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10 covid-friendly graduation celebration ideas you should know

COVID-19 has been very harsh on us, where everyone from every sector of life has been affected by it. The educational system has been one of the most affected areas in this pandemic. Since the world found itself stranded in lockdown, all physical classes and activities were held off. It comprised of all activities, including celebrations of graduation. Institutions like Harvard, Oxford, and MIT were forced to decide on virtual graduation ceremony ideas under this pandemic. We will introduce some fun and safe ways for you to celebrate graduation during COVID-19 in this article.

Part 1. 10 covid-friendly ways to celebrate graduation

1. Live stream graduation.

graduation idea

There were times when the threats posed by COVID-19 led to a complete lockdown. People were not even allowed to leave their homes concerning the threats posed by the global pandemic. Under such circumstances, institutions found out an appropriate way to address their students. Although this is no way near an actual graduation party, it still has some spark and recognition.

Students can be invited across a live stream over social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. They shall be presented with an honorary speech followed by virtual recognition across the stream, which other people can also join.

2. Zoom graduation party.

zoom graduation party ideas

If you are looking forward to having a discreet party with no external involvement, you can set up a personal Zoom meeting. The zoom graduation party ideas surely bring the graduating class together, allowing them to cherish and share thoughts they'll have a good laugh. Zoom can be a perfect source for such meetings while assuring social distancing to perfection. As a student, all you need to do is get dressed and ready for this virtual meeting and pick up on activities such as speeches, karaoke, etc., to have quality time together.

3. Create a slideshow for graduation.

graduation celebration ideas

Another impressive online graduation ceremony idea that may come into your mind is using a slideshow to express gratitude to your friends, teachers and families. A slideshow can be effectively designed to show all the major memories that the batch has spent together. Slideshows are quite effective for a nostalgic experience, where they can be quite influencing if the right tool is used for it.

Wondershare Fotophire Slideshow Maker is the ultimate slideshow maker for your graduation ceremony. You can design a slideshow while collecting all the highlighted photos and videos to share with people. It is easy to customize these slideshows across Fotophire, including editing, trimming, adding effects, and different background elements to enhance the video.

create a slideshow

4. Organize a graduation car parade.

graduation ceremony ideas

Social distancing is necessary; thus, certain graduation ceremony ideas have been introduced in the educational sector that covers the ambits of covid-friendliness. Organizing a car parade is another impressive idea that can be fun and safe, considering the world's situation. While you drive in your decorated car, honking and celebrating, it can be quite fun to be a part of it. This idea can even allow you to invite your family and relatives to be part of this fun activity. It is an honor for them to be aside you in such an important event.

5. Have an outdoor graduation party.

graduation parade ideas

Setting up an outdoor graduation party can be very good for the students. While keeping up with the covid-friendly regulations, the students shall have a full taste of the graduation ceremony, to its root. They can organize a complete party, with performances and all integral parts of a graduation ceremony.

6. Hold a small ceremony with family at home.

graduation celebration ideas 6

Times can be harsh, which does call for desperate actions. Students suffering in COVID-19 have been unable to connect with the rest of the institution physically. Under such extreme conditions, it usually gets impossible to hold a ceremony. If your institution has renounced all preparations for the graduation ceremony, worry not as you can always enjoy something, up to some extent. You can consider organizing a small ceremony as an example of at-home graduation ceremony ideas by inviting friends and your family.

7. Create personalized yearbook notes or stickers.

Create personalized yearbook notes

Graduation ceremonies are quite special, as you share your experiences and memories with your classmates. With COVID-19 on the peak, it usually gets impossible for you to gather together and have an enjoyable time. Thus, in such times, there is something that can act as an alternative to some extent.

You can always look towards creating yearbook notes or stickers by yourselves, including different memories and words that can be shared with all your batch mates. It is a very impressive version of connecting with your fellows in such hard times.

8. Send a video message.

at home graduation ceremony ideas

Another impressive graduation idea that can be implemented during the lockdown is sending a video message. Being a teacher, a video message can be shared with all the student body as a token of appreciation. Students can also record their statements and share a well-wishing collection of videos in such hard times.

9. Create a memorable video.

video for graduation

Videos are a very vocal method of explaining and describing the sentiments of a certain party. While living through COVID-19, students can consider developing an amazing video made out of a collection of different memories of the entire educational period. For this, you would require a good tool for creating a video to perfection.

Wondershare UniConverter provides users with a perfect built-in video editor to help them edit the video in all directions. Users can add effects and subtitles to the video. And best of all, it allows users to change the video background. That is to say, you can change the background of a video to a school or classroom theme easily.

create graduation video

10. Have a Facebook celebration.

Facebook is a very proficient social media platform that has connected billions of users. This platform can set up a virtual event with proper dates, help students connect through live streaming, or allow students to make memorable posts as graduation celebration ideas.

online graduation ceremony ideas

Using this platform can be extremely good, as it can help students connect even under such hard times. This will always be present across the platform, reminding them about the good times they've spent together.

Part 2. How to create a video to celebrate graduation?

It can be effective with the help of Wondershare UniConverter to create a video to celebrate graduation without professional skills. UniConverter is an easy-to-use software for you to edit a video. Follow the simple steps below to make a video:

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UniConverter Video Editor.

First, launch Wondershare UniConverter on your device and tap on Video Editor. And add your video file by clicking on the Add Files icon on the top of the screen.

how to celebrate graduation

Step 2 Edit the video.

Once added, you can edit the video by trimming, editing, enhancing, and improving it using watermark, effects, subtitles, and text.

edit graduation video

Step 3 Save the final video.

As you complete the editing, you need to set up the location and output format on the bottom of the screen. Once done, click Save or Start All tab to save the video.

save graduation video
wondershare uniconverter 13

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This article features several graduation ceremony ideas that can be implemented for celebrating a covid-friendly graduation ceremony. We hope that the students find these graduation ideas tempting and joyful to help them celebrate their significant moments in a covid-friendly way.

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