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How to Burn Video to DVD (Blu-ray Burning Supported on Windows)

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also allows you to make a physical backup copy of your video collection. Here’s how to burn videos to a playable DVD for your guidance. Besides, we can support burning Blu-ray videos to DVD for Windows version.

Video Tutorial: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate - Burn Video to DVD

Step 1 Load the Video

Run Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and click Burn Section in the top, you’ll get an interface as below. Then you'd have 3 options to load videos.

how to burn video to dvd

  1. Click + Add Files button to load your desired video from your local computer
  2. how to burn video to dvd

  3. Go to Convert > Converted to find your target video, right-click it and choose Add to Burn List.
  4. how to burn video to dvd

  5. Go to Download > Finished to choose from downloaded and recorded video, right-click the selected one and click Add to Burn List.
  6. how to burn video to dvd

After loading, the interface would be as follows. If you want to customize your video before burning, please check How to Edit Videos >.

how to burn video to dvd

Step 2 Choose DVD Template

Click the left or right arrow to switch DVD template, you can see the template theme in the middle and the thumbnail below.

how to burn video to dvd

For more templates, you can click the template thumbnail or the edit icon in the top-right corner.

how to burn video to dvd

There’ll be a separate DVD Template window, you can add background picture or music as you like.

how to burn video to dvd

Step 3 Adjust DVD Settings

Fill the blank for DVD Label and click the drop-down icon to select menu type, aspect ratio, TV standard and DVD quality.

how to burn video to dvd

Step 4 Start Converting Video to DVD

To convert video to DVD, there're generally 2 situations need your concern. Make sure you're following the right one.

1. Burn Video to Blu-ray (Windows Supported Only)

If you want to burn video to Blu-ray, you need to insert the disc to your computer first, then choose the target folder beside Burn video to:, then click Inverted triangle icon to choose BD type and click Burn to proceed with Blu-ray burning.

how to burn video to dvd

2. Convert Video to DVD Folder or ISO File

This goes for the situation when you don't have disc at hand. All you need is to select DVD Folder or ISO File beside Burn video to:, and then click Burn to starting converting video to DVD folder or ISO file. Note that the burned DVD folder or ISO files will be saved to F:\Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate\Burned by default.

how to burn video to dvd

Tip: If you want to change the destination folder for burned DVD files, you can click Menu > Preference to get the Preferences window.

how to burn video to dvd

Then choose Location in the top, click Change and you'll be able to specifiy your desired save path. After that, click OK would save the changes.

how to burn video to dvd

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