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How to Record A Mother's Day Video to Express and Share Love?

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:53 • Proven solutions

Due to the ongoing pandemic and strict lockdown procedures worldwide, many people won’t be able to meet their Moms on this year’s Mother's Day. Under such circumstances, instead of giving a traditional gift to your Mom, you can create a Mother's Day video and share and intimately express your love for her.

All you have to do is follow this post and learn about the best Mother's Day video ideas. Not only that, but we will also share the most reliable method to create special Mother's Day video clips.

Part 1. Record A Mother’s Day Special Video to Say Happy Mother’s Day to Mom

If you wish to customize a video from the internet, then you can record it first using the Wondershare UniConverter’s Screen Recorder. Next, you only have to edit it and add the relevant text in the form of a watermark or captions with the program before sharing it with your mom for Mother’s Day.

The UniConverter is a recommended Mother’s Day video maker for Windows and macOS users. It offers an intuitive interface and fast processing speed that gets the job done in no time.

  • Explore and save interesting Movies for Mom without any hassle.
  • Easy Record a special video greeting to say Love to Mom.
  • Add subtitles to movies or videos in a few clicks.
  • Easily make a funny GIF from clips in movies/videos.
  • Smart trim/edit/reframe your videos to suit the dimensions of popular social media platforms.

Apply the following steps to record a special video for mom to say that you and the entire family love her with the Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Record a Warm Video For Your Mom (Say Love or share stories, etc.) using Recorder

Run the Wondershare UniConverter, and click the Screen Recorder option(on the left). Next, select the Webcam Recorder, but before that, ensure that your system’s camera is working.

Open Screen Recorder

Now, click the REC button to make a special video for your mother after adjusting the video resolution, frame rate, file format, and mic settings. Once you have finished the message, stop the recording, and you will find the video in the selected file location.

Record a Warm Video for Mom

Step 2 Smart Trim Your Video to Remove the Silent Video Clips

Now, you can erase the silent parts of the video to make it extra unique automatically. For that, open Smart Trimmer from Toolbox on the UniConverter. Click the Remove silent Segments tab and upload the recorded video. Set the audio recognition options to trim the video perfectly. To end, click Export to save the video.

delete the unwanted part of your recorded video

Step 3 Add Subtitle and Watermark to your Video Using Subtitle/Watermark Editor

Once you have edited the video, the next essential thing in making a perfect Mother’s Day greeting video is adding subtitles and a watermark. Again, the Wondershare UniConverter can help you in this regard through its Watermark Editor and Subtitle Editor features.

Read and follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to add colorful captions and watermarks to the Mother’s Day video clips:

01 Add Subtitles to Your Video with Colorful Fonts Choice

Access Subtitle Editor from the Toolbox section. Click Manual Subtitles, and write a special message for your mom. Under the Styles tab, you can manage the font size, color, position, and more. To finish, click Export, select MP4 File, and Export once more to save the video with subtitles.

Add subtitles to your video

02 Add A Watermark to Make Your Video Unique

If you wish to make the video for mom more special than the rest of your siblings, then access Wondershare UniConverter’s Watermark Editor to add a dynamic watermark with a unique message for her that only she will understand.

Just open the Watermark Editor after accessing the Toolbox interface of the software. Click Add Watermark tab, and import the video there. Click Text Type before entering the watermark. Adjust the position and speed. Lastly, click Add Watermark to finish editing the video.

Add watermark to your video

Step 4 Export and Share.

Now, you can share the Mother’s Day special video with your mom via social media, WhatsApp, and email.

Free Download Free Download

Part 2. Make A Funny Mother’s Day Video Shorts to Share Joy Via WhatsApp Status or Others

Posting a Happy Mother’s Day video status through WhatsApp is another excellent and quick way to express your love for your mom. You only need to make a video in less than 30 seconds to send out the greeting. It can all be possible with the Wondershare UniConverter.

Simply apply the steps mentioned here to learn how to make a funny Mother’s Day video short via the UniConverter that you can share across multiple social media sites, including WhatsApp:

Step 1 Explore Funny Videos for Free to Use

You can scroll through other individuals’ WhatsApp statuses to find and save Mother’s Day videos. Moreover, there are several online sites you can explore to save the video. Additionally, you can create a funny video yourself.

Step 2 Merge Funny Clips into One

If you have collected more than one video, you can use the UniConverter’s Merger tool to merge them. Once you open the Merger interface, upload the funny videos, and click Start All. You can access the joined video under the Finished tab or the chosen File Location.

Merge Funny Clips

Step 3 Add Subtitles

Now, add subtitles using the Subtitle Editor(Toolbox) to create a unique message for your mom for Mother’s Day. You can use the Manual Subtitles function to complete the process. Also, the tool lets you edit the font color, position, and size.

Add Subtitles

Step 4 Export and Share.

Click the Export tab, where a new dialogue box will pop up. There, select the MP4 File button, and press Export once again to save the funny Mother’s Day video with subtitles.

Export and Share

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Part 3. Happy Mother's Day Video Ideas You May Want to Know

If you are looking for some Mother's Day video ideas, this section is just for you. We have compiled together a list of concepts that will help you express your love for your Mom more intimately.

1. Say Love and Thank you

Sometimes, it is best to keep things simple and easy. The first idea for happy Mother's Day video greetings is simply recording yourself using your webcam and just saying how much you love her. Moreover, thank her for everything, including all the sacrifices she made over the years for your sake of you.

2. Tell a Story of You and Her

The second idea on the list is sharing a story of you and her that only she knows. Again, you can use your webcam or smartphone camera to record yourself and share that special story you have shared in the past. This concept will be the best Mother's Day gift, which your Mom will value forever.

3. Past Memory with Photos

You could make a slideshow of photos involving yourself and your Mom. Moreover, you can use the UniConverter to record the slideshow and narrate the memory behind each picture.

4. Reasons You’re the Best Mom

One of the best Mother's Day video ideas is recording a clip where you list the infinite reasons why you think your Mom is the best in the world. This idea will surely bring out a tear or two.

5. Sing & Dance for Mom

The trend of dancing and singing has found fame recently, thanks to social media platforms like TikTok. Using the idea, you can record yourself singing and dancing to your Mom’s favorite song. It is one of the funny Mother's Day video ideas.


Mother's Day is the most important day for children to express their love and gratitude towards their Mom. It is vital to come up with unique ways to surprise your Mom on a special day. One of the best ideas is to share a cherished video with her. In this article, we have shared the 5 special ideas for creating a Mother's Day video. Moreover, you also know how to make such concepts into reality using the UniConverter program. Feel free to use any of the ideas mentioned above to surprise your Mom on this year’s Mother's Day.

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