Kendra D. Mitchell

Kendra D. Mitchell

staff Editor
  • Graduated from the University of California-Santa Clause, and experienced in sociology and English writing.
  • Focus on image research and writing articles of image conversion for eight years.
  • Love travel, record life, and share with people.

Experience & Education

Work Experience & Education

Kendra graduated from the University of California-Santa Clause, major in sociology and minor in English writing. During University, she liked to talking pictures, play a video, and edit video clips to her social media. Kendra has also been the chief photographers of the photography society for 5-years. Thus, she has a strong understanding of photography, editing pictures, image formats, and other fields.

In 2012, Kendra joined Wondershare and engaged in image solution editing. Mainly responsible for UniConverter-image converter and image compressor aspects. She wrote thousands of article about image format convert and compress functions.


She loves extreme sports and will take photos and record short films to document her life, but she often encounters a particular file format that needs to be converted to the most basic file format to open. Thus, she began to try different conversion software and online converters to find the one that works best for her. Now, she is already a professional in the image field. She knew when she uses JPG and when should not use NEF image file.


Kendra is a Bulgarian but grow up in California, USA. She is living with her parents and a lovely Corgi. Kendra is a dedicated but humorous writer. She wants to share all the academic knowledge of image to her readers and using funny teaching method to share. She hopes that people could learn useful information in a relaxed and enjoyable way. "Happy share and creative writing are the two most joyful things in my life," Kendra said.