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How to create a catchy presentation to engage your audience?

The presentation helps students neatly arrange and chronologically share their ideas. A catchy presentation can engage audiences better. But the sad news is that it is not an easy thing. That is why this post will show you how to create a killer presentation. If you are looking for some presentation ideas to create a catchy and engaging presentation, read on!

Part 1. Creative presentation ideas for educators and students


Let's start by learning some tips to generate an engaging presentation.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Keep the presentation design consistent
  3. Add dynamic animations and transitions
  4. Use eye-catching images
  5. Highlight important points
  6. Add music
  7. Tell your story with a video
  8. Interaction with the audience
  9. Case study
  10. Turn the presentation into a video

1. Simplicity.

The main objective behind creating a presentation design is to give a brief overview of your ideas. In other words, a compelling presentation must be short, clear, and straight to the point. You should develop a core message that will leave an impression of what the presentation is all about. To help viewers understand better, always use numbered headings with short descriptions. All in all, less is more.

2. Keep the presentation design consistent.

For your presentation to stand out from the crowd, a good design is paramount. Always use a consistent layout and style to avoid confusing the viewers. Put simply, the templates and themes should be consistent and appealing from start to finish. In addition to consistency, you should keep the background subtle and avoid color-clashing. For instance, use warm colors like red, yellow, and orange in your presentation shapes and designs. On the flip side, cool colors like green and purple are perfect for the background.

3. Add dynamic animations and transitions.

Adding dynamic animations and transitions to your presentation can 'wow' the panel. You can customize your presentation texts, images, charts, and shapes with animations to avoid looking stale and unattractive. For instance, you can add entrance and exit animations to make the whole presentation fun and attractive. But most importantly, use dynamic transitions between slides. Transitions will help you navigate smoothly from left to right and vice-versa. In short, customize your presentation to make it more beautiful. Just don't overdo it.

4. Use eye-catching images.

Another way of making a presentation session fun is by adding pictures to the slides. Adding stunning images can go a long way towards engaging your audience, thus reinforcing your message. For example, if you're selling a product, you can upload the image of the said product on a few slides. The goal is not to make the pictures the presentation's focus but instead to support your ideas.

5. Highlight important points.

Highlighting important texts in your presentation draws attention. The thing is that some audiences might not be attentive enough to pick out important information. In that case, you can help them out by highlighting vital texts with bright colors like green or red. Of course, you can also highlight texts using bulleted or numbered lists. But whichever way you choose to go about it, don't overdo it.

6. Add mucic.

Up to this juncture, you'll agree that there are 1001 ways to liven your presentation. However, few can have the effect that comes with adding befitting background music. An appropriate background song can set the tone for your presentation ideas, making the whole experience more memorable. Also, perfectly timed music can help the presenter refine their timing. However, the music you choose to add should resonate with the presentation. So, choose carefully.

7. Tell your story with a video.

When a video is used tastefully in a presentation, it can work wonders. Videos tend to be more engaging and contain lots of vital information than texts. In fact, you can choose to start a presentation with a video. This immediately grabs the attention of a viewer who needs a "wake up" pat. Alternatively, you can play a video in the middle of the presentation to give yourself and the audience a much-needed breather. Just remember to keep them short. 2-3 minutes is enough.

8. Interaction with the audience.

Interaction with the audience

If you want the session to be a hit, you must learn to interact with the audience. Failure to do so will make the attendee feel bored and start criticizing your content slides. So, how do you engage the audience? There are many ways to achieve that. For instance, you can ask a series of questions with complex responses. Another way is to add some humor to the presentation. Moreover, you can help the viewers feel the part by sharing presentation copies with them.

9. Case study.

Case study remains an integral part of educational and business presentations. A case study is your well-reasoned argument to convince the audience about something. That said, a good case study should include key points and quantifiable facts. For example, after identifying the problem, you should clearly explain the solution. Also, collect reliable first-hand testimonials on how the solution works. Another thing, keep a single significant idea per slide.

10. Turn the presentation into a video.

When you record your presentation with elements like videos, animations, and audio, it automatically becomes a video. This makes it easier to watch the presentation on any video-supported platform, including a DVD/CD player. So, how do you transform a PowerPoint presentation into a video? First, start by saving your PPT file. Then, click File > Export > Create Video. Now choose the video quality before clicking Create Video. That's it!

