process audio and video files but also provides a practical image converter. Wondershare UniConverter for Mac is a complete video toolbox for converting, compressing, editing videos, burning DVDs, etc. It is easy to learn, cost-effective and enables you to work faster.

how to convert multiple cr2 to jpg mac

UniConverter for Mac can convert images to JPG, CR2, PNG, BMP, TIFF, KTX, ASTC, TAG and many other formats. You can also adjust the size of the picture without reducing the quality. The simple UI is friendly for users. Follow the steps below to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac OS.

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UniConverter Image Converter.

Download and install Wondershare UniConverter on your macOS. Then, on the left side of the menu, select the Toolbox tab and click the Image Converter option.

Launch Wondershare UniConverter Image Converter

Step 2 Import the CR2 file(s).

Then, by clicking on the Add/+ button, upload the CR2 file(s) to the software. UniConverter allows you to convert multiple image files at once.

Import the CR2 file(s)

Step 3 Convert and save the JPG file.

Once the CR2 files have been uploaded, go to Settings and select JPG s the output format, as well as the destination for the final JPG file. Then, to start the file conversion, click the Convert button. The JPG file will be saved automatically.

Convert and save the JPG file
wondershare uniconverter 13

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Method 3. Convert CR2 to JPG on Mac with Zamzar.

convert cr2 to png mac

Zamzar is an online video converter, audio converter, image converter, ebook converter. The website has 37 image formats for you to choose from, most of which are included. If you want to convert the format, you don't need to go to various design groups for help anymore, just come directly to this website and solve the file format problem in minutes. In addition to the conversion of picture formats, there are also conversions of various music and video formats, which are convenient and practical. Follow the simple steps below to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac.

Step 1: Import your desired CR2 file by clicking on Add Files.

Import your desired CR2 file by clicking on Add Files

Step 2: ZAMZAR offers a variety of image formats. Select JPG as your output format to convert your CR2 to JPG format on Mac.

Select JPG as your output format

Step 3: Finally click on the Convert Now button to convert CR2 to JPG.

click on the Convert Now

Method 4. Convert CR2 to JPG on Mac with GIMP.

Gimp online image editor is an application for photo and image retouching, image synthesis and image creation tasks. It is integrated with the Linux desktop application GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation), which is a freely distributed program that provides many functions. It can be used as a simple drawing program, image editor, expert quality photo retouching program, image renderer or image format converter. You can also convert CR2 images to JPG on Mac using GIMP.

Step 1: Open and select CR2 file in your Mac.

Step 2: To see a list of supported file formats, click Select File Type.

Select File Type

Step 3: Scroll down the list and select JPEG Image format.

Step 4: To open the Export Image as JPEG dialogue box, select Export.

select JPEG and select Export

Method 5. Convert CR2 to JPG on Mac using Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop can convert one file format into more than 20 other file formats. It is one of the most popular software when working with images. The graphics editor Photoshop is adapted for various digital cameras and can convert many formats without problems. Converting CR2 to JPG with Adobe Photoshop is quite an easy task. All you have to do to convert CR2 to JPG is to follow the simple procedure given below.

Step 1: Open your CR2 with Adobe Photoshop. At the top left, find the File option and the Open option right after.

Open option right after

Step 2: Find the File option once more at the upper left, followed by the Export option. Then select Export as from the drop-down menu.

select Export as from the drop-down menu

Step 3: Select JPG as the final format for your images in the Export as window, then click the Export All button.

click the Export All button

Part 3. FAQs about how to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac.

What’s better: RAW or JPEG?

RAW image files contain unprocessed or minimally processed data from the digital camera sensor. RAW images need to be post-processed in the software before they can be printed, shared or displayed on the display device. Opening it is not as easy as opening a JPEG file.

The most obvious answer is that it depends on your needs and what you are shooting, and even the camera you are using. However, there’s an image quality difference between RAW and JPEG formats. The uncompressed RAW file displays higher quality. The RAW format makes processing flexible compared to JPEG. Nonetheless, the advantages of keeping to JPEG cannot be ignored, which makes the format highly popular.

What is the fastest way to convert CR2 to JPG?

Wondershare Unicoverter is one of the quickest ways to convert CR2 to JPG. It allows you to convert your CR2 file to JPG in seconds without losing the quality of your image.

How can I convert raw files to jpg for free?

With software like Wondershare Uniconverter, Adobe Photoshop, Zamzar you can easily convert your raw files to jpg for free. Also, there are plenty of free online tools available on the internet. You can try one of them.

Does converting RAW to JPEG lose quality?

You might not notice a significant difference in image quality the first time you convert a RAW file to a JPEG. However, the greater the number of times you save the generated JPEG image, the lower the quality of the image becomes.


These are the best available methods to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac OS. You can use any of them but we highly recommend Wondershare Uniconverter to convert raw files into jpg format. Because it is one of the best tools available right now and also it is easy to use as you don’t have to need any skill.

Note: Once you've converted to JPG, it's impossible to convert back to CR2, so make sure you keep an original copy just in case. Apart from that, there should be no issues with this conversion.

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