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11 Fun Mother's Day facts & Trivia You Cannot Miss

by Christine Smith • 2021-12-24 15:25:30 • Proven solutions


This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated on 9th May. Besides showing your Mom how much you love her with a gift, you can write some exciting piece of Mother's Day trivia on the greetings card to impress her even more. You can check our article to learn about the most intriguing facts about Mother's Day. We will also share the quickest way to save and convert a Mother's Day song that you can play in front of your Mom while giving her the gift.

Part 1. 11 Fun Facts About Mother's Day

Below are the 11 fun facts about Mother's Day that will show your Mom how much you appreciate her and care for her special day.

1. Mother's Day is celebrated in May

Every year Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide on the second Sunday of May. It was designated in 1914 by then President of the USA, Woodrow Wilson.

2. Record Sale of Flowers

Giving flowers as a gift on a special day such as Mother's Day prompts appreciation and other types of positive feelings. It is one of the easiest presents a person can give to their loved one. It is why the sales of flowers on Mother's Day amount to one-quarter of all the flowers purchased throughout the year.

3. It is one of the Most Anticipated Holiday

People are not necessarily with their Moms on Mother's Day. They pay their regards via phone calls or video chats. It is estimated that on the second Sunday of May in America alone, more than 120 million calls are administered. The apparent surge is due to Mother's Day holiday. It is only the third most popular behind Christmas and Easter.

4. Hard to Find a Restaurant Reservation

The majority of people take their Moms out to dinner or lunch to celebrate Mother's Day. It is why one would have to make a reservation weeks before the second Sunday of May. According to American Restaurant Association, over 87 million people made outdoor dinner plans.

5. Expensive Holiday

It is estimated that people spend over $14 billion on gifts and shopping on Mother's Day.

6. Make Greeting Cards Relevant

We may think that greeting cards are not relevant anymore. However, the record sales of such cards around Mother's Day each year suggest otherwise. It is recorded that about 60% of all greeting or gift cards are sold a week close to Mother's Day in the United States. Most of them purchased by Women!

7. The Founder of Mother's Day

Anna Jarvis is known to be the founder of Mother's Day. She was an activist who brought the higher authorities’ attention to the struggles of Mothers in the United States. Initially, she advocated for the day to be celebrated on the second Sunday of June. However, now the day is celebrated in May to honor her memory, and the sacrifices mothers make for their children and family.

8. The Reason Behind Calling it Mother's Day and Not Mother Day

Mother's Day is celebrated each year to acknowledge Mother as an individual, not as a collective. It is why there is an “Apostrophe(’)” before S.

9. Facts on Red and White Carnations

Red carnations are presented as a gift to Moms who are alive. In comparison, white flowers are offered on the gravestones by children whose Mothers are not in this world.

10. The Earliest History of Mother's Day

In Ancient Greek mythology, the spring festival was meant to celebrate and honor the Goddess Rhea, the maternal figure to several Greek holy beings.

11. A Holiday Celebrated Worldwide

Though Mother's Day originated from the USA in 1908, it is celebrated in over 50 countries all over the world, such as Australia, UK, Canada, Samoa, and more.

Part 2. Listen To A Song About Mother's Day

There are plenty of dedicated Mother's Day songs and jingles available on the internet, such as the one mentioned below:


Tips on Saving the Song:

You can save and convert the video listed above or any other song using the Wondershare UniConverter. The software is easily accessible on Windows and macOS.

Please check the instructions stated as follows to convert and share the Mother's Day song with the UniConverter:

Step 1Launch the Software

After installing the program on your desktop, please click on the Downloader tab, which will be the third option on the left.

Launch the Software

Step 2Copy the Video’s URL from Youtube

Copy the video’s link from Youtube and reaccess the software. Click on the CopyPaste tab on the top-left corner, and select Download MP3. Paste the link on the new pop-up window.

Copy the Video’s URL from Youtube

Step 3 Save and convert the Mother's Day Song

Click on Download to save the song on your computer. The software will notify you upon the completion of the process. Access the file under the Finished tab.

Download the Mother's Day Song


So this year, surprise your Mom with some interesting and fun Mother's Day trivia before giving her the mandatory present. Here, we have shared informative Mother's Day facts, which you can write on a gift card or share with your Mom via social media.

Moreover, if you wish to play a dedicated Mother’ Day song on such a memorable occasion, you can easily convert and play that track using the UniConverter.

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