Part 2. Inspire your audience with a unique presentation using UniConverter

In this section, we'll learn how you can use Wondershare UniConverter to create an award-winning video presentation. It's a straightforward Mac/Windows software that lets users create high-quality videos. Here, you can create a video tutorial using your computer's webcam and then use the AI Portrait tool to remove and replace the video background. Also, you'll get tools such as picture background remover, subtitle editor, smart trimmer, and so on. Below is how the program can come in handy:

1. Create a video embedded in your presentation.

AI portrait — With this function, creators can remove and replace the background of their videos. This tool can be helpful if you've recorded a video tutorial with a poor background setup.

teaching skills

Background remover — As mentioned earlier, including pictures in your presentation can be a killer trick. So, use UniConverter's AI-powered background remover to edit the background of your photos.

teaching skill

Screen recorder — Use the program's screen recorder tool to record all computer activities, including online classes on Zoom. Also, it packs a webcam recorder that works with most external webcams. If you're a teacher, the webcam recorder will definitely help with those online classes.

presentation design

Subtitle Editor — Sometimes, including subtitles and captions to your educational videos can help the audience grasp better. In that case, use the AI-supported subtitle editor to add captions and subtitles to your video with a few steps.

presentation ideas

Video Editor — Of course, you may want to edit your video to make it more appealing. If that's your intention, use the Editor tool to trim, crop, add watermarks, apply filters, and so on.

free presentation templates
wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — Best video toolbox for presentation design

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Nice AI-enabled subtitle editor for adding subtitles to your tutorial videos automatically.

Downlaod any online video for teaching from more than 10,000 platforms and sites.

2. Download any online e-Learning video for a case using UniConverter.

There are hundreds of video tutorials to download online these days. You can get such content on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and so on. But how do you save such content for offline playback? Simple, use Wondershare UniConverter's downloader tool. Below are the easy steps:

Step 1. Install and run Wondershare UniConverter on your PC before clicking the Downloader tab on the left pane.

Install and run Wondershare UniConverter

Step 2. Next, open the video you want to download and copy the URL link.

Step 3. Now head back to UniConverter and tap the Download icon.

paste URL

Step 4. After UniConverter has finished analyzing the video link, choose MP4 and tap Download. Wait for the software to finish extracting the video.

download the video

3. Make GIFs with UniConverter for your presentation.

In addition to videos, you can also add GIFs to your presentation slides. But you don't have to pick any GIF file out there and add it to your presentation. That's because the GIF message must directly relate to the content you're presenting. Therefore, use UniConverter's GIF Maker tool to create GIFs from video and picture files. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Launch Toolbox and then press GIF Maker to run the function.

launch GIF maker

Step 2. Now click Video to GIF to add a video file or Photos to GIF to upload your pictures. For the best results, it's advisable to create GIFs from videos.

upload your video or image file

Step 3. Drag the sliders to trim your video and remain with the relevant section. You can also adjust the frame rate and output size.

adjust the setting

Step 4. Finally, click Create GIF to start creating your GIF file.

Part 3. Top 5 websites with free presentation templates

  1. Presentation Magazine
  2. Templates Wise
  3. Free PowerPoint Templates Design
  4. Slide Hunter
  5. Google Slides Templates

1. Presentation Magazine

free presentation templates

Presentation Magazine is packed with more than 80,000 free templates and backgrounds. Here, you'll get beautiful templates to download and add to your PowerPoint presentation. The templates are listed into categories like travel, sport, business, flags, and more. In addition to presentation templates, this online resource also offers you advise articles, monthly calendar templates, background photos, and so much more. Overall, it's a wonderful website with many free templates.

2. Templates Wise

Templates Wise

As the name suggests, Templates Wise is a free website with ready-made Microsoft PowerPoint slides to help you create elegant slides. The templates are categorized into education, transportation, nature, health & beauty, and more. In addition to slide templates, you'll also get charts and diagrams to clearly and effectively present your facts. And if you need background music for your presentation, this website has a collection of them.

3. Free PowerPoint Templates Design

Free PowerPoint Templates

At Free PowerPoint Templates Design, you'll get free, ready-made templates to customize your PowerPoint presentations. As expected, the templates come in multiple categories. For example, you'll get templates for business, sport, education, charts, timeline, and other presentations. Apart from PPT templates, you can also download photo graphics, PowerPoint illustrations, and background designs. Moreover, all templates are compatible with recent PowerPoint versions.

4. Slide Hunter

Free PPt Templates

Slide Hunter is another all-in-one online resource center to get free PowerPoint backgrounds and templates. With it, you can make fantastic business presentations by combining graphics and diagrams. Simply browse through the collection and hit the "download" button to download template collections. Interestingly, the available templates are compatible with Google Slides, Keynote, and Microsoft Office for Mac.

5. Google Slides Templates

Google Slides Templates

Lastly, you can download Google Slides templates and make your presentation stand out in the room. The available resources will help you make your presentations more creative, thanks to the hundreds of fonts, themes, animations, and so on. Surprisingly, you can create directly on Google Slides before converting to PowerPoint or vice-versa. Now this means you don't have to give a hoot about file formats again.


If you've read up to this point, it's obvious you're serious about creating a presentation. Just employ the tips above and download the free template designs for PPT to make your presentation session memorable. And of course, use Wondershare UniConverter to create videos, pictures, and GIF files for your upcoming presentation. Good luck!

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