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How to Record YouTube Live Stream Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 11:54:13 • Proven solutions

In addition to tons of videos in an array of categories and genres, YouTube also has an option to live stream. Using the feature, you can live stream the gaming, music, sports, news, and a whole lot of content. Live streaming helps to connect with the followers and other people in real-time. Since YouTube is a streaming site, the live session will be available only while it's available in real-time. What if you want to play or check the live stream videos later on? The recording is the option, but since YouTube does not have a built-in recording feature, good recording software is required. Learn more about these tools to record YouTube live stream videos in the following parts.

Part 1. Can I record a YouTube live stream?

Yes, a YouTube live stream can be recorded using a recording or screen capturing software. These programs allow recording the activities of the system, and thus you can play a YouTube live stream and record the same. You can use desktop software or an online tool depending on the recording features required.

Part 2. How to record YouTube live stream on Windows / Mac

Wondershare UniConverter is the best software for recording all your screen activities, including a webcam. This professional tool is available for quick download on your Windows and Mac systems and allows you to record all your screen activities, including YouTube live stream. High-quality recording in different formats can be done in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, you can choose the recording settings, and after the video is recorded, you can even edit it, transfer it, and convert it to an array of formats.

  • Record Facebook Live stream in MP4, AVI, or FLV format in high quality
  • Choose the recording area or record the entire screen as needed
  • Option to choose the frame rate and video quality
  • Allows settings recording timer, shortcut, and choosing the audio sources
  • Recorded video can be further converted, edited, and transferred to an array of devices
  • Windows and Mac support

Steps on how to record YouTube live stream using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1 Launch Screen Recorder

Open the YouTube live stream video to be recorded. Next, launch the Wondershare UniConverter software and from the main interface, click on the Screen Recorder tab. At the right-side pane, click on the camera icon or expand the drop-down menu next to the camera icon and choose Screen Recorder from the available options.

Launch Screen Recorder

Step 2 Choose the area to be recorded

A recording window will now open where you need to select the area to be recorded. You can either enter the exact height and width as needed or drag the corners to adjust the area to be recorded. The center plus icon can be used to move the entire frame. There is also the option to record the entire screen.

Choose the area to be recorded

Step 3 Choose recording preferences

Next, you can select the audio sources as used. Click on the gear icon at the bottom-right corner to expand the options. Here selects the desktop folder to save the video, frame rate, quality, and format. There is also the option to set the timer for recording and use shortcuts.

Choose recording preferences

Step 4 Start and stop the recording

Click on the red REC button, and the recording will start with a countdown of 3 seconds. The recording timer can be checked from the screen. When you wish to stop the recording, click on the red Stop button.

Start and stop the recording

Start and stop the recording

The recorded video will appear on the software interface. To preview the recording, click on the Open button.

Start and stop the recording

The above steps will enable YouTube live streaming in a few simple steps.

Part 3. How to record YouTube live stream online

Browser-based screen recording tools are available as well that require no software download, are simple, and are majorly free to use. Listed below are some of the popular online screen recording tools.

1. Screen Capture

This is a simple to use online tool that allows recording your screen activities, including Facebook live stream. The tool gives you the option to choose to record for microphone, sound, and webcam. The videos are recorded in high quality and with privacy.

Screen Capture


  • Allows recording screen activities in HD quality
  • A free tool with a simple interface
  • Option to choose the microphone and sound


  • Internet-dependent
  • No option for choosing the recording format and other editing functions
  • Videos recorded using the free version has a watermark

2. ScreenApp

Using this online tool, you can choose to record screen only or screen with a webcam. For the audio part, you can choose to record the video without the audio or through a microphone or using browser audio. The interface is simple, where you just need to start and stop the recording. The videos are recorded in WebM format.



  • Simple online tool Facebook Live stream and other recordings
  • Choose the audio sources and select if you want to record only the screen or webcam along with it
  • Recorded video is automatically downloaded to the system


  • No option for editing or selecting the recording format
  • Dependency on internet connectivity

3. Panopto

Recordlive stream YouTube and other system activities in decent quality and a hassle-free manner using this browser-based tool. Free to use, the program is safe and does not access your videos. You can choose the quality and also have a countdown while starting the recording. The option to select the background and arrangement is also there.



  • Record Facebook live stream and other activities in Sd, HD, or Ultra HD quality as needed
  • Enable 5 seconds countdown for recording if required
  • Select arrangement of frames
  • Use the default background, keep it blur or make it off
  • Support smart camera feature
  • Option to download the video locally, send the recorded video to YouTube, Panopto, or classroom, if needed


  • Internet-dependent
  • Editing options are limited

Part 4. FAQs on how to record YouTube live

1. How do I record a live stream on Android?

The Android devices running on the latest OS version 11 come with a built-in screen recorder that can be used for recording YouTube live streams and other screen activities.

For the devices running on the earlier version of the OS, a third-party recording app has to be used. One such decent app is AZ Screen Recorder. Available for download from Google Play Store, it is an ad-supported free app that can be upgraded to the paid ad-free version. The app allows capturing and recording the Facebook live stream in decent quality. The settings menu of the app allows you to choose the frame rate, resolution, bit rate, the orientation of the device audio recording, and also time-lapse.

2. How long do live streams stay on YouTube?

A live stream for a time of less than 12 hours is automatically archived by YouTube. The streams of all types, including webcam, mobile, and encoder if less than 12 hours, are archived to 1440p and 2160p resolution.

For the streams that are more than 12 hours, they are not at all captured.

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