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What is the Best M4A to TEXT Converter for 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:37:20 • Proven solutions

In the fast-changing business environment, there is the significant importance of keeping a track record of every information. From long meetings over the phone or video conferencing, the business owners and professionals often find it difficult to remember every bit of information discussed by the management. Missing out on any information may lead to a communication gap as well as may hamper the work.

But evolving technology has got answers to every problem. The best solution to the problem is to use an M4A to text converter, a software that can be your true companion if you are looking forward to converting audio files into text. Either you are conducting online interviews or keeping the track record of the last-minute discussion at the conference. You can easily convert the M4A file to text for all future reference.

Part 1. Top 6 M4A to TEXT converters

There has been a tremendous increase in the transcription services, which requires converting the audio files into text format. By using this software, the users can convert M4A to text effortlessly. With numerous options available online, the software is of great use for professionals.

Let’s uncover the top 6 converters, which can help you convert the audio files to text in a hassled freeway.

1. Happy Scribe

This is one of the most popular audios converting software being highly used by professionals around the globe. Happy Scribe is automatic transcription software that comes with a subtitling tool. It can convert video and audio files to text files in minutes. The software gives you the flexibility to convert 119 languages and various accents. It is one of the most popular M4A to text converter online, which makes your job easy.

Step 1: Visit the site Create your account and confirm your email address. As you confirm the email address, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Upload a new file you want to convert. A pop-up window will open, and it will ask you to answer the questions regarding the quality of your M4A file.

Happy Scribe

Step 3: Then, click on the Proceed button. Now, select the M4A files that you want to convert to text and then choose the language of your audio file.

Step 4: Once you’re done with uploading the file, hit on the Transcribe button, and wait for the complete upload.

Step 5: After the upload, click on the file you just uploaded, hit on the Export button on the top right and choose the format as the TEXT, followed by the Download button.


● The converter has impressive transcription ability

● A wide array of language selection

● Comes with automatic punctuation

Allow multiple speaker identification


● There is no option for live transcription

● A bit expensive


Sonix is yet another M4A to text converter that is widely used for transcription. It is one of the best-automated software that is used for transcription. The software is powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence. With the help of this software, the users can easily convert M4A audio file to text hassle-free.

Step 1: Visit the site Sign up for an account and confirm your email address. As you confirm the email address, you will be redirected to the dashboard.


Step 2: Click on Upload, and a new window will come up. Now, drag-drop your M4A file, and it will automatically start to upload.

Step 3: After the upload is complete, give a name to your file and also select the language of your preference. Then, hit the Start Transcribing button, and you’re done. You’ll receive an email with the download link for the converted file.


● Good transcription accuracy even if there is low audio quality

● Accurate and automated transcription for 35+ languages

● Great customer support

● Highly accurate

● Fast transcription


Old fashioned User interface

Lots of wasted space

3. Amberscript

Amberscript is one of the best online M4A to text converters, which is the first choice of people looking forward to converting their audio files. The software works on the principle of artificial intelligence. This software can easily capture the audio and convert it to text.

Step 1: Visit the site Sign in to your account and get to the dashboard.


Step 2: Hit on Upload and then select the M4A file from your computer. Once it is uploaded, hit on it to open it. Now, to convert it to a text file, you need to hit on the Export button, followed by hitting the Export button again on the appearing pop-up window.


● There are auto-generated timestamps

● Helps to identify speakers

● Allows you to highlight the text

● Have the flexibility to export in multiple formats


● No options to share files

● Only web-based devices are supported

4. Maestra

In the list of transcription software, Maestra is one of the highly demanded transcription software used to convert M4A to text online free. This software supports AI machine theory to convert high-quality audio to text files.

Step 1: Visit the site and register for a free account and confirm your email to get started.

Step 2: Hit on Upload and then select the M4A file from your computer. It will then start to upload your file. Meanwhile, you need to select the language and hit on Submit afterward.


Step 3: Hit on the file after the upload completes, and then you need to click on the Export button and confirm your actions.


● Can convert speech to text in more than 50 languages

● Secure and automated process

● Access and share account with multiple people on multiple devices


● Cannot process natural transcription

● Cannot be deployed on iPad or Android


It is also one of the top-rated transcription software which is used to convert audio files. It can convert M4A to text by using the principles of machine learning. Audext is quite popular among the professional looking forward to converting high-quality audio files in the text format.

Step 1: Visit the site . Get started with a free account and get to the dashboard.


Step 2: Hit on the New Upload button and then drag-drop the M4A file from your computer. It will then start to upload your file. Next, name the file and hit Submit. It will then start converting it to a text file.

Step 3: Once done, hit on it to open it. Now, scroll all the way down and hit the Download Txt button.


● Can automatically start the transcription

● Can easily convert the speech to text

● Fast transcription

● Highly cost-effective

● Support of various audio file formats


● Cannot capture audio

● No options for voice recognition

6. Go Transcribe

With lots of achievements, Go Transcribe is yet another transcription tool capable of creating subtitles and closed captions to reach a wider audience. This tool has become quite easy and effortless to convert high-quality audio files into a readable text format.

Step 1: Visit the site Now, hit on the Convert audio to Text button and register for a free account to get to the dashboard.

Go Transcribe

Step 2: Now drag-drop the file to the interface to upload it, and then it will start getting converted. Once done, you can click on it to edit it.

Step 3: Lastly, hit on File, and then you can opt to export the text file to your computer.


● Great and easy to use

● Can easily transcribe your content in over 30 languages.

● Allow the users to separate every paragraph


● It is not 100% accurate


There will be a huge demand in the coming time, and the transcription industry will emerge as a multi-million-dollar industry. The enhancement of technology has made it quite easy and effortless for the professionals to convert the audio files into a readable text format. The professionals can use this software to convert M4A to text-free apps to save their precious time and sharpen their skills.

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