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Discover the Top 11 Background Remover Software in 2024 [FREE & Paid]

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:37:08 • Proven solutions

An unattractive background can significantly impact the overall appeal of your captured image. Fortunately, a plethora of image editing software is available to help you effortlessly remove undesirable backgrounds. Whether you're looking for free or paid options, we've compiled a list of the best background remover software to meet your needs.

How to Batch Remove Background from Photos with One Click

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Part 1. The best background remover software for Windows 7/8/10 /Mac

Removing the background without affecting the main subject requires the right tools. Our top recommendation is Wondershare UniConverter, a software renowned for its extensive video-related functionalities. The latest version includes an AI-powered background remover tool that ensures quick and simple batch processing.

Steps to remove the background of images using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Select Wondershare Background Remover

Run the installed Wondershare UniConverter software on your system from the Toolbox section choose the Background Remover option.

Open Wondershare Background Remover

Step 2 Select the images

To browse and import the local images for removing the background, click on the Add Files icon or the + sign at the center.

Add Files to Wondershare Background Remover

Step 3 Check the details of the files

All the added files will be selected by default. You can remove the ones not required. Hover the mouse over the image and tapping on the Click to check details button will open the image in a new pop-up window.

Remove backgrounds from images

Step 4 Start processing and removing background

Clicking on the Start button at the bottom-left corner will start processing and removing the background from the added images automatically. The processed files will save to the folder selected at the File Location tab.

Part 2. Recommended software to remove background from image

Check out some of the other popular and recommended desktop-based tools for removing the image background.

1. RemoveBG

This is one of the widely used image background removal tools that helps you remove the background automatically. The tool supports bulk processing and has multi-platform support- Windows, Mac, and Linux. The images can be simply dragged and dropped to the program interface and there are options to keep the background transparent, white, or colored as needed. To use the software, you need to signup and download the application and then credits can be used for processing the files.



  • Bulk automatic background removal
  • Multi-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Customizable background options


  • Limited free API calls for image preview
  • Subscription plan required for extensive image processing

2. BgEraser

This Windows and Mac-based tool is based on artificial intelligence and allows removing the background quickly. The software is free to use and supports batch processing as well. The software allows you to remove the object, face, or person from an image and get a transparent background.



  • Free and easy-to-use AI-based software
  • Quick download and installation


  • No file customization options
  • File size limitation

3. SoftOrbis Photo Background Remover

Using the software you can detect the background automatically and then cut out the objects as required and add a plain background. The program is simple to use and allows to get rid of several unwanted background objects like people, animals, logos, cards, and more. The shadows in the images can also be detected and removed using the software. There is also a manual mode using which you can choose to remove the background and add the one as desired.

SoftOrbis Photo Background Remover


  • Automatic background removal
  • Multiple object removal capabilities
  • Manual removal and background addition options


  • Paid software

4. Apowersoft Background Eraser

Apowersoft is known for its functional software to help you get multiple tasks done and its background eraser tool fits perfectly in the list. Available for download on multiple platforms- Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, the software allows removing the background using AI. The Keep and Remove tool of the software further let you have precise control over the image area. Batch processing is supported and the interface is user-friendly.

Apowersoft Background Eraser


  • AI technology for background removal
  • Precise control with Keep and Remove tool
  • Multi-platform support


  • Limited free trial; requires payment after three uses

Part 3. Free online photo editing software to remove background from image automatically

Online tools are also a good option for removing the image background if you do not want to get into the hassle of downloading and installing software. Moreover, the majority of these online tools are free to use though they have restrictions to the file size and the number of files that can be processed. Check out the popular 5 online photo editing software below.

1. FocoClipping

This free online site allows removing the image background automatically or through using the manual tool. Multiple images at a time can be processed to save time and effort. You can choose from the multiple pre-defined templates to get the desired image. In addition to the local images, you can even add the link to the files.

Steps to use free online photo editing software:

Step 1: Open FocoClipping and click on Upload Image to browse and import the images.

Step 2: To automatically remove the background, choose Smart Remove at the top-left corner and then select from the Type – Portrait, Product, or Graphic.

Step 3: Select Manual Remove at the top-left corner to manually remove the background.

Step 4: Use the function tabs of Keep, Refine Edge, Define Edge, and Hair Touchup as needed.

Step 5: When all the settings are done, click on the Download button at the top-right corner and a pop-up window will open for you to choose from PNG or JPG as the image format.

Step 6: After selecting the format, again click on the Download button and the processed file will successfully save to your local system.


2. InPixio

For simple and quick image background removal, this is a good tool to use. Working from your browser without ant need for software download, the tool allows adding local as well as an online image using a link. Once the image is added and uploaded, the program automatically removes the background and makes it transparent. The option to zoom and crop the image is also there.

Steps to use free background remover software:

Step 1: Run InPixio and click on CHOOSE A PHOTO to add the local image. You can also add a link or simply drag and drop the file.

Step 2: After the image is uploaded to the program, you can move the slider to zoom and crop the desired portion if required. Click on APPLY to save the changes.

Step 3: Finally clicking on SAVE YOUR PHOTO button will download the processed file to the local system.


3. Removal.AI

This is a fast and uncomplicated tool that allows removing the background of an image automatically using AI. The image to be processed can be browsed and added or can be simply dragged and dropped to the interface. The images up to 1500 X 1000 resolution can be downloaded for free using the tool while for higher resolution a fee has to be paid. Option to preview the file original and the processed file is also available.

Steps to remove background using Removal.AI:

Step 1: Open Removal.AI and click on CHOOSE A PHOTO to add an image from the system.

Step 2: The added image will be processed and will be available for preview on the interface.

Step 3: Click on the Download button to save the image to the system.


4. Clipping Magic

This online tool lets you browse and the image or simply drag them to the interface for processing to remove the background. There are multiple options available using which you can get rid of the unwanted background and have the desired image. Some of these options include keep, remove, hair tool, cropping, and others. You can choose the background to be transparent or of the desired color. The free plan allows downloading a limited-size image for non-commercial use.

Steps to use Clipping Magic for background removing:

Step 1: Open Clipping Magic and click on UPLOAD IMAGE to browse and add the image. You can also drag and drop the file.

Step 2: After the image is added, the tool selects the portion to keep. You can edit that and manually use the keep, remove, and other options to have the desired image.

Step 3: When all settings are done, click on the Download button for the tool to process the files.

Clipping Magic


To get a transparent or a colored background for your image by removing the original background can be easily done using this free online tool. The tool also allows you to selectively select an area, refine edges, and also smooth the edges if required. The process is simple and after the background is changed the processed file can be saved to the local system.


Step 1: On your browser, open EDIT PHOTOS FOR FREE and click on CHOOSE A PHOTO to add the desired image.

Step 2: The tool will remove the background and will make it transparent and the preview will be shown at the interface.

Step 3: To further refine the automatic background removal, click on the EDIT button, and from the new window, you can choose options like an eraser, restore, background color, refine, and smooth edges.

Step 4: Further customization can be done by clicking on the Remix button that will let you add the text, shaper, and other options to the processed image.

Step 5: Finally, click on the Download button and the file will be saved to your system.


Part 4. Conclusion

After discussing various online and desktop-based tools, each with its own merits and limitations, we recommend Wondershare UniConverter as the best background remover software. This versatile tool not only ensures quick and automatic background removal but also offers a wide range of additional features, making it a comprehensive solution for image editing, conversion, video processing, and more. Investing in Wondershare UniConverter is a worthwhile decision for users seeking a multifunctional and efficient background remover software.

Free Download Free Download

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