All Ways to Separate Voice from Music Easily in 2022 [Tutorial]

Voice separation is a simple act that many people consider while designing their karaoke music. If you want to make a remix for a song you love, this is the perfect source for obtaining the music's vocals. The need to isolate music from this act raises, which leads to the need for an intuitive option of having a vocal remover and isolator.

This article provides users with multiple ways that they can use to separate voice from music with the appropriate platform they are using. While covering multiple distinguished platforms in the run, this article is the perfect option to figure out the best source.

Part 1. How to isolate voice easily and quickly?

This part will cover four unique ways that you can consider according to the device that you own. With different options to isolate voice, the user can figure out the optimal option according to their conditions.

#1. Separate voice from music on Windows and Mac with the Vocal Remover of Wondershare UniConverter [Best for all skill levels]

isolate voice

The first option that comes to mind for Windows and Mac users is the all-in-one video editor, converter, and manager, Wondershare UniConverter. This platform has successfully added a vocal remover tool across its system, which is a one-of-a-kind tool with all the necessary features that makes it one of the quickest options in the market.

UniConverter's Vocal Remover operates under AI-based technology, which provides quick results under a perfect system. The tool has been introduced for free, which will stay available for a while for all UniConverter users. To understand its functionality, go through the following steps in detail:

wondershare uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter — Remove Vocals Easily.

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Best voice remover to remove vocals from any song automatically with AI algorithm.

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Isolates voice and instruments in any song.

Support uploading MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, MP4, MOV, MKV, and AVI files to remove vocals.

Useful for creating backing tracks or karaoke.

Save any online video from more than 10,000 platforms and sites.

How to Isolate Voice from An Audio

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Wondershare UniConverter. Once installed, launch and click on the Tools section on the left-handed panel. Proceed to select Vocal Remover from the available options.

launch the instrumental remover

Step 2: Tap on Add File to import the audio file whose voice you wish to isolate. UniConverter automatically starts the process, thanks to its AI technology.

upload the file

Step 3: The vocals and instrumental sounds of the file are separated and displayed on the screen. To download any specific sound, click on the Export option adjacent to it.

remove vocal from audio
Try Vocal Remover of UniConverter for free now!

Remove vocals from any song with the AI-powered feature.

Isolate Voice from A Video

Step 1: Install the latest version of UniConverter on your computer. Launch it and proceed to the AI Lab section present on the left-hand panel. Select Vocal Remover from the available list.

launch the instrumental remover

Step 2: Click on Add File to import the video file from which you wish to isolate the voice. With the help of AI-based technology, the process starts automatically.

upload the file

Step 3: The vocals and instrumental music of the video file are separated. To only download a specific file, you can find the Export button adjacent to that file.

export the instrumental
Try Vocal Remover of UniConverter for free now!

Remove vocals from any song with the AI-powered feature.

#2. Extract voice from audio online with LALAL.AI

LALAL.AI is among the best online audio voice remover available in the market. As a tool that supports batch processing of audio files, it provides different stem separation options, making it quite a tool, regardless of being an online platform.

LALAL.AI provides users with an intuitive platform and an AI-based algorithm that automatically extracts voice from audio. To understand the steps, go through the discussion featured below:

Step 1: Select the appropriate stem separation type from the options provided on the platform's homepage. Import the audio file by clicking on "Select Files."

isolate voice

Step 2: Once the file uploads, you are redirected to a new page that shows the results on your front. Proceed by clicking on the "Process the Entire File" button.

extract voice from audio

Step 3: The process leads you to a new window where you would be shown a message explaining that the links of all separated files are sent across an email that you have provided while starting the process of the file.

isolate voice in audio

#3. Isolate voice with Moises audio voice remover on iPhone and Android

audio voice remover

If you are fond of using your smartphone device for managing audio, you need to have a great application that caters to most of the demands that any other user may have. Moises is the perfect application designed for iPhone and Android users, where it allows them to unleash their creativity with the help of the impeccable features offered across the tool. To use it across your iPhone or Android, you need to understand the steps associated with them:

For Android

Step 1: Open the application on your Android after installing. Click on the "+" icon on the bottom of the screen to add audio to the device. If appropriate, you can add a URL or import it from your gallery.

tap on plus icon

Step 2: Once added, the platform automatically dissects and isolates voice and other sounds from the audio. You can find all options on your front.

