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Solutions for 5 frequently asked questions about 4K movies

4k movies

The movie industry has evolved tremendously. Gone are the days when movie buffs would kill to get a glimpse of 1080p movies. Today, 4K and even 8K resolutions are taking over. But don’t kid yourself; 8K movies aren’t as common as 4K clips. So in this post, we’ll answer some burning questions about 4K that you may have.

Part 1. 5 frequently asked questions about 4K movies and solutions

Q1. What is the ideal size of 4K movies, I was browsing through torrents and it made me really confuse because 4K movies were there anywhere from 7 GB to 50 GB?

If you’re also asking this question, then the chances are that you’re worried about downloading an unnecessarily large 4K video. That said, the size of a 4K movie depends on things like movie length, resolution, compression ratio, and encoder. For example, a video with codec is significantly smaller than one with . Technically speaking, offers better compression rates (up to 50% actually) than . Other factors that can determine the video file size include the download format, frame rate, and sampling rate.

Q2. Why are really old 2K movies easier to upscale to 4K or even 8K than more recent 2K movies?

It’s an open secret that older movies look crisper in 4K resolution than newer ones. This is, in fact, the reason why old titles dating back from the 90s and 80s are making a massive comeback these days. But why is it so? Simple, old movies were shot in 35mm or 70mm film reels, unlike newer ones shot with HD Digital technology. The good thing about analogue is that you can convert them to whichever technology you want. In other words, a film shot in 35mm offers around 20 million organic pixels. This is more than double the 8.2 million that 4K provides.

Q3. What is the average file size of a movie in 4K?

As expected, 4K is significantly smaller than 1080p, which you won’t have any troubles streaming or downloading online. With that in mind, 4K should be 4.5x larger than 1080p and 10x bigger than 720p in an ideal situation. So, if you find a 50GB 4K movie, then its 1080p version would only take around 12.5GB of your storage space. Of course, this means faster download and streaming speeds as well.

Q4. What happens if I try and watch a 2160p movie on my computer if it is not compatible with 4K?

To play a 4K video on your PC, you’ll need compatible hardware. 4K videos stream at 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. In contrast, most ‘average’ PCs support 1080 (1,366 x 768) displays. Such a scenario means that your monitor can’t support 4K playback. Luckily, most third-party media players should sort you out pretty quickly. Notable names include PotPlayer, 5KPlayer, MPC-HC, etc. And if all else fail, use a program like Wondershare UniConverter to downscale your video to 2K, 1080P, or 720P.

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Q5. What is the best way to stream 4K movies from a PC to a smart TV?

If you have a 4K TV, there’s no need to downscale your 4K video on PC to catch some action. That’s because you can directly stream 4K movies from PC to TV without any quality loss. The simplest and most common way is via HDMI cable. Simply run the cable between your TV and computer and mirror the content immediately. However, note that higher video displays like 4K max out at 100 feet. This means the cable distance should be short. Also, unless your computer has HDMI 2.0, it won’t mirror 4K on your TV. 1080p is the maximum you can get.

Part 2. Conclusion

With these questions answered, downloading or streaming 4K movies should now be easier. 4K is significantly larger than 1080p, which also means a larger file size and slower download speeds. And, of course, you can convert your old 2K movie to 4K or 8K. Just make sure that your TV or computer panel is compatible.

* Some of the above codec formats may need to be supported by system.

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