Step 3: Use the "Smart Metronome" and "Pitch" buttons to make any changes in the separated sounds. Once done, you can click on the "three-dotted" icon to export any specific audio. On the other hand, you can also click on "Export" to download all files.

export separated files

For iPhone

Step 1: Proceed to launch Moises on your iPhone. Click on the "+" icon to import the audio from the device or share its URL.

import file from iphone

Step 2: As the audio is imported successfully, the next window displays the separated elements of the audio. You can adjust the slider accordingly to amend the total audio.

Step 3: If you wish to change any particular settings, you can use the 'Smart Metronome' and 'Pitch' buttons on the interface. For downloading any specific part of the audio, click on the "three-dotted" icon to export it to your device. You can also download the complete package by clicking on the "Export" button.

save the separated files

#4. Separate voice from music with Adobe Audition [Professional level]

separate voice from music

Professionals may not feel satisfied with the methods provided above. They seek better and advanced solutions that give them better control over their audio files. Thus, Adobe Audition is the perfect solution for them under this scenario. A platform that manages audio for its users, Adobe Audition provides some of the greatest features available for users. To understand its functionality, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Audition on your computer and proceed by selecting the "Effects" tab from the top menu. Find "Stereo Imagery" from the drop-down menu and click on "Center Channel Extractor…" in the proceeding menu.

choose center channel extractor

Step 2: A new window opens up on your front. From the "Presets" section, you need to select "Vocal Remove" from the drop-down menu.

select vocal remove preset

Step 3: Make changes in the preset, if required, according to your desire. Once done, click "Apply" to isolate voice from the music.

tap on apply button

#5. Isolate voice with the online tool

Are you up for one of the simplest available online tools in the market? provides you the perfect online vocal remover tool that essentially helps you to separate voice from music based on its AI-based technology. While being a super-fast tool in procession, it features a high-quality result for its users in all cases. To enjoy using as your vocal remover, go across the following steps in detail:

Step 1: Access the official website and "Vocal Remover" tool of and click on "Choose Files" to import the audio you wish to manage.

upload your audio file

Step 2: As it uploads successfully, the platform automatically processes the audio using its AI technology. The results are displayed on your front that can be previewed before being downloaded on your computer.

audio files separated
Try Vocal Remover of UniConverter for free now!

Remove vocals from any song with the AI-powered feature.

Part 2. Frequently asked questions about isolating voice

1. How do you isolate your voice?

The perfect option that you can consider to isolate voice from audio is through Wondershare UniConverter, the offline tool that utilizes AI-based technology to perfection. Follow the steps below to isolate voice with UniConverter:

Step 1: Upload the Audio/Video File.

Step 2: Remove Vocal: The AI algorithm will automatically separate the vocal and instrumental from the music.

Step 3: Download the Vocal/Instrumental file.

2. What does isolate vocals mean?

Isolating vocals from audio means separating the vocals from the instrumental sounds that make up the complete audio.

3. How do I isolate vocals for free?

Wondershare UniConverter has provided their Vocal Remover tool for free to their users for a while. It would be perfect if you would isolate voice with this exceptional option.

4. How do you separate voices in a recording?

If the recording file is in MP3 format, you can use LALAL.AI to separate voices. If the recording file is saved in a video format like MP4, you can use to separate voices.

Part 3. Conclusion

The article clearly states a list of impressive methods that can be used to isolate voice on the devices of your choice. With the help of these methods, you can make sure to get hold of the voice in the highest of qualities available.

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